Blight Bastions is a fake game that I have basically built up a ton of movesets around. It's a Smash clone with a greater emphasis on countering through elemental moves and a deeper focus on creating very advanced and deep movesets that focus on crafting unique fighting styles, often close to their source material.

Blight Bastions is a fighting game with platform fighter elements, which means that stages and your placement on them are more important than usual, as stages can feature different elevations and mechanics that change up your playstyle. Usually characters in Blight Bastions feature standard and special attacks, of which they have four of each. Standard attacks are generally punches, kicks, or close range attacks that don't have much really going on with them so they are generally skipped over in the breakdown for each fighter, but special attacks feature mechanics, elements, and alter how you play each character drastically. Each character also has three super moves that can be unleashed depending on a charged meter that fills as you inflict damage or get inflicted by damage.

The game also features a robust elemental system where attacks can represent different elements and inflict more damage based on a character's elemental chakras. Characters take additional damage when against opposed elemental damages while taking less damage from elements they are strong against.

  • Absorber - This status effect coats the opponent in a green slime that makes them slippery similar to the wet effect, but also causes them to take 1.5x more damage from attacks while keeping the same amount of knockback they would usually take from it. Additionally, projectiles deal 1-2 damage per 40 frames after they are inflicted on the opponent until the effect wears off, which happens after the opponent has taken either 90 steps or 10 jumps. Associated with the slime element.
  • Astral - This status effect is a extended knock-down effect that has the opponent's astral projection, appearing as a semi-transparent, blue-tinted character, poke out from their knocked down body, appearing dizzy. That actually prevents further attacks except low sweeping attacks, which can be used to jablock. The opponent cannot be launched in this state. Associated with the astra element.
  • Bleed - Opponents under the Bleed infliction are dealt 3.2% damage per second, and the duration of this differs on the weight of the fighter, with heavier opponents able to stop Bleed faster while lightweight opponents suffer from Bleed longer. While Bleed is active, blood effects appear from the fighter for aesthetic purposes, although no actual wounds are seen on them.
  • Break - When an attack lands with this status infliction put onto it, it will cause the opponent to have white lines appear on top of them. The next attack to land while this is active will cause them to be knocked down. Stays active for 3 seconds before the opponent shakes their head and makes the lines disappear. During this head shake animation, the next attack will actually bury the opponent instead.
  • Buried - Buried is a status infliction which characters enter when they are hit by various attacks, trapping them in the ground. They cannot move, although they can get themselves out by mashing the button. They cannot be launched when they are in this grounded state, taking no knockback. The amount of time a character remains buried is dependent on that character's damage percentage; the higher the number, the longer they will be stuck to the ground. Associated with the earth element.
  • Burning - When opponents enter the burning effect, they are set aflame and are dealt 0.5 damage each 30 frames. The effect is also is able to thaw frozen characters as well activate bombs quicker. Burning opponents also take twice as much knockback. The duration in which a opponent will burn depends on their size, with larger foes being alit for about 4-6 seconds while smaller characters can be ablaze for 2-3 seconds. Associated with the fire element.
  • Chronowreck - When opponents enter the chronowreck effect, they are distorted in time, slowing up and speeding up their movement and attack speeds at random, making it hard to predict how timing of moves will come out. The duration of being chronowrecked is variable but by default lasts for 5-6 seconds, although it can stack and last longer. This is associated with the time element.
  • Dizzy - Opponents have their controls randomly reversed at times while under this effect and their walk animations are very different, usually being slower. Counters also come out later and knock downs last longer, but also get rid of the dizzy effect.
  • Flat - Flat is a status infliction which characters enter when they are hit by a particularly powerful weight from above, causing them to flatten against the ground. Opponents take on a extremely short appearance as they aren't able to jump very high although when they enter the air they glide. The effect lasts for a total of six seconds or instantly reverts when a opponent comes into contact with water.
  • Frozen - Frozen is a status infliction which characters enter when they are hit by a freezing attack of enough knockback. When characters are frozen, their in-game appearance is being trapped in a block of ice. In this state, characters are unable to do anything. Characters thaw out naturally over time, although button mashing helps to break out faster. They can be instantly thawed out by fire attacks. When frozen, opponents drop when launched. Frozen opponents take half as much knockback as they normally would. Associated with the water element.
  • Gobstopper - Gobstopper is a status infliction that causes the victim to transform into a piece of small piece of candy. While the opponent can still move, they cannot attack, pick up items, or utilize defensive measures. They gain the ability to fly around as this ball of candy. It lasts a total of five to eight seconds depending on how much damage the victim has taken. Their hitbox also shrinks immensely, but they become bigger the more damage they have taken. Associated with the candy element.
  • Jokerification - Jokerification is a unique status effect that can actually has a different effect depending on the character. When a Jokerifying attack is placed against the victim, they usually freeze up and are stuck in a laughing state depending on how much damage they've taken, able to last up to 6 seconds. Some characters though, will have different reactions that are noted in their character pages- bad guys usually actually benefit from getting Jokerifed and can have faster, frenetic movement with less lag for up to 6 seconds.
  • Levitation - Levitation is a status effect that causes the victim to rise at a decent pace. This might seem like a good thing... and sometimes it is, but it lasts for 3 seconds. This can sometimes pull the opponent out of the blast zone if they cant manage to get down. Attacks will slow the descent or pull them down a slight bit. When they drop onto a platform, they can sometimes take fall damage (1-8 damage dependent on the height).
  • Mini - Mini is a status effect that transforms the victim into a much smaller version of themselves with a head that is relatively larger to the rest of their body, appearing almost chibi-like. This halves the weight of the fighter and decreases half of their damage output. As such, the fighter is now weaker and more floaty, as well as easier to launch.
  • Nightmare - Nightmare is a passive status effect similar to Radiation. When a opponent is made sleepy, it will deal damage when they are asleep and make them slow on wake up. A small black bat will circle around the opponent when it is active. To get rid of Nightmare you either need to sleep it off or be inflicted by one of the transformation spells (Heaven, Makai, Midnight Bliss, or Incubus Delight).
  • Oil - Oil is similar to Wet in that it decreases movement speed by 1.3x, although characters become more suspectible to Burn and will take double damage from fire attacks. They can slip out from grabs much quicker, though. The time in which a character is oily depends on their Antiblaze. Characters with no or little Antiblaze are oily for longer, while characters with higher Rage dry faster. In non-Antiblaze matches, they stay oily for 6.5 seconds.
  • Petrification - A status effect that sees the victim turned into stone, unable to move as their knockback is knocked back to zero and they drop like a stone when in the air. Damage is halved when petrified. A petrified fighter can be grabbed like a item and thrown at a short range to deal damage depending on how much they weigh, dealing 3-12 damage depending on how heavy the fighter is. The duration of the petrification depends on how much damage a fighter has taken, with higher percentages taking longer. Mashing the control stick to the left and right will shorten the petrification period.
  • Poison - A status effect that is shown by purple bubbles coming off the victim character. It deals 2% damage per 30 frames and causes the opponent to flinch each time they take damage, having the potential to disrupt attacks. The effect lasts longer with heavy weights than light weights, being 6 seconds for heavy weights and 3 seconds for light weights. Poison alone cannot kill a character, as even with stamina or Antiblaze, Poison cannot take any health if a single health point remains.
  • Radiation - A status effect that is shown by a green glow coming off the victim character. Radiation halts Finisher meter growth and will stay on as a passive effect that won't activate unless the opponent comes in contact with energy projectiles or another radioactive effect. When activated, it will deal 1 damage per 30 frames so long as the opponent stays near radioactive substances or will last 3 seconds when hit by an energy attack. Water attacks can wash off radiation. Radiation lasts 30 seconds.
  • Røkkr - A status effect unique to Røkkr-inflicted characters. They grow in size and in health, their health value skyrocketing to 50,000. They have the unique property of not being able to inflict status effects or be effected by status effects. Not used in normal gameplay, although the state does work through hacking if used in regular matches.
  • Shocked - Shocked opponents are stuck in a stun state and can be moved around with attacks, although they take less knockback and deal 3 unflinching damage upon being damaged to nearby things. It lasts 1-3 seconds depending on how much Finisher meter a opponent has, with it lasting longer with the more Finisher meter they have. Associated with the wind element.
  • Shoe-Glue - The Shoe-Glue effect puts the victim in a state where they cannot jump, stuck on the ground as soon as they land on it. This prevents even special jumps and keeps the player down for around 3-8 seconds depending on their damage. They can still do both kinds of guards, parries, and dodges, however. They also cannot be knocked back. Associated with the space element.
  • Solar - When the solar effect is used on an attack, it reduces a opponent's weight by 12% and can stack, with each successive stack halving the original reduction (12%, 6%, 3%, 1.5%). Solar attacks do not have a set damage. Fighters effected by solar attacks radiate from their skin slightly and have small, flecks of solar energy come off them. Associated with the light element.
  • Sleep - A status effect that puts opponents to sleep. Can be self-inflicted or inflicted to others. Sleep can be woken up earlier by tilting the control stick back and forth. Character in this state emit Zs and bubbles and can be easily punished. The more damage a opponent has taken, the longer they are asleep.
  • Wet - Wet is a status infliction which characters enter when they are hit by a incredibly powerful water attack. While wet, movement speed is decreased and knockback is lessened by 1.5x. Wet character also become more susceptible to being Frozen by ice attacks regardless of their percentage number. Wet characters also slip every 50 steps. The time in which a character is wet depends on their Antiblaze. Characters with no or little Antiblaze are wet for longer, while characters with higher Rage dry faster. In non-Antiblaze matches, they stay wet for 4.5 seconds.
  • Wither - The wither status infliction is similar to poison, but makes damage values hard to read. It also has the potential to last much longer, being able to last up to 2-40 seconds. The duration of the effect is the same for all characters, but will damage shorter characters more (1.5 damage per 30 frames at max) and bigger characters less (0.5 damage per 30 frames at max). The Wither status effect can also kill, unlike poison, in stamina or Antiblaze matches.
  • Toad - Toad is a status infliction that is caused through magic. Characters effected by the attack have weakened standard attacks and take on the appearance and hitbox of a toad. All their special moves are replaced with "Toad", which is a magic spell that transforms characters into toads, thus creating an game of tag of sorts. To reverse it, either get hit by a Toad spell again or wait it out for 15 seconds.
  • Umbra - A status effect that sees the victim covered in dark energy. This dark energy prevents the player from using their shield/guard when active, although Special Moves that have shielding properties will still be available to use. Additionally, Umbra prevents any kind of healing while active and weakens the effect of Aura and PSI attacks. It causes a light poison effect where any attack that lands on the opponent lingers and deals 1.2 damage per second. Umbra goes away after 5 seconds, although it goes away quicker if the player is attacked with light-based attacks. Associated with the dark element.
  • Makai Spell - The Makai Spell is a unique status effect that causes victims to hop around as a creature that cannot attack in any shape, way or form. A timer appears over them that indicates that they have a certain amount of frames (300 frames or 5 seconds) before they transform back. While stuck in this form, any hits the character takes will double the normal Finisher Meter growth but halt the timer for 20 frames, causing them to be in the form for longer. Each character has a unique visual transformation that is listed on their pages.
  • Heaven Spell - The Heaven Spell is similar to the Makai Spell, but differs in that opponents cannot move while in the form, but are able to buffer attacks while in it and it lasts for less time. The timer that appears while a opponent is under the effects of the Heaven Spell is 150 frames or 2.5 seconds. Attacking the opponent while they're under the effects of the Heaven Spell will halt the timer for 15 frames, causing them to be in the form for longer, but will double normal Finisher Meter growth.
  • Midnight Bliss - Some characters are able to utilize something known as the Midnight Bliss effect into some of their moves. This rare status effect is usually utilized by a command grab and the target will transform into a female (if they are male) with a more arousing (or in some cases comedic) appearance. This status effect is often utilized with a draining effect, which will take health from the target and heal back the user of the move.

    Unlike previous uses of the move, Midnight Bliss can now be broken out of. This method is a bit tricky, but during the sucking animation, tilt the control stick to the left and right rapidly while tapping the attack buttons. A yellow exclamation mark will appear over the target and allow them to break free while dealing 3 damage. The user of the attack inflicting Midnight Bliss can fight back by tapping on the attack button, although the game tends to favor the target more often than not. When broken out of, the user will still be in their Midnight Bliss form, but will retain their full moveset and stats, being merely a visual change.

    In non-command grab moves, Midnight Bliss doesn't need to be broken out of.
  • Incubus Bliss - The mirror to Midnight Bliss, this status effect instead either changes female characters to male characters or transforms them into more emasculating outfits. Like Midnight Bliss, this is usually part of a command grab, that also like Midnight Bliss, allows the opponent to struggle and break out of it in a similar manner. The way to reverse this is to either be hit by a move that inflicts Midnight Bliss, which will revert the character to normal, or to be hit by a Incubus Bliss-inflicting move again but to let the draining effect play out again.

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