LEGO is really good. Like I don't know what else to say about the binding brick here except that I am an avid collector of the stuff and recently got back into the hobby all the way back in late 2019. I've always been someone who enjoys LEGO though, and has an entire messy scattered collection from my childhood as well.

In any case then, I'll be going over various bits of LEGO in this section, such as my collection and some other fun details.

Driller Night by R. R. Slugger

07-26-2022: added ice castle page.
07-25-2022: added zyclops chase and snowtrooper battle pack pages.
07-09-2022: added punk pirate ship, the boom box, and folk fairy beatbox pages.
07-05-2022: added llama village and in arishem's shadow pages.
06-29-2022: added forest hideout page.
05-27-2022: added boba's starship, demon bull king, and ultra combo mech pages.
05-26-2022: added three more sets from my may 4 haul.
05-25-2022: finally! two sets have been added to the collection.
04-14-2022: basic skeleton up