I'm Ninebaal, also known as Nyx of the Night. I have been a internet power user for 18 years! That's one whole adult life, if you think about it.

In any case though, welcome to my personal website! Use the sidebar to go the various subpages and have fun!

05-25-2022: updated cool stuff with some additional helpful links.
05-22-2022: cartoons has been updated with a review for an awful movie.
04-19-2022: there may or may not be a secret page in headcanons now. there also may or may not be a door that takes you to another secret page going over one of the most abstract stories nintendo has told.
04-18-2022: sonic page is now up. 3 new arts added to art gallery.
04-15-2022: website is skeletally finished. this introduces the lego, neo geo, headcanons, memories, art gallery, cartoons, and more sections of the site. obviously content needs to go on all of them but I'm happy with them for right now.
04-14-2022: okay, finished up the index, about, and cool stuff pages for now. 404 page also should just send you back to the index as well.
04-14-2022: just gonna be frank i took this from someone else's website's html and am slowly trying to reverse engineer something workable out of it