You know, it was entirely out of spite for one person that I created this website and worked on it, slaving over the code and working out what I wanted it to be. Truth is, I still don't really have it all figured it out even over two months later with mostly consistent updates, but that's kind of all personal websites, right? Anyway, the person I originally created this website to spite was Elon Musk. It was pretty shortly after it was announced he was buying Twitter, even after a unprecedented poison pill tactic by the board to block him, that I really began to look at my options. The truth is, I would rather put in the work than have to put up with Twitter ever again. The purchase still hasn't gone through yet- there's been a lot of stalling, a lot of promising, but ultimately Musk lost a lot of stock value from the purchase as it continued to go on.

And well, his wealth is in stock, primarily. He doesn't really have it on hand. The funny thing about money is a lot of it is actually more imaginary than the scripts of green paper we hand each other in the promise of value being exchanged, or for that matter the digital numbers being swiped between credit and debit cards. As a younger person I was fascinated by the idea of the stock market because to me, it was a concept introduced to me in a game called Neopets. The investment you put into imaginary stocks in that game allows you to make money off doing nothing at all- but you have to pull out at the optimal time.

To me, social media has never really worked out. I would argue that the best social media platform currently out at the moment is Tumblr, who don't sell data on you and allows you to at least customize your blog to greater extents than any other platform will allow, although that still comes with caveats. The primary one of which is that Tumblr doesn't really... work. The website and mobile app are bugged in ways that have just become part of the core experience as features become dilapidated. Your inbox eats asks, the trending list cannot update and usually stops working entirely until you refresh the app after a certain amount of time, search has always been completely useless... yada yada. This isn't even mentioning the porn ban, which had greater implications for Tumblr's sex work community.

There is something really delightful about having a website but also frustrating at the same time. If I wanted to change the sidebar for instance, I probably should have had it work as a include element, which is a HTML thing I haven't... really wrapped my head around. There's a fair bit of things I wanted to do with this site that I learned would either be incredibly difficult to pull off as someone who barely knows HTML or just outright not possible to know with resources online. But I'm content.

I don't know where this site goes in the next couple months. I'm already thinking of splitting off a sizable chunk of it into it's own website and I still need to work on the SNK section as well as putting up more reviews for the cartoons I was watching. 2022 has been a fast year, and yet everything I've achieved in the past two months feels like a major accomplishment. I did it by hand- albeit with some borrowed code here and there.

I geuninely enjoy making a website. It's something I'm proud of and it's something I hope to hold over Elon Musk even if he does buy Twitter and makes it into a fellatio website for himself and his politics and interests. At the end of the day he's still a divorced dad with a daughter who doesn't even want to be associated with him and his ex is with another woman who's also trans like myself. A pathetic shell of a man who can only hiss as his life falls apart, just like a Tesla car.

06-25-2022: started page/manifesto