I am Nyx of the Night. I am 26 years old. That is a fantasy depiction of myself drawn by myself as a moon demon with some vampiric traits. I could go into how my tails can leech off blood or the like, but I don't really heavily roleplay. I am polyamarous, pansexual, and neurodivergent.
* I majored in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art.
* I consider myself very knowledgable in the medium of western cartoons and to a lesser extent, comics. Hence, a section on my site where I talk about cartoons.
* I write fanfiction! I find it to be actually a very interesting medium.
* Copyright is bullshit.
* I love the web 1.0 aesthetic and approach. Sorry if this looks garish to you, but this is more or less what I want my site to look like :)
* My first video game console was the PlayStation 2. My first portable console was the Nintendo 3DS.
* I am very anti-car!
* I am very anti-billionaire!
* I hate "metaverse", "bitcoin", any of those web 3.0 concepts sound absolutely miserable to me.