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A.B.A is a homonculi created by a scientist who just prior to A.B.A's activation, was recruited by the military, leaving her alone in a empty mansion. She knew she could not survive outside the mansion, so she obsessively collected keys until one day she found a large weapon that she called Paracelsus, who she fell in love. She now carts around her weapon/husband to find a body for him, much to the chagrin of Paracelsus who doesn't quite feel the same way, although he does care about her. A.B.A continues her journey to find Paracelsus a suitable body after coming through the Collider.

A.B.A is a unusual fighter that is fairly weak at first, but upon activating her second mode known as Moroha Mode, she becomes one of the better fighters in the game. The catch is that in Moroha mode, her attacks deal damage to her as well as to her opponent. The risk however, does have payoff, as any health lost in Moroha Mode from her own attacks will be mostly or over-healed back upon returning back to normal mode. She has three blood bags per stock that she can use to activate this mode or utilize the command grab Bonding to switch between the modes. A.B.A is a combo heavy fighter with a good projectile and a excellent dodge slide, although she lacks good recovery moves and is quite the risk to play due to her gimmick. If you don't play smart, you'll quickly die.

Gimmick: Key Switch

Using Bonding or one of three Blood Bags via Injection, A.B.A is able to swap Paracelsus, her weapon, into Moroha mode. In Moroha mode, her attacks become different and more powerful but at the cost of dealing damage to herself. Additionally, Moroha mode has a meter that depletes when attacking and 30% of the meter will be used up if A.B.A is downed. If A.B.A swaps back into normal mode before the Moroha meter runs out though, she gains back either 80% of the health she lost via Bonding or 120% when using a blood bag to do Displacement.
A.B.A feeds Paracelsus a blood bag. Burns one of three blood bag to put A.B.A in Moroha mode without having to land a combo or use Bonding Has some strange invulnerability near the end of the animation. Displacement
A.B.A feeds Moroha Paracelsus a blood bag, who then hacks it back up to her to heal her for 120% of the damage she inflicted on herself while in Moroha mode. Burns one of three blood bags. Moroha meter will reset although A.B.A must wait a full second cooldown minimum before returning back to Moroha Mode.

A.B.A swings the end of Paracelsus' chain rapidly and thrusts it forward. If it connects with a grounded opponent, it acts as a command grab and deals 7 damage and shifts Paracelsus into Moroha mode. Do not use this move willy-nilly, as it acts completely different in Moroha mode.
A.B.A swings the end of Paracelsus' chain rapidly and thrusts it forward. If it connects with a grounded opponent, it acts as a command grab and deals 7 damage and Paracelsus exits out of Moroha Mode, restoring 80% of the health that A.B.A inflicted through her attacks.
Deletion ⇒ Ruin ⇒ Condemnation
A.B.A's neutral special is a rekka that goes by three different names. This also changes under the Moroha mode, so do not assume these are the same move under both forms.
Beginning with Deletion which is a swinging hit that deals 6 damage and knocks opponents slightly forwards. That is then followed up with Ruin, which is a iron chain punch that staggers foes and deals 4 damage. A.B.A can then finish the combo up with Condemnation, which has Paracelsus form his head into spikes as A.B.A pushes forward, giving A.B.A some super armor and dealing 8 damage and the Break state to opponents.
A.B.A throws a purple ball made of blood, which is a slow start projectile that travels a short distance before fading with some active linger frames. Deals 5 damage and inflicts Bleed. Can be an annoyance to opponents due to it's fast recovery and helps A.B.A keep opponents away as well as giving her a window to recover out of Moroha mode.
A.B.A jumps into the air and strikes with her feet while connected to the chain for Paracelsus, dealing 7 damage and knocking down opponents. Can be used in place of Condemnation as part of her Rekka combo. Dragging
A low profile dash that A.B.A performs that allows her to slide through most projectiles and to follow up with a throw that knocks opponents down that can then be chained into Bonding or a rekka chain. The throw deals 6 damage.
Deletion ⇒ Ruin ⇒ Condemnation
A.B.A's rekka special utilizes energy attacks, beginning with a version of Deletion that pokes hard and sends opponents forward for 8 damage, inflicting 4 damage on A.B.A. The follow up, Ruin sends A.B.A forward with a red energy attack, dealing 10 damage and inflicting 5 damage on A.B.A. This can be followed up with A.B.A's various other attacks for combos that allow her to refresh Moroha meter or upgrade to Goku Moroha. Finally, Condemnation has A.B.A send a large purple energy attack on a downwards diagonal direction, dealing 12 damage, inflicting 6 damage to A.B.A and pushing opponents to the ground in the Astral state. Avoidance EX
A.B.A sends out an enchanced version of her blood ball that can hit up to six times, dealing 5.1 damage each hit. Inflicts 7 damage to A.B.A each time it's sent out. Travels further than the original avoidance and is a good keep-away option that inflicts more damage to opponents but won't launch them, instead stunning them. Can't break super-armor.
A.B.A attacks with Paracelsus itself, striking upwards for 12 damage (inflicting 6 damage to A.B.A) and crashing down for 18 damage (inflicting 9 damage to A.B.A). Has super armor for the first part. Launches on both parts and can absorb a single hit while active. One of the best attacks in A.B.A's toolkit, although weak to multihit attacks and Finishers. Engorgement
A.B.A hops forward with Paracelsus, attacking with the skull head to deal 16 damage and inflicting 8 damage to herself. Can be used in place of Condemnation and has a lowered hurtbox, allowing A.B.A to dodge some attacks although not to the same extent as Dragging.
Evidence: Destruction
Level 1
A.B.A performs a dash with orange energy spinning around her and Paracelsus which deals 15 damage and launches foes upwards. Best done in the air- although it doesn't travel too far to be used well as a recovery move. Comes out fast and can be used at the end of a combo string.

Evidence: Concealment
Level 2
A.B.A slams her hands down as mercury infused blood swells from the ground, exploding, dealing explosive damage. A complete string will deal 30 damage, with three successive blood swells dealing 10 damage each.

Level 2
A.B.A upgrades Moroha Mode Paracelsus into a further upgrade into Goku Moroha, which deals 20% less damage but A.B.A is overall speedier, gains frame advantage, and all her normals can be cancelled into each other, opening up her combo game substainally. Additionally, the Moroha meter will reset and turn blue, allowing additional time in Moroha mode.
Darkness of the Known
Level 3
A.B.A brings both hands down as her bandages around her hands unfurl, creating a hitbox to her left and right that deals 45 damage and knocks opponents down into the Astral state.
Darkness of Ignorance
Instant Kill
Guilty Gear series characters have Instant Kill moves, which are special Level 3 finishers. To activate a Instant Kill move, and must be pressed at the same time and then perform two successful quarter circle motions and then again. The defending player can also perform this to cancel out the attack. High risk is at play when using a Instant Kill move.

Similar to Darkness of the Known, although when A.B.A hits a opponent they turn into shadowy ghost and the Gates of Guf open to vaccuum them and other nearby opponents before Paracelsus proceeds to cut all collected opponents in half after the gate closes, instantly killing them.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
A.B.A transforms into a pile of gray and green keys.
Heaven Spell
A.B.A transforms into a teddy bear toy with one eye still remaining in it's socket, as a reference to one of her Arcade mode images.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Paracelsus turns into an artifical body design found in one of ABA's story mode endings. This only exists in Paracelsus' grab state- if broken out of, Paracelsus turns back into his key form. A.B.A is uneffected and will seethe if he is drained.
A.B.A and Paracelsus get a shortened version of Goku Moroha mode, which lasts half as long. This can be extremely dangerous due to it's short time limit and possibly putting them into Suka Motion, but it also acts as a boon for them.
Power Drain
When A.B.A is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains A.B.A's rekka netural special "Deletion ⇒ Ruin ⇒ Condemnation" as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do A.B.A's combos with a giant energy copy of Paracelsus. The version of the special she gains is based off what mode A.B.A was in when drained. She also gains a 1.5x increase in attack.
A.B.A's secret is revealed.

I-No's win quote against A.B.A appears in her head: "That thing's your husband? It looks like a big toy for such a little woman. Can you handle all of it? Haha! You have great taste in men!", implying either there is truth to it or that she really got under A.B.A's skin.

Jealousy Bomber
A unique variant of Kisarah's Jealousy Bomber happens when Kisarah blows a kiss to A.B.A, as she will steal away Paraselcus and kiss it instead of Joe, causing A.B.A to become heartbroken and take 60 damage, 15 more damage than other characters.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client did this out of love. Who are we to decide what happens between a woman and her giant key boyfriend...? Is that right? Yes? Okay. Let's just throw this out of court- this is clearly discrimination in the face of the law, your honor!
Unlock Method
Complete 100 unlock conditions.