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Mario, it's the plumber hero that everyone that loves, right? This isn't your Mario. This Mario comes from a universe that lost the video game war against Sonic and Nintendo never made a console past the Nintendo 64. This Mario has lost a lot and lives with his brother Luigi in their pad, eating spaghetti and getting fat until a giant light beam spread across their universe and landed them back in Brooklyn. But not their Brooklyn...

Mario is a general powerhouse and actually shares only a single move with his Smash counterpart, with powerful new options involving his cape, koopa shells, and a hammer. The hammer is a risky move that can rack up lots of damage and knockback, while the cape is excellent for horizontal recovery. The Koopa Shell is a powerful tool with a couple of notable drawbacks. Mario's weaknesses is a lack of being able to do anything to counter attacks and his vertical recovery is poor.

Mario can throw up to two fireballs that deal 5 damage uncharged and flinch opponents. Hold down on the special button to charge them up and deal up to 15 damage. The fireballs bounce on the ground, allowing them to travel for a distance before burning out. They can also slightly knockback opponents. Hammer Swing
Mario spins around with a hammer, displaying an effect from the original Donkey Kong upon impact and dealing 7-19 damage depending on how many times he spins before slamming into the opponent. Mario can perform up to three swings before suddenly getting into a dizzy state that allows him to be punished, but will do the most knockback and damage if he swings around the maximum before hitting a opponent.
Mario does a spin move while spreading out a yellow cape, which deals 7-9 damage. In the air, Mario instead holds onto the cape and propels briefly upwards. It can keep up his momentum and positioning in the air, although attacks will interrupt it. Mario can travel quite a distance using the cape. Koopa Shell Kick
Mario grabs a green Koopa shell and kicks it forward, dealing 9% damage. The Koopa Shell reverses direction against walls and travels across the ground, falling as it descends off ledges. Opponents or Mario can stomp on the shell to use it as a item and fire it again. The shell can only stay active for a maximum of 15 seconds. Mario can only use one shell at a time.
Mario Finale
Level 1
Mario fires off two giant fireballs from his hands, dealing 15% damage with a large projectile. It's pretty avoidable and covers such a small range comparatively for a projectile finisher. It can trap opponents on hit and pushes them back on impact.
Final 64
Level 2
Mario puts on the wing cap and flies across the stage, before putting on the Metal Cap and crushing a opponent on the head like a Thwomp, before grabbing a opponent and swinging them across the stage to a spiked sphere that explodes. Mario then does a backflip and does the peace sign, finishing his smash with a circular fade to black before the fight resumes. The attack does 30 damage to one opponent.
Level 3
Mario uses a Star to turn himself into a rainbow flash of colors, dealing 50 damage as he dashes into a opponent, gaining invincibility frames during the dash. Mario dashes forward when activated, so if he doesn't hit the opponent when used, it will fail as soon as he hits a ledge. It is very fast and can deal a lot of damage quickly. It can also launch opponents pretty far.
Alternate Outfits


Excitebike Rally


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Mario transforms into a Goomba with his hat and mustache.
Heaven Spell
Mario transforms into a warp pipe with legs.
Midnight Bliss
Mario transforms into similar to a design by Emily Solmon.
Incubus Delight
Mario gains his boxers outfit from ''Super Mario Odyssey''.
Mario does his lava-hurt noise from Super Mario 64 for six seconds while being petrified in place.