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Winged Victory

Winged Victory of Samothrace, or Nike of Samothrace, is a Hellenistic Era statue crafted out of stone. Originally intended for the mast of a warship after a important naval victory. Today, the statue sits in the Louvre without arms, legs, or face, although the craftsmanship is still fairly impressive. It is molded to imitate what the folds would resemble in a both windy and watery enviroment. In Blight Bastions, the statue takes on life of it's own after arriving through the Collider, having a incomplete sense of purpose.

Winged Victory is surprisingly straightforward as a fighter, featuring no major gimmicks. She is a heavyweight with slow movement speed initally, although her attacks are pretty useful if not the strongest. Her recovery is excellent and she is great at defense albeit with no safe options out of it. With a broken slab, she becomes less heavy and a fair bit more speedier, although she becomes easier to launch as a result. She uses phantom limbs in a lot of her moves, sometimes giving opponents tells on what moves she's about to use.

Marble Wing
Winged Victory spins her armless body forward, attacking with her wings primarily. A cutting gale of wind then activates as she spreads out her marble wings, dealing 7 wind damage and blowing the opponent back with no knockback but still sending them away. This cutting gale is particularly dangerous near ledges, as wind blowback ignores the normal rules for ledges, sending opponents careening off ledges without snapping on. Phantom Trumpet
Winged Victory materializes a ghostly, transparent arm and blows a trumpet, which inflicts a 6 damage musical note that inflicts Petrification. This note travels at a straightforward arc before ascending upwards at the end of it, in which it loses power and only deals 5-1 damage without inflicting Petrification. It is not considered a energy or physical projectile, making a good projectile poke, especially with it's ascending properties.
Nike in Motion
Winged Victory takes to the sky, activating her wings which glow blue and she is able to flutter and fly freely with the control stick for upwards to four seconds before resuming a statuelike pose and falling, descending down with her full weight and dealing 10 damage and inflicting the Flattened effect to opponents caught underneath her. She can perform an attack out of the move, causing her to spin and spike opponents for 5 damage instead. Slab Shield
Winged Victory picks up her slab from underneath her feet with a glowing yellow phantom arm and enters a defensive pose, able to neutralize projectiles and physical attacks alike, although her movement slows to a crawl and exiting out has a lot of end lag. Additionally, the slab can only sustain 45 damage before breaking, leaving Winged Victory in a faster, albeit easier to launch state.
Victory Offering
Level 1
Winged Victory offers herself a chunk of the opponent's life- 15 health- and ministers it to herself, not only restoring 15 health but briefly giving a 10% boost to her attack strength.
Wholy Hellenistic
Level 2
Winged Victory takes on phantom limbs and face in a lime green, opening the Alexander Sarcophagus to unleash a barrage of Greek statues dating from the Hellenistic Era, such as The Barberini Faun, Venus de Milo, Laoco├Ân Group, Blinding of Polyphemus, and Poseidon of Melos. All of these statues rotate like missiles, dealing 11 damage each and knocking foes back on impact. The move ends with the Alexander Sarcophagus closing as Winged Victory returns to a normal state.
Warship Victory
Level 3
Winged Victory's slab transforms into the entire warship that she was designed to be a part of, throwing the entire thing over her shoulder with a purple phantom limb and aiming it for about two seconds before firing it, sending it high into the air before it drops down on the stage to do massive damage, creating explosive water barrages as it rushes through the surface of the stage, inflicting 35-55 damage to anyone caught in the crossfire. Winged Victory will enter a slabless state after this move is complete.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Winged Victory transforms into the Tetradrachm of Demetrios Poliorcetes, which features a design on the back giving us context on what the statue was supposed to be.
Heaven Spell
Winged Victory transforms into Nike of Paionios, a similar sculpture in also disrepair.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Winged Victory has no mouth in which to produce laughs, so they are immune to the Jokerification effect.
Power Drain
When Winged Victory is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the chest.
Rogue gains Marble Wing as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to project energy in the form of a wing, slashing opponents with wind damage and knocking them away with a cutting gale. She also gains a Defense bonus, boosting her Defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
Winged Victory's secret is revealed.

Winged Victory houses the remains of the soul of Nike, which due to the nature of the incomplete vessel she's housed in now, is unable to fully materialize herself except in battle.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, this is... a statue. My client is a statue. Why are we holding court for this? Three hundred accounted murders? Are you listening to yourselves? This court is crazy. Throw this case out.
Unlock Method
Win 300 matches.