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Walrus and Carpenter

The Walrus and The Carpenter are both very unpleasant characters that eat baby oysters in a poem that Tweedledum and Tweedledee tell to Alice in Through the Looking-Glass. In the Disney adaptation of Wonderland, the two characters are chronologically displaced to tell Alice this story in her early journey to Wonderland. Whether they're fictional characters in a fictional work or not, the two work and scheme against each other in the poem as they both attempt to eat oysters. Their journey begins on a day much like this one, where the sun and moon are both visible... and oh.

The Walrus and The Carpenter are a tag-team character, although the player controls The Walrus primarily. The Walrus can use his cane as a whistle and attractor, sending out The Carpenter to attack or using it as a unique reflector. The Walrus is a particularly hungry fella who uses the Carpenter to construct houses and such so he can trap his foes and eat them whole, although he can also use it to construct an additional platform on the stage. The Walrus can also inflict effects like Burn and Dizzy easily on his opponents through the use of a salt and pepper shaker. The Carpenter never gets to join in the fun of eating the opponents, unfortunate for him.

Whistle Cane
The Walrus uses his cane to whistle over the Carpenter, who either returns to his side or does work when dismissed, attacking foes with hammers, throwing them in arcs to deal 7 damage. These projectiles can be reflected and the Carpenter can only take 50 damage before he is rendered incapable of moving around for a short time. Cabbages and Kings
The Walrus rises his cane into the air and attracts in projectiles and objects with a magnetic pull before it's pushed forward out in all directions at 1.5x the original damage. Swing the control stick to have the Walrus swing his cane to push all collected objects into one direction.
Quick Carpentry
The Walrus stamps his cane down into the ground, causing the Carpenter to dash over to him and begin constructing a sloppily constructed structure. At it's base form it acts as a barrier that can sustain 15 damage, but if the player continues to hold down on the button it will become a fully realized building that can be used as a platform. The Walrus can also throw opponents into the open door and then feast on them with grabs, restoring 2 health per 45 frames and dealing 2.5 damage per 45 frames in a complicated command grab. Pepper and Salt and Vinegar
This is a three part move. On first use, The Walrus will pepper the opponent, causing the Burn effect and 0.1 damage. On second use, The Walrus will salt the opponent, which causes the Dizzy effect and 0.1 damage. Finally, the Walrus pours a bottle of Vinegar onto the opponent and swallows them whole to deal 7 damage normally but if they had been peppered or salted before hand, it'll deal 14 damage, and if they had been peppered andsalted it deals a whopping 28 damage.
Oysters on the Half Shell
Level 1
The Carpenter seperates from the Walrus and heads to the opposite side of the stage before producing a giant oyster half shell that he proceeds to use as a speeding bulldozer, running towards the Walrus, even leaping up if The Carpenter is above him, scooping up everyone in his way. The Walrus then jumps atop of The Carpenter, causing The Carpenter cry out as everyone scooped up is swallowed up by the Walrus, being dealt 15 damage before being shot out. Can potentially kill although the knockback is not that high.
Begin the Feed
Level 2
The Carpenter constructs a make-shift "Fish Dinners" shack over the nearest opponent(s), magentizing them into the center of the construction before finally completing it, causing the Walrus to bellyslide into it to deal 30 damage as it's presumed he's eating everyone inside before they get launched out of the destruction of the shack.
The Time Has Come
Level 3
The Walrus checks his watch and looks up at the sky, the stage shifting to either a night time or day time version of the stage if possible, although the cutscene will show which of the possibilities is effecting the stage. All attacks made by The Walrus or Carpenter will take on the Solar or Umbra effect for 10 seconds depending on whether it's day time od night time for the stage. The "time" of the stage will shift back after the Finisher is completed.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Walrus and the Carpenter become giant oyster shells.
Heaven Spell
The Walrus and the Carpenter become a literal Walrus and a bunch of planks of wood hastily nailed together.
Midnight Bliss
The Walrus and the Carpenter become a meramid with a brown tail and a female carpenter respectively.
Incubus Delight
The Walrus and the Carpenter swap clothes.
The Walrus becomes hungrier, skipping over Salting and Peppering as part of his Pepper and Salt and Vinegar move. The Carpenter becomes infuriated with the Walrus and will deliver a hit to his head every second to deal 2 damage. The effect lasts for six seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my clients were merely just hungry. Not a pinch of food around in that beach. Beyond that, their guardian did entrust them in their care, so maybe we're looking at an accomplice if you want to prolong this case, but they're not even real people. They come from a story. They're fictional, your honor. They don't impact reality. Get this case dismissed.
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