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Transmutate has been one of the weirder Transformers introduced into the franchise- at first a metaphor for euthanasia where she was an incredibly powerful Maximal who couldn't transform due to her damaged Stasis Pod that held her protoform, she has since undergone some identity changes that put her in line with being more of a metaphor for autism as she has a disconnect with her emotional drive and her logical drive, not being able to read social cues. When she was brought through The Collider, her incomplete form was fused with two other versions and she exists as sort of a mix of all of them and can use that to her advantage.

Transmutate has some really strong moves that also come with some major draw backs, such as Sonic Screech or Protoblade. She is more of a physical fighter who can fight really well against them due to her Sonic Screech move but has problems with ranged fighters. Her gimmick allows her to alter her approach on the fly- adding distance to her attacks although Transmutate players should be wary of how her special moves change up her standard attacks.

Gimmick: Protoform

Transmutate's gimmick is that she is not properly calibrated from her creation process as a Protoform, so her super powerful spark is able to heat part of her body to take on different aspects of her character that have popped up in the past. She is a incredibly malleable character as a result of this. She is able to use her jetpack from the Beast Wars series, her motorcycle outmode from Beast Wars: Uprising, and her Fossilizer parts from Transformers: Kingdom. When she heats up a part of herself, that part will stay on her and change up her standard attacks a little bit by boosting damage. However, any other change to her kit resets her appearance and function.
Sonic Screech
Transmutate lets out a sonic screech that comes out in a bubble around her that deals 7-9 damage and Shocks opponents. However, when she performs this attack, it can amplify energy attacks to deal 2x their damage against her as soon as they enter the bubble, so a projectile based opponent can potentially really mess up Transmutate. Mutate Bike
Transmutate transforms into a motor bike, speeding ahead to deal 10-14 damage to any opponent in her way. She can swerve very quickly into another direction although unlike Flamewar who has a similar move she isn't able to pop the wheel and deal additional damage that way.
Flight Mode
Transmutate takes flight with a jetpack that comes through her back, propelling her through the air at a mostly vertical angle although it can be angled. Has some start-up but generally is a fast recovery move. Deals 6-8 damage if propelled into a airborne opponent although does not launch them very far. Fossilizer
Transmutate is able to heat her right arm on her partially protoformed body into a spinal lance that she then charges forward with, dealing 8-11 damage with a burst forward. The move has start up only on it's first time being used. Afterwards it only reverts back if she uses Mutate Bike or Protoblade, which use her gimmick of being a partially protoformed Transformer as well. The spinal lance will remain on her and adds 3 damage to her standard attacks that use her right arm.
Level 1
Transmutate forges her right arm into a silver blade that has a loose, whip like quality- she strikes forward for 10 damage and can wrap the protoform material around her foe to latch them onto her for a short time, constantly shocking them for a short time. Each shock delivered deals 2.5 damage and there is a total of up to three shocks that can occur. While bound to Transmutate, opponents become tethered to her, unable to stay more than 6 six character lengths away which increases combo potential. However, afterwards, her powerful spark is exposed which will make her suspectible to attacks, 0.7x to defense. This latch effect can be canceled early by using Mutate Bike or Fossilizer.
Sonic Howl
Level 2
Transmutate lets out an especially loud Sonic Screech that covers more of the stage, usuaully to the edges of a typical floating stage and deals 30 damage to anyone trapped inside of the effect bubble while getting Shocked. While doing this move, her T-Rex head from Kingdom pops onto the back of her head to assist with the Sonic Howl.
Level 3
Transmutate summons Rampage to fight alongside her. Rampage attacks with his Terror Claws that deal 15 damage per swipe, launching away foes, and attacking faraway opponents with electrical discharges that deal 10 damage and Shock opponents. Rampage has 60 health and will stay on screen for up to 15 seconds before vanishing if he isn't killed.
Alternate Outfits



Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Transmutate turns into her broken stasis pod from Beast Wars.
Heaven Spell
Transmutate turns into her Kingdom alt mode, roaring as a T-Rex skeleton.
Midnight Bliss
Transmutate takes on a human-like appearance with influence from her Uprising design.
Incubus Delight
Transmutate turns into a masculine version of the above.
Transmutate, due to her disconnect from her emotional drive, simply laughs once getting Jokerified and is otherwise unaffected by the process of Jokerization.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was in the midst of the crossfire of the defense, one of which wanted to euthanize her. Yeah, I know, real bad stuff. She's fine now, this case should be thrown out of court or at least re-litegated.
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