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Sylvanas Windrunner

Slyvanas Windrunner is a former high elf ranger, now a Banshee Queen. Taking up the title of leader of the Forsaken, a group of undead creatures who have pledged their loyalty to her, she vows to find a higher purpose for those who have been brought back to life. She is a cunning strategist and a skilled archer, and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She is known for her quick and deadly strikes. She is a loyal friend and an implacable enemy.

Sylvanas is a archer character who can use her Banshee form to quickly move to spots that work better to fire arrows off at, as well as use her Banshee howls to rack damage up. This Banshee form has it's drawbacks but it proves to be a great part of her kit overall. She is a very tricky movement-based character that can move very quickly, summon a skeleton or dead opponents to help her in battle, and her Finishers give her great additional power to her arrows. She mostly uses dark elemental attacks, giving her an obvious counter with light elemental attacks.

Gimmick: Banshee Queen

Sylvanas can use her up special, Windrunner to disembark from her body as a Banshee. As a Banshee, Sylvanas has free ranged flight movement in the air, although she has a very limited moveset when it's activated. Additionally, Banshee mode only has 150 health per stock, or relative to the stamina set by the match rules. If it all drains, it will kill her. Sylvanas' body also lays motionless as a vessel and can still accumulate damage although cannot be easily knocked around.

As a Banshee, she can attack with Banshee howling that deals 7 damage to nearby foes and can also summon her body back below her on the ground to her new location where her Banshee form is located. This gives her quite a bit of free movement to play with and can basically teleport wherever she wants.

Black Arrow
Sylvanas fires off a black arrow that does 5 damage and inflicts Umbra on the opponent. The arrow can travel about five character lengths away before shattering and becoming useless- and Sylvanas can aim with the directional pad and aim before pulling at her archery string.
Sylvanas performs Fade, a spell that turns her briefly invisible and increases her movement speed by twofold. Lasts a total of 3 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown before it can be used again.

Sylvanas emerges out in Banshee form, dealing 11 damage as she rises out with a howl and is able to zip around with the movement stick freely. While a Banshee, Sylvanas can press the attack buttons to unleash a Banshee howl that deals 7 damage and can do her down special to summon her old body back to her to reposses. While in Banshee form, she has a couple benefits from switching to this form and a couple downsides, although those are mostly covered in her gimmick section above. She can stay in Banshee form as long as she wants although her old body will still accumulate damage and her Banshee form isn't immune to damage either, having a total of 150 health to drain per stock that she cannot heal.
Will of the Foresaken
Sylvanas summons a skeleton minion to help her in battle. Skeletons carry a sword with them and have 40 hit points and deal 5 damage per sword strike. They are somewhat sluggish and cannot jump. They are active for 10 seconds max before returning to the ground. Skeletons can act as a useful barrier to attacks, although Sylvanas can only summon one at a time. They are very vulnerable to light attacks.

Barbed Shot
Sylvanas' Black Arrows are cast in a purple flame, giving them additional power (1.7x) for a short amount of time of about 7 seconds. When Sylvanas lands three shots with Black Arrows, an additional effect occurs to deal 13 bonus damage.

Dark Lady's Call
Level 2
Sylvanas is either able to summon a undead version of any character with a previously lost stock to fight by her side or to send an arrow hurtling through the air to fragment a opponent's soul, sending a shadowy version of themselves to fight the opponent. These undead/shadow characters have 75 health and are set to the CPU difficulty set by the player.

Wailing Arrow
Level 3
Slyvanas fires off a arrow that will pierce through the air at a quick rate and deal Umbra and Wither to those inflicted with it as well as deal 45 damage. This arrow basically works on sight lines on activation- if a opponent's hurt box doesn't go through the sightline created by the arrow, it misses.
Alternate Outfits




High Elf


Blood Raven

Sugar Plum

Dark Ranger
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Sylvanas transforms into her Strongbox from the World of Warscraft quest Bringing the Bass.
Heaven Spell
Sylvanas transforms into a blue snake, reminscent of her Naga skin for the Hunter class in Hearthstone.
Midnight Bliss
Sylvanas transforms into a summer look with a black one piece and with a wine glass filled a red flame like this image from AlcoTyan.
Incubus Delight
Sylvanas transforms into a male version of herself that looks like this picture.
For six seconds, Sylvanas' black arrows take on chains as they soar, allowing Slyvanas to pull opponents she hits with her black arrows to her while she laughs hysterically. This is a oblique reference to The Jailer, a much disliked story arc for Sylvanas.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was possessed by The Jailer when she committed those crimes, and wasn't in a right state of mind. Throw this case out of court, and while you're at it, cancel my subscription to World of Warcraft.
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