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Summerween Trickster

The Summerween Trickster is a supernatural threat that comes out during the 22nd of June, otherwise known as Summerween in Gravity Falls. He is made of the discarded candy thrown away during the end of Summerween, and every year he finds children to eat who lack the Summerween Spirit. As a result of coming through the Collider, everyone seems to be really lacking the Summerween Spirit to him so why not endulge in a gluttony fest?

The Summerween Trickster is a agile opponent who can be a real pain with his many projectile attacks, although he doesn't gain Finishers in the traditional manner, instead needing to put out Jack O' Melons that are lit aflame at the start of a match and after he uses his Finishers. It might be wise to keep his Blood Barrels away from these Jack O' Melons, especially given their effects they can induce. He's not too physically strong however, and his attacks tend to have drawbacks that can help his opponents heal or force him to get closer to them.

Gimmick: Summerween

As opposed to a traditional Finisher Meter, the Summerween Trickster spends their opening animation setting down three Jack O' Melons on the ground of the stage, lighting them aflame. When one goes out, he gains access to his level 1 Finisher, when two go out, he gains access to his Level 2 Finisher, and when all of them go out he gains access to his Level 3 Finisher.

Although the lanterns go out over time, they can also go out through liquids being poured on them, so be wary of water attacks, his Blood Barrel attack, and other liquid attacks. Air elemental attacks can refresh the flame timer for a Jack O' Melon, however, although it has a 10% chance to blow it out instead.
Unwanted Candy
The Summerween Trickster shoots off candy- how much is dependent on how long you hold the attack button. Tapping it will only shoot off a single mint that deals 1 point of damage and causes flinch, while holding it down causes a spray of candy that deals 1.3 damage every 30 frames. Holding down for over 4 seconds will instead materialize the Summerween Trickster to the spot where the candy is launched, acting as a sort of teleport. Jack O' Melon
The Summerween Trickster lights a Jack O' Melon with his finger tip and then tosses it to deal 12 damage- Burning opponents if sweetspotted. The Jack O' Melon splits into three watermelon slices that can be picked up to heal 3 damage each.
Trickster Crawl
The Summerween Trickster becomes more mobile and agile as he contorts his body into a spider-esque crawl, able to crawl up walls with ease and speed and can also hang off ceilings. He also gains an additional jump while in this enhanced mobility form, although he won't be able to attack until he exits out of it or is stunned out of it. Blood Barrel
The Summerween Trickster kicks forward a barrel of fake blood that explodes when it hits something, covering the area in sticky strawberry syrup that causes the Shoeglue effect if stepped on. If it hits a opponennt, it deals 8 damage and coats them red and if the Summerween Trickster grabs them while in this red state afterwards, he can transform them into a Gobstopper. He cannot directly hit a Jack O' Melon in the background with this, but if it explodes near one it will go out.
Extra! Arms
Level 1
The Summerween Trickster grows additional limbs on their back that allow them to buffer additional standard attacks while performing their moves, allowing them to double up on their standard moves to an extent for a short period of time of about six seconds. A single Jack O' Lantern will be relit after the completion of this move.
Chilling Wind
Level 2
The Summerween Tricker summons a vortex of cold air that deals 1.2 damage per 10 frames for anyone caught up in it, lasting a total of 3 seconds. If a character is caught up in it for 1.5 seconds, they become Frozen. Two Jack O' Lanterns will be relit after completion of this move.
Devourer Form
Level 3
The Summerween Trickster becomes a black blob with legs that crawls across with the mobility of their Trickster Crawl move, but can grab opponents and also devour them if they're close by to deal 45 damage to them before dematerializing and rematerializing as their base form. All three Jack O' Lanterns will be relit and reshuffled onto the stage.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
The Summerween Trickster becomes a inanimate pile of discarded candy.
Heaven Spell
The Summerween Trickster becomes a wheelbarrel and three buckets of candy.
Midnight Bliss
The Summerween Trickster takes on a more feminine appearance with a purple coat.
Incubus Delight
The Summerween Trickster becomes a human, similar to this art by shourca.
The Summerween Trickster laughs so hard he "pukes" jellybeans and "cries" candy corn- he is frozen in place while doing this for about three seconds, although he enters a invulernable state while doing so where he can take damage but not get knocked around.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just candy. You can't prosecute candy! Why don't we prosecute your mallet? I'm sure there's a hidden murder charge on that thing! Throw this case out of court!
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