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Dr. Starline

Dr. Starline is a playtpus inventor that's been long fascinated with Dr. Eggman's work, seeing it as his responsibilty to fix his hero after he became an amnesiac man named Mr. Tinker and began to work under his stead. However, over time he began to realize how flawed Dr. Eggman was, and seeing how sloppy his plans tended to be. After being fired by Eggman after overstepping his role as assistant and bringing in the Deadly Six, Dr. Starline began to raid Eggman's bases as part of a plan to replace both Sonic and Eggman in order to break the "Sonic Cycle".

Dr. Starline has dual movesets, although this is as simple as a taunt switch. His Warp Topaz moveset allows him to create portals and send opponents into infamous zones from the Sonic series in order to be damaged, as well as deal damage with some of Dr. Starline's confisicated Eggman tech. His Tricore moveset allows him to adopt specific boosted niches in speed, strength, and flight, although it comes with the drawback that a single core power can be active at a time.

Gimmick: Glove Core

Dr. Starline's gimmick is the ability to switch the "core" mechanic that resides in his glove- utilizing either a moveset based around the Warp Topaz or the Tricore, both major functions of the character through the character's 47 issue run. The Warp Topaz allows for a large mobility and insane grappler moveset with portals and is Dr. Starline's default moveset, while switching to the Tricore allows Dr. Starline to utilize a moveset that gives lots of adaptability. He can switch between the movesets by taunting.

Topaz Teleport
Dr. Starline sets up a portal and then can set up another portal. When two are active, they become linked and will function as a warp from one to the other. Hold down the special attack button to cast out a further portal in the direction of the control stick and then release when the portal is positioned where you want it. Portals can stay active for up to 7 seconds when linked, although refreshing a portal's position will reset this timer.
Dr. Starline punches forward and pushes a opponent into a portal. If an portal is active, the portal will go into the last previously set portal- if there is no portal active they will be launched immediately behind Dr. Starline from another portal as he closes the one he punched the opponent into. Deals 7 damage and can be used as a get-away set-up or a combo starter depending on the situtation.

Gateway Open
Dr. Starline creates a "gateway" to another zone from the Sonic series that he can launch a opponent into, dealing damage to them through one of the stage's obstacles. Works as a command grab. These are always in a set order.
  • Labyrinth Zone - The opponent will be damaged through the spears and swinging maces, dealing 11 damage and launching them back through the gateway with significant knockback.
  • Chemical Plant Zone - The opponent will be damaged by a tube of blue oil that deals 6 flame damage and leaves the opponent covered in Oil. Launches low out of the portal.
  • Metal Madness Zone - The opponent is zapped by a ray that Miniaturizes them for 5 seconds. Doesn't deal damage or launch.

Armory Summon
Dr. Starline summons a object from his collected Eggman armory- there are three potential items he can pull in with each having it's own function. They always come in the same order so you can strategize a little with what you send out. Only one of these can be sent out at a time.
  • Tails Doll - Placing this will send out a drone that homes onto the nearest opponent and inflicts the Nightmare effect.
  • Mega Mack - A bubble of Mega Mack will launch out from the portal and will burst to deal 7 water damage when touched. Inflicts the Wet effect as well.
  • Gapsule - A fake capsule that if the top of it is pressed, it will launch a gigantic robotic arm to smash down on the opponent to deal 11 damage and Bury them. Can either be set as a trap or by holding down the input, Dr. Starline will set it off as he throws it.

Core Modus
Dr. Starline can shift to either Speed, Flight, or Strength core-enhancements, which last 10 seconds before fading. He can also switch to the others although each core has a 5 second cooldown.

When Speed is active, Dr. Starline's speed increases by 2x. When Flight is active, Dr. Starline's jump is increased by 2x and he gains a glide while in the air. When Strength is active, his attacks deal 2x more damage. Only one core enhancement can be active at a time and using his other special moves will switch the core strength to that instead unless it's already been used and on a cooldown.

Strength Charge
Dr. Starline slams the ground and causes a knockback wave of red energy that deals 9-14 damage depending on the closeness of the opponent and how far the knockback traveled prior to contact with the opponent's hitbox. Switches Dr. Starline's core to the Strength one if Core Modus is active- although if it was previously not active it will have an extra boost of damage (+5) to the inital strike before draining that particular core of total use.

Flight Covey
Dr. Starline does a jump in the air and can zip around a total of three times, inflicting 5 damage before falling into a free fall state. Switches Dr. Starline's core to the Flight one if Core Modus is active- although if it was previously not active it will have an longer final zip through the air before being drained of total use.
Speed Change
Dr. Starline does a shoulder dash while covered in blue energy from a Speed Core, giving him super armor during the dash and allows him to deal 7 damage while launching foes way back. Switches Dr. Starline's core to the Speed one if Core Modus is active- although if it was previously not active it will have an extra boost of knockback before draining that particular core of total use.
Tricore Blast
Level 1
Dr. Starline does an all-out attack with the Tricore, inflicting a ton of blasts of blue, red, and yellow energy across the stage, each blast dealing 7.8 damage and launching opponents low. There are a total of ten blasts that inflicts the stage at random before the move ends. When Dr. Starline executes this move, it also drains the Tricore of energy for a ten second cooldown, disallowing him use of any of his Tricore specials.
Hypno Cast
Level 2
Dr. Starline inflicts hypnosis on a opponent, having them move to the center of the stage and then putting them to Sleep for a minimum of three seconds, allowing him to have good setup against them for combos. If the opponent was hit with Tails Doll, this can do additional damage with the Nightmare effect active. This is Dr. Starline's safest Finisher, even if it doesn't really inflict damage as it doesn't destroy one of his movesets.
Warp Reality
Level 3
Dr. Starline summons the Chaos Emeralds and encircles them around the Warp Topaz, allowing him to warp reality with a bunch of strikes that deal 15 damage. The strikes inflict the stage at random, similar to Tricore Blast, but tend to home towards foes and make the stage tiles briefly turn into either water/oil tiles that can inflict Wet and Oil if touched, or create spike traps that inflict 15 damage if jumped on. The Warp Topaz will disappear for 15 seconds although all effects done to the stage will remain until it returns. Dr. Starline's Warp Topaz moveset will be unavailable until it respawns.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dr. Starline becomes Heavy from Knuckles Chaotix, as their inspiration is based off a glitch involving that character.
Heaven Spell
Dr. Starline becomes Bomb from Knuckles Chaotix, as their inspiration is based off a glitch involving that character.
Midnight Bliss
Dr. Starline, under the effect of Midnight Bliss, takes a feminine look similar to this fan art by Melody Cler.
Incubus Delight
Dr. Starline laughs manically while his attacks whiff more often for six seconds, although his hits that do land become 1.6x more powerful.
Power Drain
When Dr. Starline is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the glove as he covers his beak with his hand.
Rogue gains either Topaz Teleport or Core Modus as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to either create portals in a manner similar to Dr. Starline or boost her speed, strength, or aerial movement for up to 10 seconds like his Tricore. She can't switch between the two- she only gains access to the one Dr. Starline had active. She also gains a defence bonus, boosting her defence by 1.3x for six seconds.
Dr. Starline's secret is revealed.

Dr. Starline's moment of being inspired by Eggman was when he blew up the moon with the Space Colony ARK. He's rather miffed that the moon's always on it's good side in his world and his pet project after he takes over the world is to turn the moon so it's on it's destroyed side, although understands that this would be a TERRIBLE use of resources.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was being impersonated by Mimic the Octopus. You cannot say he did any of the actions you accuse him of when it could have easily been someone impersonating him with precision. Throw this out.
Unlock Method
Play 50 matches as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Amy Rose combined.