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Cave of Wonders

Gem Battlefield

Pink Diamond's Garden

Door Warehouse

Old Penelope, StrangerVille

Marx Soul Arena
Stage Types

Stage Types are used by characters to determine enviroment-based moves. There are four main stage types, which are described below.




"Household" stages have enclosed interiors and NPCs gathered around in the background. May feature obtuse platforms or elements. "Construction" stages have open sky and NPCs gathered around in the background. May feature enviromental stage hazards. Industrial settings tend to fit here. "Sport" stages have traditional arena-like settings, with flat main ground. May feature stage hazards that are characters. "Toy" stages don't fit into any of the above categories.

Cave of Wonders

  • Alan Menkin - Cave of Wonders
  • Alan Menken - Escape from the Cave
  • Alan Menken - The Battle
  • Bruce Adler - Arabian Nights
  • Alan Menken - Friend Like Me (Finale)
  • Will Smith - Friend Like Me
  • Brad Kane - One Jump Ahead
The Cave of Wonders is a forbidden realm filled with vast riches, magical objects, artifacts, and most notably, the lamp of the all-powerful Genie. It first appeared in the movie Aladdin and hosts a variety of treasures inside. Jafar wished to grab the magic lamp to use the Genie for his own evil deeds, requiring Aladdin's help to get past the powerful guardian of the cave.
The Cave of Wonders takes place on multiple flying carpet platforms, of which five make up the main platform and two make up the soft platforms that hang on the left and right of the stage, outside of the main platform itself. A treasure appears in the center, which can be grabbed and thrown at opponents to deal 15 damage, although grabbing it will cause lava to rise onto the stage and engulf the main platform before slowly disappearing and restoring itself back to normal. This treasure does not appear with hazards off.

Gem Battlefield

  • Steven Universe - Love Like You
  • Steven Universe - Stronger Than You
  • Steven Universe - We Are the Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind)
  • Steven Universe - Stronger Than You (Karaoke)
  • Surasshu, Aivi Tran - Come Back
  • Surasshu - Buzzsaw (Just Can't Wait Mix)
  • Surasshu - Utopia
  • Toby Fox - Rude Buster
  • Toby Fox - Field of Hopes and Dreams
  • insaneintherain - Last Surprise
The Gem Battlefield is a historical location where Homeworld Gems and Crystal Gems fought on about 5,300 years ago. The sky is littered with floating landmasses as well as giant strawberries, weapons, and a strange upside down pyramid. It is one of the few locations on Earth with a working warp pad.
Gem Battlefield is a traveling stage with two layouts. The first is on the ground and is a fairly long platform that cuts off at the sides with a pit on the right and left, having a tight boundary box. Giant strawberries roll onto the battlefield as the fighting becomes more intense that can be destroyed with attacks and can be stood upon. These strawberries do not appear with hazards off. The second layout, which uses a transition of shimmering diamond shapes, is upon three floating platforms that raise and lower slightly when fighters get atop them. They do not react with hazards off.

Pink Diamond Garden

  • Steven Universe - Other Friends
  • Steven Universe - system/BOOT.PearlFinal (3).Info
  • Steven Universe - Isn't It Love?
  • Steven Universe - No Matter What
  • Steven Universe - Independent Together
  • Steven Universe - Drift Away
  • Steven Universe - Found
  • Steven Universe - Downward Spiral
  • Steven Universe - True Kinda Love
  • Steven Universe - Change
  • Steven Universe - Let Us Adore You
  • Surasshu, Aivi Tran - Come Back
  • *Surasshu - Buzzsaw (Just Can't Wait Mix)
  • Surasshu - Utopia
  • Toby Fox - Rude Buster
  • Toby Fox - Field of Hopes and Dreams
  • insaneintherain - Last Surprise
Pink Diamond's Garden was a playground for Pink Diamond and Spinel before Pink received Earth as a colony, at which point she left Spinel in the garden for over six thousand years. The garden- and Spinel with it- slowly began to deteriorate as Spinel waited for Pink Diamond to come back, which she never did.
Pink Diamond's Garden is a flat walk off stage with two invisible barriers to the left and right of the stage that are broken through intense knockback. In the center is a fountain, which changes colors over the course of the match. These are based off each of the Diamonds and standing in the fountain can do different effects.
  • Pink Water - Heals damage at the rate of 3 damage per second stood.
  • Blue Water - Reduces knockback from attacks for a temporary amount of time, which is increased the longer stood in the fountain.
  • Yellow Water - Increases the size of your character for a temporary amount of time, with height being increased the longer you stand in the fountain.
  • White Water - Inflicts a shared effect if both characters stand in the water at some point for a period of time. When one character takes damage, the other character will take 60% of the damage inflicted.

Door Warehouse

  • Randy Newman - Celia's Mad
  • Randy Newman - Mike's In Trouble
  • Randy Newman - Scream Extractor
  • Randy Newman - Randall's Attack
  • Randy Newman - Exile
  • Randy Newman - Stinging Glow Urchin
  • Randy Newman - The Big Scare
  • Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar
The Door Warehouse is a a special vault containing all the doors in Monsters, Inc. It consists mostly of landing platforms and rails upon rails to sort various doors to slot into the machines that the monsters use to travel across the world- possibly universe. When it was absorbed in the Black Hole, it served as a nexus to travel to other entrapped shards of other dimensions for the league of villains joined together by a higher power. It requires scream or laughter energy to run efficiently.
The Door Warehouse is a truly unique stage in that a lot of it takes place on top of grind rails where players can execute special moves off, but also drop down on the doors to evade attacks. The rails eventually lead to a central platform with rails, locking off the ledges from being grabbed. Ongoing doors will swing above this gated platform, able to spike opponents if they're hit. Eventually you will have to return to the rails, where the stage loops. Causing a opponent to laugh or scream will activate the doors, allowing you to use them to teleport during rail sections.

Old Penelope, StrangerVille

  • Jerry Martin - Samba SIM
  • Kirk Casey - Jerry Martin
  • Gorillaz - Idaho
  • Lord Huron - Ancient Names (Part I)
  • Lord Huron - Ancient Names (Part II)
  • Lord Huron - The Man Who Lives Forever
  • Lord Huron - I Will Be Back One Day
  • Lord Huron - Love Like Ghosts
  • Lord Huron - The World Ender
  • Lord Huron - The Night We Met
  • Lord Huron - Secret of Life
In StrangerVille, a retired pilot by the name of George Cahill lives inside the crash site of his old plane, Old Penelope. The cause of the crash is unknown, but George recounts a large flash of light that caused his plane to short circuit and crash. Although he has grown skeptical of the residents of StrangerVille he means no harm and mostly keeps to himself.
Old Penelope, StrangerVille is a walkoff stage that has a wraparound effect to it's boundary. When you exit the right, you emerge from the left and vice versa. As such, there's no traditional way to knock foes out of the stage- instead the night cycle of the stage will introduce UFOs that pick up whoever lands in their tractor beam, dragging them out of the stage. Additionally, launching a opponent straight up into the sky will also KO at them at any time of the day. The plane parts act as elevated part of the terrains. With hazards off, the wraparound effect remains the same but the UFOs never show up. All music in this stage has an exclusive Simlish variant that can play, replacing the lyrics with the Simlish version.

Marx Soul Arena

  • GaMetal - Marx / Heart of Nova
  • FalKKonE - Vs Marx
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - CROWNED: Ver.2
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - Combat Evaluation Program
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - Soul 0 System
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - Intermezzo Without a Leader
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - VS. Star Dream
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection
  • Kirby: Planet Robobot Soundteam - Pink Ball Revolution
  • Fixions - Feeding the Void
This where Kirby fought Marx Soul, a manifestation of pure and absolute chaos. The spacial void this takes place in can barely be held together by the matter that composes it, only fused together through sheer force of will and vile hatred for the one who stopped a wish.
Marx Soul Arena is a strange walk-off stage that has a platform and background that appear to slide, moving the fighters across it to the blast zones. Occasionally rainbow thunder and lightning will appear in the background as decorative flashes. With hazards off, this becomes a regular walk-off stage.

Los Pollos Hermanos

  • Bobby Bare - Find Out What's Happening
  • Dave Porter - Border Crossing
  • Dave Porter - Crawl Space
  • Dave Porter - Parking Garage Standoff
  • TV on the Radio - DLZ
Los Pollos Hermanos is a resturant that specializes in chicken that acts as the front for Gustavo Fring's operations, acting as money laundering and logicistics for illegal activities. This seems to be kept a secret from it's employees, who are still under the strict guiding hand of Gustavo Fring, who seems to bring the precision and perfection he desires for his drug buisness for his chicken resturant as well.
Los Pollos Hermanos is a stage that features breakable invisible walls, being a flat ground stage with a soft platform above that is the Los Hermanos Pollos sign. The Los Hermanos Pollos can undergo damage when it takes hits, before eventually falling off and becoming an electric trap that can be used by players to Shock each other before it regenerates.

Feed Florg

  • TBA
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  • TBA
Feed Florg takes place on a table which has the hungry mutant Chia named Florg, who has a insatiable appetite that's best appeased by eating creatures known as Petpets. It is based off the Flash game of the same name, which saw you take control of a mechanical hand to knock Petpets back onto the table before Florg would randomly eat one.
This stage takes place across the table, of which Petpets randomly fall onto and can be used as throwable items. It's advisable to keep Petpets on the stage otherwise Florg may see you as a target to be eaten and use his tongue to pull you in and eat you, making you lose a stock instantly if you can't break free of his tongue. The left and right are a bottomless pit, although the edges of the table are sometimes unsafe to cling onto due to a mechanical hand spinning around the side, sometimes occupying the sides and making them impossible to climb onto.