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Spamton G. Spamton

DON'T WORRY KIDS I'M AN [HonestMan] I JUST NEED YOUR [Account Details] AND THE [Number on theB4ck]! THEN YOU CAN ENJ0Y 1000 Fr3e KROmer

Spamton is a salesman who used to be a real [[BIG SHOT]] but now he's all washed up and [[LIVING IN A GODDAMN GARBAGE CAN???]]. Wanting to be a [[BIG SHOT]] again, Spamton silently waits for a phone that never rings for him for the mysterious benefactor who previously rose him to stardom to call again. Driven quite mad by his life experiences, Spamton's only true route of becoming a [[BIG SHOT]] again is to transfer himself to a machine located in the Queen's basement, but he can't do it on his own.

Spamton is a bit of a odd fighter- while he generates [[KROMER]] for attacks, he uses them primarily to buy weapons or items to aid him in battle using a [[Home-made Storefront Site]], which isn't quite as big of a part of his moveset. Spamton uses a lot of odd-ball projectiles for his attacks and has a pretty good recovery, and can use PUT YOUR [[KROMER]] WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS to drain other opponent's resources and bring them close to him. However, he lacks really good physical attacks and cannot kill easily.

Gimmick: [[KROMER]]

Spamton gains [[KROMER]] from successful attacks, which in turn can be used on purchasing resources to use. These come in the form of the items THE BIG ONE, S. POTION, and the THORN RING. These items can be used to change up Spamton's moveset, although given that they are items, they can also be [Taken and Used] by other characters as well.

To purchase a item with [[KROMER]], you must set up a humble [[Home-made Storefront Site]].

There, the following items become available:

Spamton crafts a sword of unspeakable power- literally, unspeakable power because it can't do anything but [[Whiff]]. It has a secret property though- if sweetspotted on the broken blade, counters will ignore it but it still deals 7 damage!

10 [[KROMER]]


Spamton crafts a potion bottle that is actually... just straight up poison. Spamton can throw it and deal splash damage and it has the properties of a standard projectile. It'll initally heal anyone it's splashed with for 40+ health, but deals 60 damage over time.

20 [[KROMER]]

[Angel], [Angel] ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE [Ring] OF [Thorns]?

Spamton crafts the Thorn Ring, which will deal 1 damage for every second it's on and cause Spamton to flinch, but doubles the damage of every single attack he has. Needless to say this is a [[Hot Commodity]] and everyone's going to want their hands on it.

1997 [[KROMER]]


Spamton releases a PIPIS, a type of [invasive species of freshwater clam] that bounces forward three times before disappearing. If they are not destroyed, they will burst into a circle of Spamton heads that deal [[0.5 damage]] each, although they don't go very far before [Fading Away]. Spamton gains 5 Kromer each time the move is successful.
Spamton's head gets [REAL BIG] and starts sucking in whatever is nearby. He can steal resources such as [[Walter White]]'s money or other currency through this method- any character based resource will be converted into a random amount of [KROMER]. He can also absorb projectiles and [Heal] from them, usually 0.5x what the damage of the intended projectile was. He can also pull characters towards him with the [KIRBY VACCUUM] function of his mouth.
[[Silly Strings]]
Spamton is suddenly lifted up by neon #176D18 strings and can be moved in any direction with the control stick while he hangs like a [[Lifeless Puppet]] for up to [[1.5 seconds]]. After this the strings holding him will [Fading Away]. It cannot do damage. [[WILD PRIZES]]
Spamton's head gets [REAL BIG] and releases a small duplicate of Spamton that bounces forward while rapidly gaining speed. If the small duplicate of Spamton makes contact with a opponent they will be dealt with [[7.5 damage]] and [[THAT'S A GUARANTEE!!]]. They also inflict the #Jokerification effect. Spamton gains 5 Kromer each time the move is successful.
[[Hyperlink Blocked]]
™Spamton attempts to send a hyperlin™k while blocking that is instantly blocked up by a [Ambyu-Lance] who will "guard" Spamton. If a opponent gets too close while a [Ambyu-Lance] is "guarding" Spamton they will do a 4 damage slash attack with their axe. [Press F1 For] HELP

If any player presses the [[F1 Key]] a small Spamton angel will heal them for 20 damage once per stock.
[[Home-made Storefront Site]]
Press the / buttons and to set down a [[Home-made Storefront Site]]. There you can use your [[KROMER]] to buy a [[SPECIL]] item as listed in Spamton's [[Gimmick]] section. You will need at least 15 [[KROMER]] to set one down.
Level 1
Spamton offers out his hand to make a SPECIL [DEAL], draining 15 health from his opponent to be healed 15 damage himself. This is a cutscene Finisher that will activate against a single opponent- a [sight-line] will appear prior to starting and the nearest opponent will be forced to [[MAKE A DEAL]] with Spamton provided they're in his sight line. If successfully pulled off, Spamton gains 15 [[KROMER]]. If he misses, he shouts WRONG
Level 2
Spamton summons a giant phone to spit out Spamton heads while [Garbage Noise] plays from the reciever. The attack spreads out Spamton heads that deal [8.5 damage] and inflict the #Jokerification effect. The phone will drop from the right or left side of the stage depending on which side Spamton is [Closer] to.
Level 3
Spamton [Fading Away] as the giant Spamton Neo take either the right or left side of the stage and fires out white [[Ghostly]] Spamton heads that inflict #Solar onto foes as well as deal 15 damage each. Three are first before a final one heads towards the center of the stage, making the screen [Fading Away] into white, where it then resumes normal action.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Spamton becomes a giant blue jay with his distinctive yellow and pink lensed glasses.
Heaven Spell
Spamton takes on the appearance of Swatch with Spamton's original colors.
Midnight Bliss
Spamton takes on the appearance of the Mannequin from Deltarune.
Incubus Delight
Spamton takes on the appearance of a White Addison with lime green pants.
Spamton gets a wire shoved into his face, becoming a sort of WereSpamton that's dragged around on a wire rather aimlessly. Press the attack button to do a weak clawing attack that deals 6 Cat Elemental damage. Last 6 seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, this man lives in a garbage can. How can we expect people to get better when this is how we treat them at their lowest point? Rehabiliate them, but don't jail them. Throw this case out and get this man a therapist.
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