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The Sorceress is a important character to the Masters of the Universe lore, being the watcher over Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress is an also somewhat confusing character due to how their lore has drastically shifted across iterations of Masters of the Universe. Acting as just the guardian of the magic that rests at the base of Castle Grayskull, The Sorceress is the third iteration and aspect of the Goddess, proving aid to the heroes of Eternia against the villains that seek Castle Grayskull for their own malicious intents. Being sucked through the Collider, now that castle has no defenses and she has to find a way back- or a different option for protecting the castle.

The Sorceress is a movement based character with mostly reflection based attacks, with most of her projectiles being locked to her Finishers, although all have different tools and applications that mess with opponents that tend to just reflect projectiles without a second thought. She has a very unusual teleportation that makes her movement plan a bit iffy, although she has great control over the air with Zoar and Zoaring Wings. Her guard is one of the best in the game, and Eye of Eternia allows for some very interesting counter measutes. However, she isn't really a damage dealer and can sometimes have difficulty killing.

Flame Wing
Sorceress flaps a wing upwards, dealing chromatic flames from her wing that inflicts the Solar effect onto foes and deals 7-11 damage depending on where in the flame the opponent is hit. Can also be used as a reflector during it's start up frames, reflecting damage back for 1.5x damage. This halts momenteum when used in the air. Teela-port
Sorceress utilizes a teleport that has her materialize a clone of herself made of shimmering light that the player can influence the direction of at the start, pointing the control stick in the direction they wish to go in. When the player sees the clone in a position they find favorable, do this move again to teleport over to there instead. This clone cannot be directly attacked although it will still interrupt opponent attacks and physical projectiles, although energy projectiles will be ignored.

Sorceress transforms into a magical bird named Zoar, shrinking her hitbox as she flies through the air as Zoar. Zoar can glide and soar through the air, although they can't do direct damage while doing this. Tilting down will send Zoar into a divebomb that can do damage, however, dealing 6 damage and Burying opponents, however there is no way to cancel this. After hitting the ground, Zoar will transform back into the Sorceress. Eye of Eternia
Sorceress uses a blue orb to tell the past and future, and takes it out in this counter move. This is a more passive counter- it will reflect projectiles when around her while moving and deal 1.3x damage of the reflected attack, but physical attacks can only be countered at the start of the move, in which a pedestal rises by the Sorceress' side to hold the orb. The orb returns to the pedestal after 3 seconds before retracting back into the stage. The pedestal has hard platform data while it's active, allowing for additional height.
Pillar of Protection
Sorceress puts up a large rainbow light pillar to protect herself. This guard has a cooldown of 3 seconds after use but extends all the way past the boundary of the stage and can go through soft platforms. Projectiles become negated against this pillar and physical attacks below 30 damage cannot break the pillar. Fades away after 1.5 seconds. Zoaring Wings
When Sorceress performs a second jump, she uses her wings to glide through the air, staying in this state until she attacks, in which she will drop before resuming her glide until she hits the ground. This glide is very quick if drifty.
Chroma Wave
Level 1
Sorceress releases a chromatic, crescent shaped wave with her hands which deals 15 damage and the Solar effect. As a direct projecile, this has the unique property of passing through walls and opponents and growing in size before fading away after a certain amount of distance.
Chroma Beam
Level 2
Sorceress creates a energy blast of chromatic energy that extends across the whole stage, dealing 1.5 damage every 3 frames, staying active for a second. It can deal up to 30 damage and will hard stun a opponent, although won't deal any effects. Reflecting it actually just splits the beam in half in diagonal directions from the reflected point as opposed to properly reflecting it.
Level 3
Sorceress takes on a cobra hood, transforming into the Goddess for a brief moment. She then raises her staff into the air as the split swords of the Sword of Power rotate around the staff before being released as a magical blast that deals 45 damage flat as well as launching extremely hard. It also inflicts the Wither effect. As the move ends, the Sorceress transforms back into normal.
Alternate Outfits


Temple of Darkness
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Sorceress takes on the appearance of a bunch of slithering green snakes.
Heaven Spell
Sorceress takes on the appearance of a chromatic falcon that flickers like a flame before reverting back to the Sorceress.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Sorceress takes on a appearance similar to Man at Arms with Zoar theming.
Sorceress grows snake-like slits on her eyes and hisses constantly, often interrupting her movement as she attempts to fight off the Jokerification.
Power Drain
When Sorceress is caught by Rogue, the Sorceress is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Flame Wing as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do the Sorceress' wing attack with energy wings, inflicting the solar effect as well. She also gains a bonus on her aerial movement, boosting her jump height by 1.3x for six seconds.
Sorcress's secret is revealed.

She is the mother of Teela, the female warrior often at He-Man's side and the daughter of Man-At-Arms. In most modern adaptations, this is kept a secret until a difficult moment. It's also a reference to how the Goddess, Teela, and the Sorceress were all at early stages meant to be the same character in a somewhat confusing way- the original toy acted as both Teela and the Goddess by removing or putting on the Cobra Hood, while the Sorceress was a creation for the Filmation series that filled the role of the Goddess in their adaptation, which was later adopted as the actual character later on. The Sorceress herself is a aspect of the Goddess in some depictions.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client has legal ownership of Castle Grayskull according to the terms of the deed. This defense's argument won't hold up if you see the document- so throw this case out.
Unlock Method
Play 50 matches on Creepy Castle.