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Shantae is a half-genie that resides in Scuttle Town, a fishing port town that tends to be invaded by the pirate captain Risky Boots. As the protector of Scuttle Town, Shantae usually goes on journeys to protect the town. When not doing that, she's usually hanging with her friends Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops or working with her uncle Mimic. When her universe was pulled through the Collider, she found herself teaming up with Risky Boots again to set things right. Currently she is set as a Astra blessed fighter.

Shantae is a mix of a magic and melee fighter, capable of using her hair to do attacks although her hair attacks share the same staleness across the board, her hair becoming weaker and more unkempt the more often those specific attacks are used. She can do quick transformations into various animals or other mystical creatures for her special attacks.

Spider Spit
Shantae turns into her Spider form, shooting off a shot of spider venom that inflicts the Poison effect, dealing 2% damage every 30 frames and causes an opponent to flinch when under the effects of the poison. The spider venom will also deal 5 damage on hit. When in the air, Shantae will instead create a temporary web in the background that she latches onto, allowing her to buffer into another attack such as Elephant Stomp. This doesn't reset her jumps although it will prevent helplessness, even if she's hit on the web. She can stay on for 3 seconds before the web falls apart and she goes into a helpless state. Dash Newt
Shantae turns into her Dash Newt form, a fusion transformation first learned in Seven Sirens. It can quickly propel her forward and deal 7% damage on collision with a foe, although it has low priority and stronger attacks with higher damage can knock her away with halved damage reduction. When she hits a wall, she will run up it. This move works and runs for as long as the player holds down on the input, instantly transforming out of it and momenteum will cancel roughly 45 frames after transforming back.
Harpy Flight
Shantae transforms into her Harpy form and takes off into flight, able to angle it with the control stick. This does not count as one of her two jumps, so this acts as a third jump that can deal 8% damage and knock foes away from her in the air. However, once the arc of the jump is complete, Shantae will be helpless unless she buffers Spider Spit shortly after the attack. Elephant Stomp
Shantae transforms into her Elephant form and performs a massive stomp attack that buries foes and deals 15% damage, 30% damage if sweetspotted. However, it is worth noting tha if Shantae misses, she will badly flinch and will be open to attacks, and this cancels out momenteum. Additionally, the move only has super armor during it's start up in the air. When used on the ground, Shantae performs a ground stomp that can cause opponents to flinch from a distance and deals 7% damage with the Break effect applied to closer opponents.
Seer Dance
Level 1

Shantae unleashes a wave of psychic energy that reveals invisible opponents or traps as well dealing 15% damage flat in a radius around her.
Spark Dance
Level 2

Shantae unleashes a bunch of sparks around foes that deal 30% electrical damage in total. As this is a cutscene finisher as opposed to an active finisher, it can't be blocked although if it's start up is interrupted it can't proceed.
Quake Dance
Level 3

Shantae smashes the ground with a hammer, creating ground quakes that deal 10 damage, with a total of five main quakes that are active across all platforms in a stage. Shantae can move sluggishly through the air and use the hammer to attack, dealing 30% damage if it hits a opponent.
Alternate Outfits


Dancer Shantae
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Shantae transforms into Succubus Shantae- a unused transformation from Half Genie hero.
Heaven Spell
Shantae transforms into a Tinkerbat as a reference to one of the secret transformations in the original Game Boy game and brought back in Half-Genie Hero.
Midnight Bliss
Shantae transforms into her bikini from one of the ending screens from Risky's Revenge that has now become her standard bikini design.
Shantae briefly transforms into Nega-Shantae when under the effects of Jokerification. Interestingly, her special magic attacks become 1.5x faster but her standard attacks become 0.5x slower.
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