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Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman is a lawyer that defends criminals, finding his way into the path of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman, who end up becoming the biggest kingpins of meth in America for two years. Saul in his younger years was familar with scams as well, both pulling them off and helping others pull them off. These were for the greater good, although not always. Saul Goodman continues working with Walter White as they come through the side of the Collider, acting as his legal defense- although out here he might need to pull a few old tricks to scrape by.

Saul Goodman is a tricky opponent with fake-out moves and seems to help and hinder his opponents via phones or testifying for them in court. He wants to build up as much money as possible to get the best "ending" for his Level 3 Finisher, It's All Good, Man. Saul doesn't have the best recovery but he has a great keep-away option in the form of Fast Talk and he can teleport to his opponents via Burner Phone, although this can be a double edged sword if the opponent knows how to anticipate it.

Gimmick: Better Call Saul!

Saul Goodman, like Walter White can gain money, although his is much more transparently about getting the best ending for himself. He doesn't need to spend money necessarily on resources, but rather to get the best ending he can. As such though, his way of gaining money is primarily through planting phones, doing slip and fall scams, or testifying for his opponent in court, the latter of which is what you'll primarily want to build up for. However, Saul must keep laundering his money to keep the IRS off him, otherwise he'll get the IRS ending and lose a stock.
Sleight of Hand
Saul Goodman holds out a buisness card and then pulls out a gun with his other hand, firing a bullet that deals 9-10 damage (11-14 if hit in the head). If Saul Goodman is close enough to a opponent, he'll hand them the card and then perform a leg sweep that leaves the opponent knocked down into the Astral state while sustaining 8-9 damage. Fast Talk
Saul Goodman proceeds to try to talk his way out of a bad situtation, moving quickly backwards while having dodge frames every other frame of this animation. Additionally, he dodges projectiles while this move is active. Quickly move the control stick to have Saul combat roll quickly into the desired direction.
Slippin' Saul
Saul Goodman does a "slip and fall" scam that sees him slip on any surface, with any nearby opponents offering him damages that can range from 100 to 600 dollars. Nearby opponents will be damaged for 6-7 damage and be inflicted with the Astral state, although damaged opponents won't be able to pay Saul any damages. Burner Phone
Saul Goodman tosses a burner phone to his nearest opponent. Whenever the opponent does their down special, Saul Goodman will have a 2 second window to teleport to them. If Saul Goodman holds down on his down special, he'll activate the burner phones to give off an electrical Shock, dealing 1-2 damage per 20 frames active. The phones burn out after 3 consecutive seconds and stop working afterwards, so doing it too long will render them useless. Saul Goodman can have up to four burner phones active at a time and leeches money at 10 dollars a second when a burner phone is active.
Money Launder
Saul Goodman packs his money into a jar filled with q-tips and ships it out to a nail salon. It's important to launder money as it keeps your money from being able to be robbed from you but also the IRS will be able to get Saul in his Level 3 Finisher, It's All Good, Man if he makes too much without laundering it.
Level 1
Saul Goodman springs a inflatable skydancer which flails it's arms around wildly, dealing damage as it "dances" around, dealing anywhere from 3-4 damage (arm attacks) or 6-8 damage (head attacks). The base of the inflatable is the only thing that can be damaged, having 30 health. It stays active for six seconds before disappearing. It has a pretty tall hitbox and can reach pretty wide, although it's main downside is the random nature of the attack. The best optimal use Saul can get out of this Finisher is to pummel opponents into it, hoping to get a multihit attack from it's flailing. It doesn't launch very well but can rack up damage fast.

Level 2
Saul Goodman slicks back his hair and him and the nearest opponent enter court. There, Saul testifies and gets the case thrown out of court, in which he will paid handsomely in legal fees, gaining anywhere from 2,000 - 50,000 dollars depending on how much damage the opponent has taken. Saul Goodman has a couple generic testimonies for opponents who don't have unique ones, but unique ones exist for most characters.

Testimony deals no damage but it is important to Saul's moveset as it allows him to make a lot of money and get better endings for his Level 3 Finisher, It's All Good, Man.
It's All Good, Man
Level 3
As Saul Goodman gains more money, this move will influence the ending of Saul Goodman's story you get when you perform this finisher. This will drain all your money and leave you with the possible endings as followed:
  • 0 - 1,000 dollars - The Tuco Ending. In this ending, Saul manages to convince Tuco Salamanca to just break the legs of his opponents (as opposed to killing them), dealing 30 damage to them and briefly inflicting the Shoe-Glue effect on them.
  • 1,001 - 10,000 dollars - The Howard Ending. In this ending, Saul's legal rival Howard Hamlin beats up all the opponents in the ring to deal 45 damage and inflict the Break effect.
  • 10,001 - 50,000 dollars - The Huell Ending. In this ending, Huell Babineaux slams into a opponent with a sandwich, dealing 45 damage and knocking them into the Astral state. Saul and Huell then eat the sandwich to recover 35 health.
  • 50,001 - 150,000 dollars - The Walter White Ending. In this ending, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, in masks, carry a opponent to the desert and aim guns at them before firing them, blasting the opponent into a open grave, dealing 55 flat damage.
  • 150,001 - 999,999 dollars - The Gene Ending. In this ending, Walter White's empire has collapsed and Saul Goodman is on the run from the law- but is now hiding under the guise of a Cinnabon manager named Gene. Saul becomes Gene and attacks with distortions of his old commericals like Hadokens, inflicting a total of 60 damage before returning back to Cinnabon.
  • IRS - If Saul doesn't launder his money and makes over 10,000 dollars, the IRS arrest him and Saul is KO'd.
  • Alternate Outfits

    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Saul Goodman takes on the appearance of a goldfish inside of Walter White's giant flasks, from the promo art for the Better Call Saul episode Breaking Bad.
    Heaven Spell
    Saul Goodman takes on the appearance of a golden toilet from the intro to Season 6. Taunting will have the toilet flip open it's lid to say "Give it to me, Chandler. I want it all."- based off one of Saul's early clients from Better Call Saul who wanted to patent a talking toilet.
    Midnight Bliss
    Saul Goodman becomes Saul Goodwoman, taking on long brown hair and a more femme appearance.
    Incubus Delight
    Saul Goodman takes on a poolside-appearance.
    Saul Goodman shoots lightning from his fingertips, his movements becoming faster and more maniac. Any physical attack that connects with another opponent will Shock them. Lasts 6 seconds. Based off Saul Goodman's speech from the Better Call Saul episode JMM.
    Power Drain
    When Saul Goodman is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
    Rogue gains Sleight of Hand as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to offer one of Gambit's cards before firing off an energy blast, similar to Saul Goodman's attack with the gun. She can also topple opponents with a leg kick. She also gains a defense bonus, boosting her defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
    Saul Goodman's secret is revealed.

    Saul Goodman is Jimmy McGill, the brother of Chuck McGill. Jimmy was driven to this life of crime by his brother, who always insisted that being a lawyer was never in the cards for him, and thus, accidentally encourages his brother to go down a bad path of which he ends up not being able to escape from.

    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, I think everyone at the court can cleanly see that this is a clone- a doppelganger of me. I'm a man of the law, I would never do any of the things alleged here, and I'm not sure my clone would either. I mean come on, my last name is Goodman! Throw this case out of court, it's dumb.
    Unlock Method
    Play as Walter White 62 times- the number of episodes in Breaking Bad.