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River Person

Tra la la. I am the riverman. Or am I the riverwoman...? It doesn't really matter. I love to ride in my boat. Would you care to join me?

The River Person transports monsters all over the underground through their boat, while giving cryptic advice that seems to imply they know quite a lot of things about a lot of people- even those who don't exist in this world anymore. That's not important though. Did you ever hear the old song coming from the sea?

River Person is a weirdo fighter who fights on their own platform, which has random properties and can influence how they attack. Additionally, another gimmick they have is Wingding Numbers, which obscure how much damage an opponent has taken with some tradeoffs. Despite their random nature, River Person has some very good moves in their kit such as the turret reflector that is Echo Flower, a powerful ground dash in the form of Ferry Dash and traps like Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap and Steam Vent.

Gimmick: Ferry

Boat Person rides in a boat, which acts as a platform in it's own right. Other characters can stand on it, and it has soft platform data. It follows Boat Person, and they will always be in the center of it. The Boat can rise while planting Echo Flowers, and Heat Vents. It also always stays above the water unless Boat Person is wearing a Life Jacket item. There are multiple variants of the boat that influence how it works on top of Boat Person's existing kit, although it will always be random on which one it is.

Normal Boat
The Normal Boat has a 45% chance of showing up as River Person's boat.

Dog Boat
The Dog Boat has a 25% chance of showing up as River Person's boat.

Functionally, Dog Boat has higher jumps and does 20% more damage while Speaking in Hands. It does 20% less damage while in normal mode.

Silver Boat
The Silver Boat has a 15% chance of showing up as River Person's boat.

Functionally, Silver Boat has shorter jumps and does 40% more damage while Speaking in Hands. It does 40% less damage while in normal mode.

Gold Boat
The Gold Boat has a 10% chance of showing up as River Person's boat.

Functionally, Gold Boat is super fast while moving and does 10% more damage while Speaking in Hands. It does 30% less damage while in normal mode.

Diamond Boat
The Diamond Boat has a 5% chance of showing up as River Person's boat.

Functionally, Diamond Boat resists damage 30% better and does 10% less damage while Speaking in Hands. It does 20% more damage while in normal mode.
Gimmick 2: Wingdings

River Person's attacks can deal Wingding Damage, which is a type of damage that obscures the actual amount of damage a opponent has taken, replacing the numbers with wingdings. When a character has Wingding Damage, all knockback is neutralized and other effects are cancelled out. When the number is unobscured, however, the opponent is put into Break state and all knockback is briefly doubled for six seconds. Using River Person's guard special, Speak in Hands, River Person can make all of their attacks deal Wingding Damage, obscuring the opponent's health as they hit them.

Normal attacks from other characters will unobscure the number slowly.
Echo Flower
River Person plants a Echo Flower, which stays stationary and "repeats" back the attack it "hears", creating a echo of the fighter that released an attack within it's "hearing distance" of about three character lengths. It repeats this attack up to five times, once every 1.5 seconds before wilting. Only two Echo Flowers can be out at a time. The distance of how it "heard" the fighter will factor into it's attack strength, with it's most faint echoing being 20% of the original damage of the attack, while the closest echoes repeat back the attack at 100% of it's original damage, mirroring it perfectly. Ferry Dash
River Person dashes forward inside the boat, dealing 8 damage and knocking back foes pretty far- able to repeatedly hit them if their taken damage isn't very high-launching yet. Additionally, jets of water appear behind the boat, dealing 6-12 damage depending on the hitbox, launching opponents right up into the air and having a 70% chance of getting them Wet.
Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap
River Person sends out a small bird that homes onto the nearest opponent, grabbing them and carrying them into the air, holding them for a long time. Opponents can mash out of it, but it is more difficult the more damage they have taken. This keeps them stationary in order to let River Person deliver more damage via combo attacks (such as using Echo Flower and then Ferry Dash to have a pulsing jet of water repeat multiple times), although opponents can't be launched in this state. The bird can keep a opponent held for three seconds at maximum. River Person can't send more than one bird at a time. Steam Vent
River Person plants a Hotland steam vent that is aimed at the direction in which the control stick was tilted originally, able to launch opponents far in the left, right, and up directions, having the potential to launch them off the stage as a trap. The vent also deals 4 fire damage when activated. River Person can plant three of these at a time.
Speak in Hands
River Person's damage output changes into Wingding Mode. All damage numbers are now obscured and the effects of Wingding Damage now take place. Perform this move again to stop speaking in hands.
Water Forecast
Level 1

Tra la la. The water is very [dry/wet] today.

The River Person either forecasts that the water is wet or dry today, taking on either a red or blue aura.

If the water is dry, The River Person's attacks take on fire properties and deal the Burn state. Additionally, all water attacks are debuffed by 200% for the duration of the state.

If the water is wet, The River Person's attacks take on water properties and deal the Wet state. Additionally, all water attacks are boosted by 200% for the duration of the state.

These states last six seconds before fading off, returning back to normal.
Level 2
The River Person takes off in their boat as water recedes on the stage, zipping across to the left or right of the stage before appearing on the other side with a passenger as the water recedes back down. They bring back a passenger who performs a attack or action and then usually sits in the background to watch the rest of the fight, taking them out of the pool to be summoned. Up to five monster passengers can watch at a time before one of them disappears and becomes part of the available pool again.

Fuka Fire

Skateboard Girl

Fuka Fire releases a flurry of green flame that turns into a Burning pillar, dealing 3.4 damage per 10 frames to opponents trapped in it, staying active for 2.4 seconds before disappearing into a bench in the background and watching the rest of the fight play out. Skateboard Girl performs skate tricks that knock and fly into foes, dealing 7-8 damage per contact damage. Stays active for 4 seconds or after dealing 30 damage to someone before disappearing into a bench in the background and watching the rest of the fight play out. Loren attacks with a shooting star attack that comes from the top of the screen on a diagonal direction, dealing 9-14 damage per star hit. Stars inflict the Solar effect as well. Stays active for 4 seconds or after dealing 30 damage to someone before disappearing into a bench in the background and watching the rest of the fight play out.


Politics Bear

Nacarat Jester
Ferry simply sits there, waiting for someone to step on him. When activated, Ferry will teleport to somewhere else on the stage while carrying the person on top of him, releasing them and spitting out 3 Currency, or three Banana Coins of that character's color. They then disappear entirely. Politics Bear is in it for the drama. Depending on the performance of the fight, Politics Bear will drop healing items or traps to help the person he thinks is performing the best (usually the person behind in KOs or points). He stays active for 10 seconds before leaving on Ferry. Nacarat Jester acts as a effect clearer, casting a "smile" aura around them that stays active for seven seconds before they disappear into the background on a bench, watching the fight play out.
We're Off
Level 3
River Person magnetizes opponents nearby to their boat, taking off as the water rises. The fight proceeds to occur onto another stage, where the River Person rows and is invulnerable to attacks, while the player shoots Annoying Dogs from the far right of the screen, which travel to the left. Each Annoying Dog is powered by a mystic artifact, pulsing with power, allowing them to deal 25 damage and the Wither effect when they slam into a foe, as well as launching them off the small platform. This lasts for five seconds before the River Person returns to the original stage and the player regains control. Additionally, the player's boat is changed into a new one.
Stage: River Ride
  • Toby Fox - Anticipation
  • Toby Fox - Enemy Approaching
  • Toby Fox - Dummy!
  • Toby Fox - Another Medium
River Ride is a special stage that is only accessible through River Person's We're Off Finisher. The stage is a single small platform that is the River Person's boat, which speedily travels across a river. The river can be swam in, although the auto scroll is so fast that landing in it is almost certain death. River Person stays stationary as the player previously controlling him releases Annoying Dogs powered by ancient artifacts to fly and slam into opponents, dealing 25 damage and the Wither effect. They also launch pretty hard! This whole stage lasts a total of five seconds normally before returning back to the original stage.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Heaven Spell
River Person becomes a pink crystal from Waterfall.
Midnight Bliss
River Person's boat changes into a different one, and keeps that different boat if broken free.
Incubus Delight
River Person's boat changes into a different one, and keeps that different boat if broken free.
River Person shifts into/out of Speak in Hands mode without the player's input.
Power Drain
When River Person is caught by Rogue, they are kissed inside the hood.
Rogue gains Echo Flower as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to plant Echo Flowers to mimic moves broadcast around it. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
When Insight is used on River Person, it doesn't reveal their secret but instead gives the opponent using Insight the ability to see Wingding Numbers regardless, making that effect useless for 10 seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just giving people boat rides. Who the hell needs a permit for that? Besides, this was all under the ground, where we banished the monsters anyway. If we're just now going to prosecute them for it, we should only do it for when they are on our land. Throw this out.
Unlock Method
Play as Nothic 666 times or get wet 40 times.