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Nothics are creatures warped by knowledge into hunched over creatures with a gazing green eye that's capable of rotting their opponents with just their gaze. They know everything about anyone they stumble onto, often using their opponent's secrets to turn the party against each other or hinting at the grander journey to come. They attack with their talons and sharp teeth in addition to their rather majestic sole eye that can rot opponents. Emerging from the Collider, the Nothic seeks out further knowledge through the characters it comes across.

Nothic has some odd specials that allow them to deal a variable of damage depending on a dice roll, which makes their moveset frustratingly very reliant on RNG. For this reason alone they're a bit of a toss up, but they can still deal some pretty good damage with moves like Rotting Gaze, which allows them to deal damage through a attack that is not a projectile or melee attack but rather a sight attack, which cannot be blocked or dealt with, although it's failure rate is pretty high. Multiattack allows it to do quick flurry attacks that chain together, and Ethereal Platform is a pretty good recovery and stage tool. Their Finishers aren't too much to talk about although getting Distorted Visage allows them to deal a lot more damage consistently and makes opponents follow their RNG rules.

Nothic attacks with a multi-hit dakka strike that deals 5 damage with a claw strike, following up with up to five 3 damage claw strikes before snarling and biting a foe to inflict the Bleed effect. As Multiattack continues, a dice will appear above Nothic's head, causing attacks to either miss if the dice lands on a 1-4, normal hit for 5-19, and critical attack for 20. A critical hit will double the damage of a strike, allowing it to deal 6 damage instead. Rotting Gaze
Nothic gazes forward with their eyeball, a dice appearing above their head. The attack will fail if the dice lands on 1-12, normally hit for 10 damage to the nearest opponent within 10 character lengths if the dice lands on 12-19, or critically hit for 20 damage and inflict Jokerization onto a opponent if the dice lands on 20.
Ethereal Platform
Nothic uses their arcane knowledge to reveal a soft platform of which they can land atop of. This platform will "disappear" as soon as the Nothic jumps off it, although it will be just invisible and other characters can jump on it if they were present to see the Nothic reveal it. When the Nothic is near it, it will become more visible. The Nothic can only set up 1 of these platforms at a time and can transfer it over to another location when they use it again, even when other characters are on it, dropping them as it teleports.

Weird Insight
Nothic does a command grab that allows them to have insight into a secret they have. This secret will be shown in a thought bubble in varying degress of clarity, usually depedent on whether the character is aware of their own secret or not. Characters who don't have secrets to reveal will usually have some sort of random common secret attached to them such as leaving the oven on, eating something out of the trash, or jaywalking. This will put the opponent into the Break state. If they have Distorted Visage active, it becomes a Jokerifying attack.
Mind Rot
Level 1
Nothic opens their gaze and inflicts Mind Rot, a powerful spell that puts them under their control. In 1 vs 1 battles, the opponent will stab themselves. In team battles, the opponent will stab their team mate. In free for all battles with 3 characters or more, one opponent will be put under the Nothic's control to deal damage to another opponent. The damage is decided via dice roll- rolling a 1-4 makes the opponent deal 8 damage, rolling a 5-19 makes the opponent deal 15 damage, and rolling a 20 makes the opponent deal 23 damage.
Maddening Cackle
Level 2
Nothic opens their mouth and lets out a psychotic cackle that inflicts damage and the Break effect to opponents within a 10 character length distance space. The damage is decided via dice roll- rolling a 1-4 makes the cackle deal 19 damage, rolling a 5-19 makes the cackle deal 30 damage, and rolling a 20 makes the cackle deal 45 damage.
Distorted Visage
Level 3
Nothic's movement takes on shimmery after images as they move, and they basically become very good at dodging attacks, with all attacks and damage to the Nothic decided via dice rolls while the Nothic will always roll 20 on the dice to their moves. This lasts 10 seconds.

When dealing with a opponent's attack, a dice roll will decide the outcome. rolling a 1-4 makes the attack deal it's normal damage, rolling a 5-10 makes the attack do halved damage, and rolling a 11- 20 makes the attack miss.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Nothic becomes an unpainted figurine version of themselves.
Heaven Spell
Nothic transforms into an arcane tome that pulses with green energy.
Midnight Bliss
Incubus Delight
Nothic is more or less immune to the Jokerification effect, although they'll laugh anyway when they stand and can cause the Break effect to characters next to them. This is active for six seconds and doesn't impede movement.
Power Drain
When Nothic is caught by Rogue, the Nothic is kissed on the "lips".
Rogue gains Multiattack as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do a chain attack against foes that can cause bleed. She also gains a bonus on her life-draining moves, increasing their drain power by 1.3x for six seconds.
The Nothic's secret is revealed.

Formerly a anthropologist, Isyx Narrowdart traveled with their companion Darrel Winterbane to raid a library full of forbidden knowledge. The two of them were transformed into Nothics from what they read, leading to the creation of the two Nothics you see in the game now. Darrel is the Default Nothic, while Isyx is the "3E" Nothic.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client knows all, and they know they aren't guilty of any crime. Are you going to argue with omnipotence? I don't think so. Throw this case out.
Unlock Method
Get hit by the Jokerification effect 30 times.