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Nerds are a subset of golems that live in candy caves excavated by the Oompa Loompas who work in the Wonka Candy company. They are produced from the droppings of rainbow stalagmites in clumps and are playful little critters who just like to have fun. During the contruction of The Collider, Olivia Octavius found these while trying to find additional power sources for the Collider- and now they're everywhere in the multiverse, seeking each other. One lone Nerd looks to create a "rope" of Nerds, determined enough to hold their candy shell together beyond what should be possible.

Nerds are a collectivist fighter that builds up power over time through their Nerd Stalagmite move that can also be used as a deadly drop attack- to both opponents and the player. With ammassed power, moves like the Gummy Cluster and Nerds Rope become more powerful, although it should be noted that following Nerds don't have as much as health as your leading Nerd. Additionally, their Candy Corn projectile can be a particularly useful projectile for spacing and effect-placing. Their Finishers also increase power, allows them to lay a trap with a Mimic Chest, and can permanently upgrade a Nerd into adding a extra kick of power to their arsenal.

Gimmick: Nerds Rope

You lead one leading Nerd who commands a growing group of Nerds- a total of six max. By setting up a Nerd Stalagmite, you can gradually gain more Nerds to increase your attack power to moves like Gummy Cluster and Nerd Rope. Nerds who follow you will do so in a line and it would be rather tough to desync from them- they like to be attached and there's no real reason to as they do not attack alone. Following Nerds are somewhat seperate from the Leading Nerd- if they're hit, they do not influence the damage taken by the player but they only have about 30 health before they either shatter apart or get knocked away. The Leading Nerd is the main hurtbox and hitbox in most scenarios except for Nerd Rope, where the last Nerd in the line will be the charging hitbox to the whip attack. Upgrading that last Nerd to a Dweeb will add additional power to certain attacks, although can only be pulled off with a level 3 Finisher. Nerds have six colors which influence their elemental typing.

Pink Nerds are Candy Type- they are resistant to the Gobstopper effect but take double damage when Burning.

Purple Nerds are Poison Type- they are resistant to the Poison effect but take double damage when Wet.

Red Nerds are Fire Type- they are resistant to the Burn effect but take double damage when under the effects of the Gobstopper effect.

Green Nerds are Slime Type- they are resistant to the Absorber effect but take double damage when petrified.

Orange Nerds are Stone Type- they are resistant to the Poison effect but take double damage when Shocked.

Yellow Nerds are Electric Type- they are resistant to the Shocked effect but take double damage when under the effects of the Buried effect.

Gummy Cluster
The leading Nerd kicks forward a red gummy cluster and all Nerds in the player's group hop on it, rolling forward with the control stick. Depending on the mass, the Gummy Cluster can deal as little as 7 damage to dealing a max of 18 damage when rolling over foes, Burying them as well.
Nerd Rope
The leading Nerd attaches a red gummy rope to the Nerds, allowing all Nerds in the player's group to lash forward like a whip, dealing 6 damage. Two Nerds minimum need to be present in the group to pull this move off or it will fail. The more Nerds that are in a player's party, the longer the reach goes for. It can act as a command grab if the player buffers the grab motion while doing this move, allowing the Nerds to pull the opponent and toss them away a distance.

Nerd Stalagmite
The leading Nerd stares up ahead as a rainbow Stalagmite with growing Nerds is formed above the stage, just at the blast boundary. Only one Nerd Stalagmite can be formed at a time per player and every five seconds a Nerd of a random color will form and join the Nerds group of the player. Nerd Stalagmites have 30 health and fall when they run out of health. If they fall on a character, they deal 14 damage and spike opponents severely. This impacts the player who set up the Nerd Stalagmite too!
Candy Corn
The leading Nerd kicks forward a Nerds Candy Corn. The projecile bounces forward, doing a total of three bounces before disappearing. If it collides with an attack, it becomes a gooey substance that inflicts the Gobstopper effect with physical opponents. It deals 6 damage when it strikes an opponent.

Big Chewy Nerds
Level 1
All Nerds in the group double in size and gain doubled resistance to physical attacks. Their attacks become 1.5x more powerful for six seconds before reverting back to their normal size. Nerds Rope and Gummy Cluster gain a lot more power in particular, so it might be a good idea to take advantage of your Nerds' increased size.

Mimic Chest
Level 2
The leading Nerd sets down a Mimic Chest trap, which activates as soon as someone comes near it and inflicts 30 damage with a chomping attack. Once the animation is done, a new Nerd is created from the Mimic's mouth, releasing them and having them join your group (unless maxed out).

Dweeb Team
Level 3
The last Nerd in your group is permanently upgraded into a Dweeb, which is twice the size of a Nerd, has double attack power to the Nerds Rope when sweetspotted at the end, and has additional resistance to physical attacks. Dweebs have 50 health and tend to stick around longer, although nothing can stop them from necessarily being ganged up on by a opponent.
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Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
All Nerds under the Makai Spell briefly become seperated into piles of colored Nerds candy.
Heaven Spell
The leading Nerd will become a Jumbo Nerd while all following Nerds are placed on the other end of a scale similar to the box art of Jumbo Nerds.
Midnight Bliss
Changes the color of the leading Nerd to another in the Nerds color spectrum.
Incubus Delight
Changes the color of the leading Nerd to another in the Nerds color spectrum.
The entire line of Nerds giggles cutely while having limited movement for six seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, Nerds is a species of funny little guys. I don't think a single one has the brain to pull the kind of murder the defense is insisting happened here. They might be called Nerds, but they aren't intelligent in that way. Throw this out- how would you even prosecute this?
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