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Neopet v2


Neopet v2 was a computer program that was abandoned by the mysterious and evil Dr. Sloth, developed by a Grundo named Grimilix. When reactivated on accident, the program sought out friends to play with and found them in the form of a group of children named Billy, Sarah, Karai, and Helena. Trapping them on a elevator to play games with, the computer Neopet v2 was hosted on was taken by The Collider moments before their deavtivation. Dr. Olivia Octavius found the computer and opted to impant it into the mainframe at some point. Since it sought friends and couldn't harass Olivia, it is the thing that is pulling various characters from alternate universes and timelines from the center of the Black Hole that formed.

Neopet v2 is a bizarre character that can be very annoying to battle with. It's a heavy character without much agility due to the computer it has to lug around, but is also incredibly strong and can inflict multiple effects through it's moves. As such, without some way to combat this, Neopet v2 can seriously mess with any character. It also gets stronger the better it is performing due to it's mood mechanic. Disabling it can help, and it's recovery and agility skills are abymsal. It's survival skills are mostly bad although it's Level 1 Finisher can counter this flaw.

Gimmick: Game


Neopet v2 is always thinking it is playing a game, so it will feel more energized if it think it's having fun. It will run messages in speech bubbles above it's head to show their current thoughts and feelings. If it is having a bad time, it will weaken it's moves by 0.7x and become even slower. If it is having a good time, it will strength it's moves by 1.3x and become a tad bit quicker. It has 30 mood points- swinging into the negatives will put it in a bad mood while keeping it above 10 will put it in a good mood. Things that effect it's mood:
  • Getting hit (-1 to mood)
  • Attacking successfully (+1 to mood)
  • Getting under a effect (-5 to mood)
  • Inflicting a effect (+5 to mood)
  • Missing a Finisher (-15 to mood)
  • Landing a Finisher (+15 to mood)
  • Getting KO'd (-15 to mood)
  • Killing opponent (+15 to mood)
  • Getting Jokerized (+30 to mood during duration of Jokerification)
  • Moveset
    Virtuglove 4000
    Neopet v2 fires off some sticky goo from the Virtuglove 4000, which can inflict the Absorber effect on a given opponent if they get hit with it and deals 0.3 damage. If the goo hits the ground instead, it becomes a goo puddle that causes the Shoe-Glue effect instead. Charging up the attack will release a dark pulse of energy that deals 3 damage and inflicts the Umbra effect. Red Clockwork Grundo
    Neopet v2 sends out a Red Clockwork Grundo to march forward before either exploding on contact with another character or halting movement and ticking down for three seconds before exploding. Red Clockwork Grundo deals 9.6 - 15 damage based on how close a character is to the center of the explosion, launching them farther the closer they are to the explosion. Inflicts primarily fire damage and has a chance to Burn.
    Neopet v2 forms a bunch of letters to attack the opponent with a random status effect, spelling out their effect before inflicting it onto the opponent. The longer the effect's name is, the longer the set up for the attack is. They can spell out and inflict opponents with BURN, SHOCKED, WET, FROZEN, POISON or MINI. This move is fairly easy to interrupt although if the player mashes the control stick while forming a word it usually sends out shorter words. Virtupets X-514 Super Shield
    Neopet v2 uses a metal shield and activates a lever on it that acts as a special guard that can block attacks outright although their damage will still get through. If Neopet v2 blocks for too long and builds up over 30 damage they will get launched a extreme distance. It primarily blocks elemental attacks in the water, light, earth, dark, and physical elements, giving those attacks a really significant damage decrease to Neopet v2 when the shield is active.
    Level 1
    Neopet v2 increases 10x their size for a single attack, tripling their damage output for a single attack. While this increases their hitbox it also increases their weight so they're harder to launch. For the most part, this move isn't super useful but it's ability to increase Neopet v2's survivability can't be ignored since it only deactivates when Neopet v2 attacks.
    H4000 Helmet
    Level 2
    Neopet v2 uses the H4000 Helmet to inflict a ice attack that Freezes the opponent solid. This attack does not deal damage but will always work against one opponent and it's not possible to counter it unless the opponent is immune to the Frozen effect.
    Elevator Game
    Level 3
    Neopet v2 traps all nearby opponents into a elevator where oxygen rapidly depletes as Neopet v2 rapidly shocks people inside, dealing 45 damage total that is split across four potential victims for their elevator trap. As a cutscene move, the move is dependent on the trigger more than anything else and a sightline will appear around Neopet v2 as it activates. Anyone caught in the sightline is trapped on the elevator.
    Alternate Outfits

    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Neopet v2 transforms into their own deactivation console.
    Heaven Spell
    Neopet v2 transforms into a digitized version of a Kau, as a reference to Kau Korral, a game they played on repeat in their plot.
    Midnight Bliss
    Neopet v2 transforms into Helena, one of the victims from their plot.
    Incubus Delight
    Neopet v2 transforms into Karai, one of the victims from their plot.
    Neopet v2 becomes stuck on asking math problems and spitting out green shock waves that deal 5 damage and inflict Shock. Lasts for six seconds.
    Unlock Method