Nemesis Nightmares

Folk Fairy
Gem Battlefield
  • Etheric Enchantment: Anima-Blessed

Dulcet Fantasy

Russ Cargill

Old Penelope, StrangerVille
  • Etheric Enchantment: Space-Blessed
  • Physical attacks have a chance of inflicting sleep.
  • Arena is encased in a damage dome that can't be shattered until hit 10 times with knockback.

Brilliant Fantasy
  • Russ Cargill's attacks have a chance to inflict sleep, similar to the EPA van in the movie's sleep gas.
  • Russ Cargill's damage dome and Space-Blessed status are a reference to the glass dome he puts over Springfield.
  • StrangerVille is a stage that fits the town vibe of Springfield, hence why he appears here.
  • Kibanohara Ethica and Russ Cargill are both government agents.

Real Seymour Skinner

Gem Battlefield
  • Etheric Enchantment: Cloaked

Fleeting Fantasy
  • Real Seymour Skinner vanished during the Vietnam War, hence the Cloaked enchantment.
  • Gem Battlefield resembles a battleground where Seymour Skinner would have vanished.
  • Seymour Skinner appears as Blitztank due to his character mostly being tied to war flashbacks, where tanks were used.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Los Pollos Hermanos
  • Etheric Enchantment: Obscured
  • Etheric Enchantment: Cloaked
  • Opponents will attempt to make enough money to get the Gus Ending for their Level 3 Finisher, Breaking Bad.

Noble Fantasy
  • Los Pollos Hermanos is a front for Gus' drug buisness, so that's why it's so hard to see through and see the opponents.
  • Opponents are two Walter Whites as Walter is a drug kingpin like Gustavo Fring and Max Arciniega.
  • They attempt to get the Gus ending as a result.
  • Stage takes place on Los Pollos Hermanos for... obvious reasons.
Etheric Enchantments
Fire-Blessed Enemy inflicts fire damage and burns on critical attack. Water-Blessed Enemy inflicts water damage and deals the wet effect upon multiple hits. Inflicts the frozen effect on critical attack.
Wind-Blessed Enemy inflicts wind damage and adds a sweeping effect to critical attacks that deals more knock-back or the shocked status effect. Earth-Blessed Enemy inflicts earth damage and buries on critical attack.
Light-Blessed Enemy inflicts light damage and causes the solar effect on critical attack. Dark-Blessed Enemy inflicts dark damage and causes the umbra effect on critical attack.
Astra-Blessed Enemy inflicts astral/star damage and causes the out of body effect on critical attack. Anima-Blessed Enemy inflicts magic damage and causes the Heaven Spell/Makai Spell effect on critical attack.
Candy-Blessed Enemy inflicts candy damage and causes the gobstopper effect on critical attack. Slime-Blessed Enemy inflicts slime damage and causes the absorber effect on critical attack.
Space-Blessed Enemy inflicts space damage and causes the shoe-glue effect on critical attack. Time-Blessed Enemy inflicts time damage and causes the chronowreck effect on critical attack.
Phoenix Enemy heals fully, once, upon getting to low health. Beserk Enemy deals double damage, but hurts itself on attacking.
Blast-Off Enemy tosses players into the air when attacking. Bulwark Enemy has 50% damage resistance to all attacks.
Cloaked Enemy turns invisible when moving. Obscuring Enemy casts a shadow effect around the player that makes it hard to see anything around them.
Ender Enemy teleports around to avoid attacks. Lifesteal Enemy can drain health from the player's attacks when glowing red.
Amber Enemy slows the player's movement speed when they land hits. Tar Enemy slows the player's movement speed when the player attacks them with physical attacks.
Projectile Thief Enemy steals projectiles and then releases them when they attack. Wither Enemy inflicts the wither effect on hit.
Bleeder Enemy inflicts the bleed effect on hit. Røkkr Enemy takes on the Røkkr effect. Extremely rare and removes other Etheric enchantments.
Revenger Enemy inflicts more damage as they take more damage. Feeble Enemy inflicts less damage as they take more damage.
Major Enemy is doubled in size. Minor Enemy is half their original size.
Iron Enemy is covered in iron, increasing their defense by 25%. Gold Enemy is covered in gold, increasing their defense by 50%.
Cobalt Enemy is covered in cobalt, increasing their defense by 75%. Platinum Enemy is covered in platinum, increasing their defense by 99%.
Bubbly Enemy extrudes bubble particles that catch and bubble particles automatically. Shielded Enemy is carries a shield in the direction they are facing which stops physical attacks.
Slippery Enemy leaves behind slippery puddles that will cause the player to trip if they run over them. Ultra-Instinctive Enemy can dodge physical and projectile attacks when standing still.