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Monster Energy Chan

Monster Energy Chan is a demon girl who is the embodiment of the Monster Energy drink, with taurine running through her veins. Animalistic and cute to a fault, she channels the flavors of Monster Energy through her body to attack. Always energetic and untamed, Monster Energy Chan roams wild through the wastes of the Black Hole, trying to find more Monster Energy cans to siphon off for sustence.

Monster Energy Chan is a physical fighter who is quick and speedy with decent recovery options. What sets Monster Energy Chan apart is her claws, which change color and properties when she uses special moves and finishers, allowing her to channel a different effect to inflict on foes. This gives her quite a bit of elemental play with her claws, allowing her to change between the slime, water, wind, anima, time, and candy elements and inflict a wide variety of effects. Her speed is rather high among the cast and her start up and end lag is never a problem, but she can be launched rather easily and lacks a good kill option.

Gimmick: Monster Energies

Monster Energy Chan's claws change color when performing her special attacks, carrying over to her normals. Not much changes with her moves, but they inflict different status effects at a random chance. They stay active for 10 attacks before returning to a lime color, Monster Energy Chan's normal color. Listed below is all the colors that her nails can change into, and their status effect that they can inflict as a result.



Default. Has a 5% chance of inflicting Absorber. Does slime damage. Result of performing Pacific Punch or Monster Energy Assault. Has a 11% chance of inflicting Bleed. Does water damage. Result of performing Reserve White Pineapple. Has a 11% chance of inflicting Shock. Does wind damage.



Ultra Rosa
Result of performing Pipeline Punch. Has a 22% chance of inflicting Petrification. Does anima damage. Result of performing Khaotic. Has a 33% chance of inflicting Chronowreck. Does time damage. Result of performing Ultra Rosa. Has a 44% chance of inflicting Wither. Does candy damage.
Pacific Punch
Monster Energy Chan extends out a fist as her arm transforms into an anchor, with painted waves and mermaids swirling around her. The punch deals 8 water damage and inflicts Bleed, knocking the foe back. In the air, Monster Energy Chan punches downwards, dealing the same amount of damage but also having the capability to spike.
Reserve White Pineapple
Monster Energy Chan strikes forward with a claw attack, performing a lunge claw attack as her claws turn a pale yellow, inflicting Shock on impact and dealing 7-8 damage. If sweet-spotted, it causes Break as well.
Monster Energy Chan's claws turn black and she kicks upwards into the air with a lime green aura around her, speeding upwards into the air with a headbutt attack that deals 8-9 damage that also launches foes. Tilt the control stick to change the direction of Monster Energy Chan's nitro boost into the air. Once she lands on the ground, she'll return to normal and no longer be considered a hitbox.
Monster Energy Assault
Monster Energy Chan attacks with her claws as she spins, which turn red, striking the foe with a rekka claw attack. She will inflict 4 damage with each claw attack, having a 13% chance to inflict Bleed. Continue to mash to deal as much damage as possible. She gains dodge frames at the start of the animation, with camoflauge particles coming off her as she dodges attacks.
Pipeline Punch
Level 1
Monster Energy Chan attacks with a punch similar to Pacific Punch, except her fist merely just enlarges as particles of tropical flowers and reeds emerge out from her fist. She deals 18 damage, changing her claws to a silvery color that can inflict Petrification as a result.
Level 2
Monster Energy Chan is surrounded by butterflies, a total of five, which she sends out as projectiles which grab opponents and trap them in time bubbles, allowing Monster Energy to attack and combo the opponents trapped inside. Time bubbles last 5 seconds, launching opponents downwards after they pop. Afterwards her claws change to a dark cyan color, which can inflict Chronowreck.
Ultra Rosa
Level 3
Monster Energy Chan's hair takes on a light pink color and glows in a pink aura, increasing her speed by 2x. Each standard attack releases a pink crescent projectile which stuns and traps opponents in a multi-hit attack that deals 7-8 damage, before knocking the opponent down to the ground. Monster Energy Chan stays in this state for roughly ten seconds before finally letting out a large rose pink laser that deals up to 25 damage, leaving Monster Energy Chan normal with rose colored nails, which can inflict Wither.
Alternate Outfits


Puni Workout
Art by Punipaws.

Art by Justdream.
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Monster Energy Chan transforms into a BB Pod from Death Stranding.
Heaven Spell
Monster Energy Chan transforms into a giant normal Monster Energy can.
Midnight Bliss
Monster Energy Chan puts on a jacket.
Incubus Delight
Monster Energy Chan takes on a masculine design, albeit with the long nails and long mane of hair still intact.
Monster Energy Chan's claws take on the Khaotic colors for six seconds, while she laughs manically and sometimes pauses to laugh.
Power Drain
When Monster Energy Chan is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Pacific Punch as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do a walloping punch that deals water elemental damage. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds.
Monster Energy Chan's secret is revealed.

Monster Energy Chan runs a food delivery service called Monster Eats. She's really bad at it because she keeps eating the orders she's supposed to be delivering.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a wild, untamed monster. Would you give a lion a charge for public indecency or assualt? I don't think so. Let's call this case off, I got a Java Monster right here that I'm nursing that would probably be a better use of time and energy than this case.
Unlock Method
Find 10 Monster Energy cans and drink them.
Credits: Monster Energy Chan (moena-chan) created by Gashi-Gashi/uejini (Semi-NSFW warning)