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L'il Miss Marshmellow

It cooks, it cleans, it does laundry, it even trims nose hair. L'il Miss Marshmellow is a maid bot created by Porky to guard one of his most prized possessions- an old friend's yoyo. She won't let anyone take it out of the glass box without a fight and is equipped to the brim with all sorts of dangerous tools and gadgets to deal with any foe. After winding up through the Collider and mistakeningly believing Ness has stolen the yoyo after seeing him use his own, she is now on a determined mission to bring her master's yoyo back.

Miss Marshmellow is a robot with two modes, one good for one-on-one battles and a more destructive one meant for crowds of foes. Activating her Ultra Ticked-Off System is as easy as getting hit a lot, although making the most out of both modes takes some practice. She generally has pretty good tools for what she's designed to do although her multi-faceted recovery move is not the best at actually letting her recover due to the odd angle. She has some good stage control and some nice power moves with her Finishers, but she lacks proper kill moves.

Gimmick: Ultra Ticked-Off System

L'il Miss Marshmellow has two set of specials- her normal set is more geared towards one-on-one encounters with opponents, and actively discourages handling groups of opponents. Her second set is activated once she has taken 80 damage or higher and has her much better equipped to handle groups and deal more damage. She cannot easily switch between the two although if she does heal back enough health she can switch to her original set of special moves. This second set of specials is known as her Ultra Ticked-Off mode, and increases her grab range with a set of extendable arms that burst from her back.

Miss Marshmellow performs a rekka-style slap attack that inflicts 4-7 damage each slap, with a total of five slaps that can be chained together. Has armor on the first two slaps but loses armor afterwards. Priority on first hit. Miss Marshmellow will "snap" towards the nearest opponent.
Miss Marshmellow holds out a frying pan and shakes it before throwing a sizzling hot pancake projectile that deals 5 damage. If sweetspotted, the pancake will flop onto the opponent's head, spreading syrup across their body to inflict the Absorber effect on them.

Miss Marshmellow sets up a clothesline and it will go diagonally up until it hits either the boundary box or another platform- it initally works as a grappling move and the clothesline will remain for a while until either Miss Marshmellow sets up a new one or 35 damage is done to it. The clothesline will then act as a grind rail for Miss Marshmellow and others, although if she knocks a opponent into the clothesline, they'll hang there and take damage when she uses it as a grind rail (taking 3-4 damage each time someone passes over them).
Miss Marshmellow cleans herself furiously, kicking around dust. This clears all status conditions off Miss Marshmellow and deals 1-2 damage and causes flinch around opponents. If Miss Marshmellow has no status effects, she will instead charge forward with a broom, knocking foes forward and dealing 7 damage, although she stops after making contact with one opponent.

Wild Attack
Miss Marshmellow does a rekka attack that sees her attacking with a drill and scissors with her extended arms in a wild, uncontrolled fashion that deals anywhere from 5-10 damage per hit, of which there are a total of three that can be chained into each other.
Drill Charge
Miss Marshmellow plows through opponents with a focused drill charge attack that deals 5-4 damage per 20 frames, knocking foes away at the last hit. Unlike Clean's broom attack, this one goes through multiple opponents.

Laundry Whites
Miss Marshmellow sets up a clothesline and it will go diagonally up until it hits either the boundary box or another platform- it initally works as a grappling move and the clothesline will remain for a while until either Miss Marshmellow sets up a new one or 35 damage is done to it. The clothesline will then act as a grind rail for Miss Marshmellow and others. If she catches opponents in the clothesline while grappling, they become part of the clothesline and she'll dump bleach onto them which deals the Wither effect and 8 damage.
Trim Off The Top
Miss Marshmellow attacks with a scissor blade attack that deals 12 damage, 24 if sweetspotted, although sweetspotting will just topple the opponent and inflict Bleed. She can also chop projectiles to neutralize them with this move, as it has higher priority. Overuse of this move can cause it to act up, however.

Friend's Yo-Yo
Level 1
Miss Marshmellow attacks with the "Friend's Yo-Yo", a suspiciously familar yo-yo to Earthbound fans that features a green design with a curved s-shaped bolt and the word "MOTHER" written across the side. The yo-yo spins foward until it reaches a foe, and then spins extremely fast to deal 15 damage as remenant psychic energy pulses off it to inflict Nightmare.
Marshmellow Bomb
Level 2
Miss Marshmellow throws her head off, able to arc it while throwing. After rolling for a bit, the head will spout off some nonsense phrases before exploding to deal 30 explosive damage, inflicting Burn.

Surprise Box
Level 3
Miss Marshmellow sends out a Surprise Box, which activates when a opponent gets close to it. Surprise Box can do one of four moves upon activation, and will continue to do one of the four moves until destroyed, having a total of 45 health.
  • Spring Attack - Surprise Box attacks by springing their body upwards, dealing 11 damage and launching the opponent forward.
  • PK Fire β - Surprise Box attacks with a psychic burst of flame, dealing 12 damage and causing Burn.
  • Be Surprised - Surprise Box waves their arms, trying to be surprised. Generally a waste of movement but can stun a opponent if sweetspotted.
  • Forgetfulness Flash - Surprise Box causes a flash of forgetfulness, inflicting Dizzy and dealing 5 light damage.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Miss Marshmellow becomes a jukebox, taken from the room she originates from in Mother 3.
Heaven Spell
Miss Marshmellow becomes Electra from Earthbound, who she may have been originally based off.
Midnight Bliss
Miss Marshmellow, under the effect of Midnight Bliss, takes on the outfit used by Club Titiboo waitresses in Mother 3.
Incubus Delight
Miss Marshmellow takes on a appearance similar to Mr. Genetor from Mother 3, as both robots are bosses in Thunder Tower in that game.
Miss Marshmellow automatically goes into Ultra Ticked-Off Mode for 6 seconds, and her specials in Ultra Ticked-Off mode become faster if she was already in that state.
Power Drain
When Miss Marshmellow is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Combo-Slap or Wild Attack as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do rekka attacks based off the mode in which she copied from. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack by 1.3x for six seconds.
Miss Marshmellow's secret is revealed.

Miss Marshmellow's ai uses the brain patterns from Electra from Earthbound- originally Porky wanted her roboticized but the technology wasn't there yet.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, Porky told this robotic woman to guard this yo-yo with her life. When you have counter assault, that means things gotta escalate. I don't think Miss Marshmellow is guilty, and even if she were, she was literally programmed to do this- not in the right mind at all. Throw it out.
Unlock Method
Complete 500 matches as Kumatora.
  • Main art and Surprise Box art by SuperKrazyBones.
  • Biography background art by Fogcat.