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Misako and Kyoko are the River City Girls, a hot-blooded pair of fighters whose bonds is considered Harmonic. Misako is the black-haired bob-cut member of the dynamic duo who mainly uses her fists. Together with Kyoko, Misako has come through the Collider and now prowl through the Multiverse in a double-fisted quest to rescue the pair’s "boyfriends", who they believe have been kidnapped by ruthless gangsters. Misako is the gruffer of the duo, often leading the charge on the pair's adventures.

Misako is the punch-heavy fighter of the two girls, and her expanded moveset allows her to do a variety of physical attacks that can knock opponents frequently into the Astral, Dizzy, and Break effects. She is much more grounded and tends to do more damage, being a slight bit heavier than her friend in terms of fighter weight and tends to deal more damage with some caveats to her movement ability and recovery. She tends to use her backpack while attacking. She is the first Harmonized hero, in Harmony with Kyoko, allowing the two to perform a special Finisher if they're together in a team.

Gimmick: River City Girl

Misako has a expanded kit to better reflect the options she has in River City Girls, although this is not her primary gimmick.

Misako can recruit defeated opponents and enemies to her side, allowing them to perform their neutral special or regular attack when summoned as part of her Level 1 Finisher. If she doesn't have any recruited opponents, the game will randomly assign one of three characters from previous Technos Japan titles to be their "recruit" to summon, a lot of which are referenced in River City Girls proper.

Additionally, when she beats up opponents, money flies out of them and helps fill up her Finisher bar. This is merely only for aesthetics, although this money will come out of them when Spamton uses his PUT YOUR [[KROMER]] WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS attack.
Light Combo
Misako's standard attack combo string. Misako begins with a punch, another punch, a high kick, another punch, before finally following up with swinging her backpack upwards. While easily interruptable, each attack in the string does 2.4 damage and knocks foes upwards. Rolling Punch
Misako rolls up into a ball to deal 3.4 damage moving forward before following up with a punch forward that deals 4.5 damage. Great as a start to a combo due to how it can be used as a movement option. Causes flinch on end frames.
Hop Knee
Misako uses her knee to punt opponents upward, dealing 5.6 damage. Gives her a slight bit movement forward and can act as a third, very small jump that if done in the air will immediately put her in the free fall state afterwards. Nutcracker
Misako performs a swift kick that can knock opponents away, dealing 5 damage and either stunning heavy opponents or knocking down lighter ones. Has some start up lag but comes out swift.
Stone Hands
Misako performs a dakka attack where she can punch three individual times to deal 5 damage each, for a total of 15 damage. She will accelerate forward at the last hit, hitting with a bit of end lag afterwards. Knocks foes into the Astral state if they're at 60 damage or higher. A unique property of this move is that it can hit multiple opponents at once with the final strike. Haymaker
Misako kicks a leg forward before connecting with her opponent with her fist in a super-charged punch attack that deals 12 damage and knocks the opponent far back. Puts them in the Astral state if they're at 60 damage or higher. Has a fair bit of start up. Good to end a light combo off.
Spiral Uppercut
Misako performs a upper cut punch while rainbow afterimages follow her, dealing 11 damage and knocking foes upwards. While in the air, this can act as an additional jump with a bit more verticality than Hop Knee but provides less momenteum in a horizontal direction and puts Misako into a free fall state afterwards. Has a bit of extra landing lag. Backpack Swing
Misako quickly pulls her backpack off and swings it side to side, knocking foes back and inflicting the Break state on them while dealing 9 damage. Comes out very quickly and attacks to the left and right, allowing Misako to quickly deal with multiple opponents close up to her. Negates projectiles on start up.
Bruce Backhand
Misako performs a backhand attack that deals 8 damage and knocks foes down, inflicting the Dizzy effect onto opponents that get hit and sweetspotted. Comes out quickly out of a standard guard. Stungun
Misako grabs a opponent, proclaims that she'll kick their face in and then leaps forward into the air holding them before performing a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker to deal 13 damage. Knocks opponents into the Astral state, although does not toss them.
German Suplex

Misako grabs a opponent from behind and performs a German Suplex, tossing them up into the air as she arcs her back, dealing 8 damage and launching them away from her. Can be used as a kill move due to it's launching potential. Powerbomb

Misako grabs a opponent in the air and then spikes them downwards with a throw, dealing 11 damage and rocketing them off a surface or throwing them down a pit. A very powerful throw that has good potential to kill but tricky to pull of.
Recruit Summon
Level 1
Misako summons her newest recruit, who is usually either the last opponent she KO'd who uses their Neutral Special to attack for her with a 1.5x bonus to their damage output. Kyoko will always start with one of three random recruits prior to battling so she isn't completely helpless if she hasn't KO'd a opponent yet.



Waver uses a strong wind-up punch that knocks enemies down for 15 damage when summoned. She hails from Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi, a board-style video game released for the Famicom. Trash attacks with his hammer to attack dealing 15 damage and the Break state onto opponents. He hails from The Combatribes and uses his sprite from that. Reina performs a rising whirlwind kick when called in to assist, dealing 15 damage and knocking foes into the air. She is a school girl from River City Girls.
Anything's A Weapon!
Level 2
Misako picks up a weapon that is context senstive to what stage she is in and it replaces her standard attack and she can throw it. Here is the list of items she can pick up and what influences that item to appear:
  • Metal Chair - Appears in "Household" stages with enclosed interiors and NPCs gathered around in the background. Misako can swing around this chair to deal 10 damage with each hit and launches them in the air for Misako to juggle. Lasts three hits before denting up.
  • Wrench - Appears in "Construction" stages with open sky and NPCs gathered around in the background. Misako can toss this wrench to deal 30 damage and knock the opponent into the Astral state.
  • Dodge Ball - Appears in "Sport" stages with arena-like settings. Misako can throw this ball to deal 12-45 damage depending on how far she throws it, as it builds up damage depending on momenteum.
  • Bicycle - Appears in "Toy"-type stages, which are stages that don't fit in any of the above categories. Misako can use this to hit opponents from afar and deal 10 damage per hit- it breaks on three successul hits before falling apart.
  • Boulder Fists
    Level 3
    Misako performs a more powerful version of Stone Hands that is a cutscene finisher, featuring 30 punches as she goes off on a diatrabe how about how stupid the opponent looks. It deals a total of 45 damage and blasts the opponent at a high velocity, usually killing. It has a sight line that triggers before Misako performs the move- all opponents that fall into this sightline will become part of the Finisher's animation.

    River City Run
    Kyoko and Misako back into each other as Kyoko summons a bat and the two proceed summon all opponents into a cutscene arena where they proceed to attack them. Kyoko swings with her bat as Misako uses punches and her backpack to deal damage, mimicking the final scene from the intro to River City Girls. The attack deals 45 damage and puts all opponents into Break afterwards.
    Alternate Outfits


    Three Kingdoms


    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Misako takes on the appearance of a green slime, similar to a enemy found in Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi.
    Heaven Spell
    Misako takes on the appearance of the angel form that she exhales when knocked out in River City Girls
    Midnight Bliss
    Misako is in her sauna outfit from River City Girls.
    Incubus Delight
    Misako takes on the appearance of Kunio with black hair and a green undershirt.
    Misako becomes more violent, fueled by bloodlust and her attacks take on a 1.5x multiplier to their damage output while their launching potential is negated. Lasts for six seconds.
    Uniquely to Kyoko and Misako, they have a special downed animation for the Astral effect, where an angel begins to leave their body. If alone, the angel will return to the body like normal, but if with another character in a team, their teammate can kick them repeatedly to wake them back up out of the Astral effect.
    Unlock Method