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Miles Morales

Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah?
Miles Morales is the successor to Spider-Man, with this incarnation being based off the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse film. Having taken his leap of faith and shutting down and destroying the Collider, Miles Morales finds himself dealing with various threats from the multiverse from a collider powered by Galeem, created by Olivia Octavius. He is unique among the Spider-Men due to his background, still having a living family that cares and supports him.

Miles Morales is a speedy character due to his webslinging abilities and is able to grapple opponents through either webbing or a command grab with his Venom Shock. His Invisibility allows him multiple defensive options but is limited and has a cool-down. He doesn't have many options for taking on projectiles beyond his aerial trick and his damage output is kind of poor given his specials focus on either defense or pulling foes in. However, these qualities make him quite a good beginner's character and a good introduction to the Spider class of characters.

Venom Shock
Miles conducts electricity out of his hands, dealing 6 electrical damage. He can conduct it through a web that's put onto a character to emit from afar, or otherwise will put his hands on the character's shoulders to shock them when he has no active webs in a command grab. Hold to charge and deal the shocked effect on release. Web Bind
Miles shoots webbing out of his wrists, firing them into the direction he's facing. It travels quite a distance and traps opponents in webbing. While creating webbing, Miles is unable to move but can cancel quite easily. When he webs up an opponent, he can use Venom Shock as a follow up. Miles can pull opponents towards him by hitting the standard attack button after successfully webbing them.
Thwip, Release
Miles fires webbing at an upwards diagonal. Hold the button to have Miles shoot it up higher past the boundary boxes of a stage and allow him to cling to a unseen object, or tap it near a platform to have him swing and deal 5-9 damage when he swings into a opponent. He can swing back and won't cancel until you hit the jump button. When you hit the jump button, Miles does an aerial trick that reflects projectiles and cancels out melee attacks. Invisibility
Miles turns invisible, capable of staying as such for 3.5 seconds. Upon activation, it will act as a counter, allowing Miles to attack the opponent unseen for 1.3x the original damage. While invisible, Mile's dodgeframes become extended and his parry window becomes much longer. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds after use. It can also be used to get out of traps.
Kings' Crash
Level 1
Miles shoots two webs out of his hands, command grabbing an opponent and pulling them up into the air before crashing them down to the ground to deal 15 damage. Has a lot of range and knocks down foe on hit.
Venom Blast
Level 2
Miles holds out both hands, which pulse with blue electricity, before firing it off as a large projectile to deal 30 damage. Miles gains quite a lot of stage control when using this move and it can paralyze opponents on impact. Miles is stationary while beginning the move, so it can open him up to being hurt, although he gains superarmor to prevent him from flinching.
(The Shoulder Tap)

Level 3
Miles leans towards his opponent and touches their shoulder, smoothly saying "Hey." as he taps them into a command grab that deals 50 electrical damage and large knockback. Works only when a opponent is nearby Miles and they cannot be in the air while attempting to perform this. Difficult to pull off but can completely change the tide of battle if used. When successfully used on a opponent, they will continue to have shock effects that deal 3 damage every 40 frames for the next five seconds that causes flinching.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Miles transforms into a giant version of the radioactive spider that bit him.
Heaven Spell
Miles transforms into a four armed version of himself.
Midnight Bliss
Miles transforms into a black woman wearing a oversized hoodie stylized after himself. Named internally in the game files as "Miley Morales".
Incubus Delight
Miles gains his original outfit from the Ultimate continuity and is matured up a bit.
Miles laughs manically while moving, ocasionally stopping outside of the player's influence to laugh hysterically. Lasts for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Miles Morales is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the cheek.
Rogue gains Venom Shock as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do attack with Miles' electrical powers. She also gains a speed bonus, boosting her speed by 1.3x for six seconds
Miles Morales' secret is revealed.

Miles Morales has three clones created by the Beyond Corporation known as Salim, Shift, and Mindspinner.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, the defense is clearly after my client because he's black! Tell them, J.J., tell them that you're a racist coward. Judge, throw this racist-ass case against Spider-Man out.