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Livewire, also known as Leslie Willis, was a former podcast host for Laughing Fish, a true crime podcast going over crimes committed by the Joker. Leslie was known for her loud and often spiteful personality, superheroes often in her ire of which she and her cohost Alexis Kaye would often joke about on their show. After Alexis went missing for several weeks and was found to be working with the Joker, Leslie attempted to distance herself. That being said, the call to fame and controversy would lead her to coming on as a guest to a live show for My Robin, My Robin, and Me where she was electrocuted while Superman tried to save her, although the electricity coursed through his body and ended up going through her. As a result, Leslie became Livewire, a reckless electrical freak supervillain. She has a ironic sense to how she does things although her old friend Alexis rubbed on her a little bit too.

Livewire is an electrical-heavy character that can be very quick and damaging in the right hands, able to effectively fight opponents from a distance and can also close or gain distance quickly using Living Lightning, her up special. Her finishers, especially Endless Blue give her a lot of additional application that plays well into her simple moveset. Her main weaknesses are her elemental weakness to water and having somewhat ineffective physical attacks, as she relies heavily on projectiles that can be easily absorbed by other opponents. She is immune to the Shocked status effect, however.

Livewire charges up electricity in her hands before releasing it to deal 6-17 damage depending on how much it's been charged before release. While actively charging, she can absorb projectiles to charge faster. Livewire can be safely attacked from the back or with physical attacks, although electrical physical attacks will also charge her as well. Shock Jock
Livewire releases out a pulse of electricity from her body that releases a charge on the left and right sides of her hitbox that deals 7 damage and inflicts the Shocked status effect.
Living Lightning
Livewire transforms into pure electricity, becoming a hitbox that deals 3.4 damage with knockback on contact. She stays as electricity for 145 frames before transforming back into Livewrite and can freely move while around in this state, with only Water elemental attacks able to disrupt it. Drumming Thunder
Livewire stomps her foot as electricity pulses around her, creating a brief shield of electricity that can reflect projectiles at 1.4x their power and she can immediately follow up into Gigawatt at half charge (11.5 damage) for combo potential. Touching the shield while it's active also deals 3 damage that can cause opponents to flinch.
Lightning Strike
Level 1
Livewire pulses the ground with her hand, creating electrical pulses that move across the ground and deal 5 damage each, with a total of three waves. Each wave of electrical pulses can lock a opponent into a stun state, and if three successfully hit it will put a opponent into a Shocked state.
Endless Blue
Level 2
Livewire fires off a electrical vortex that spins about a character length away that stays on screen for six seconds, pulsing out electricity, dealing 7 damage on contact and shocking foes that come near it. She can use it for set ups and combos or do some edge guarding with it.
Power Outage
Level 3
Livewire perfoms a cutscene finisher where she pulses through the stage itself, turning off all the power in the stage before unleashing a multi-beam attack that damages everyone caught in it for 45 damage.
Alternate Outfits


Harley Quinn (2019)

DC Universe Online
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Livewire transforms into a television set with her distorted face when she nearly runs out of power from her original debut episode in Superman: The Animated series.
Heaven Spell
Livewire transforms into a lightning bug with her colors.
Midnight Bliss
Livewire transforms back into Leslie Willis with her original outfit from Superman: The Animated Series.
Incubus Delight
Livewire transforms into a masculine version of themselves.
Livewire gains faster Finisher energy when Jokerified, although cannot fully charge up Gigawatt before releasing it early with a cackling laugh.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, Superman was clearly the aggregator here. I mean who grabs a bunch of live wires and shocks the woman they're trying to save? Frankly, we should be lucky she's alive and well, even if it seems to have fried her moral reasoning for a bit. Throw this case out!
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