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Kyoko and Misako are the River City Girls, a hot-blooded pair of fighters whose bonds is considered Harmonic. Kyoko is the red-haired member of the titular duo, who sports both a mean varsity jacket and a penchant for a baseball bat to the cranium. Together with Misako, Kyoko has come through the Collider and now prowl through the Multiverse, laying waste to any fool who means to get between them and their kidnapped "boyfriends". Kyoko is the "nicer" of the two who mainly hangs out with Misako even though the two go to two different schools.

Kyoko is the kick heavy fighter of the two girls, and her expanded moveset allows her to do a variety of physical attacks that can knock opponents frequently into the Astral, Dizzy, and Break effects. She has a lot of aerial potential, able to potentially get four jumps off her moveset with multiple options for the last jump. This allows her to recover better than Misako, although her damage output is not quite as devastating as Misako. They are fairly comparable for the most part, however. She is the first Harmonized hero, in Harmony with Misako, allowing the two to perform a special Finisher if they're together in a team.

Gimmick: River City Girl

Kyoko has a expanded kit to better reflect the options she has in River City Girls, although this is not her primary gimmick.

Kyoko can recruit defeated opponents and enemies to her side, allowing them to perform their neutral special or regular attack when summoned as part of her Level 1 Finisher. If she doesn't have any recruited opponents, the game will randomly assign one of three characters from previous Technos Japan titles to be their "recruit" to summon, a lot of which are referenced in River City Girls proper.

Additionally, when she beats up opponents, money flies out of them and helps fill up her Finisher bar. This is merely only for aesthetics, although this money will come out of them when Spamton uses his PUT YOUR [[KROMER]] WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS attack.
Light Combo
Kyoko begins her light combo string with a explosive punch, a swinging kick, a swivel kick, and then crouches down for another kick before following up with another swift kick. While easily interruptable, each attack in the string does 2.1 damage and knocks foes upwards. It is incredibly quick. Volley Save
Kyoko leaps forward with her hands locked, dealing 6.7 damage and knocking opponents at a direction that can potentially spike, launching them upwards or downwards depending on where they are hit on the hitbox. Can be used to do a bit of horizontal recovery.
Spin Kick
Kyoko performs a swift spin kick with her whole hip, knocking opponents mostly horizontal away from her and dealing 5.4 damage. If done in the air it'll push Kyoko forward in the horizontal direction although immediately put her in the free fall state afterwards, allowing it to act as a third jump. Volleyball Set
Kyoko joins her hands together as if she's preparing to spike a volleyball, hitting opponents and knocking them upwards for 4.5 damage. A swift physical attack with a little start up.
Dragon Feet
Kyoko does a multi-kick attack that pushes her forward a bit and ends with a roundhouse kick. Deals 10 damage. Knocks opponents down, putting them in the Astral state if they're at 60 damage or higher. Has a bit of end lag but good for doing major damage quickly. A unique property of this move is that it can hit multiple opponents at once with the final strike. Dab!
Kyoko juts an elbow forward in a dash pose with multiple colored afterimages coming off her as she does the dab pose. Deals 7 damage. Knocks opponents down, putting them in the Astral state if they're at 60 damage or higher. Has a fair bit of end lag. Good to end a light combo off.
Acro Circus
Kyoko spins through the air, rolled up while blue afterimages follow her. She deals damage and knocks foes slightly up and forwards while performing this move and can chain it against mutliple opponents at the same time. Deals 8 damage and has some additional landing lag. While in the air it can be used as a third jump that increases her fall speed although she can buffer it into her standard attacks as soon as she hits the ground. Handstand Kick
Kyoko plants both hands on the ground and spins her legs like a rotor, which has a surprising amount of active frames that knocks foes away for 7 damage. This also acts as a reflector to projectiles, kicking them back for 1.5x times their original damage.
Donkey Kick
Kyoko plants both hands on the ground before delvering a swift kick back, dealing 8 damage and the Dizzy effect if sweetspotted. Comes quick out of guard, can be chained into other moves. Pogo Kick
Kyoko grabs a opponent and climbs up them, before kicking off and launching herself into the air, knocking them into the Astral state while dealing 13 damage. This doesn't really count as a jump, so Kyoko can perform this, two jumps, and then either her up standard attack or up special attack to gain a lot of additional air.

Kyoko grabs a opponent and then kicks their back while launching them, dealing 9 damage and throwing them away from her. Can be used as a kill move. Volley Spike

Kyoko swats away a foe while dealing 7 damage, knocking them into the ground or into a pit as a spiking move. This allows her to quickly swat foes away, inflicting Astral state if they hit the ground. Comes out very quick and easier to pull off compared to Powerbomb.
Recruit Summon
Level 1
Kyoko summons her newest recruit, who is usually either the last opponent she KO'd who uses their Neutral Special to attack for her with a 1.5x bonus to their damage output. Kyoko will always start with one of three random recruits prior to battling so she isn't completely helpless if she hasn't KO'd a opponent yet.



Linda whips the ground when summoned, launching enemies upward while dealing 15 damage. She hails from the Double Dragon series and is seen in her Double Dragon Neon look. Abore attacks by extending out a powerful punch when summoned, knocking opponents back while dealing 15 damage. He hails from Double Dragon II: The Revenge and uses his sprite from that. Linnea attacks with a diving kick that deals 15 damage and Buries foes when summoned. She is a cheerleader from River City Girls.
Anything's a Weapon!
Level 2
Kyoko picks up a weapon that is context senstive to what stage she is in and it replaces her standard attack and she can throw it. Here is the list of items she can pick up and what influences that item to appear:
  • Bench - Appears in "Household" stages with enclosed interiors and NPCs gathered around in the background. Kyoko can swing around this bench to deal 15 damage and it has a long range but it breaks apart after two hits.
  • Wooden Crate - Appears in "Construction" stages with open sky and NPCs gathered around in the background. Kyoko can toss this crate a small distance to deal 30 damage and knock the opponent into the Astral state.
  • Baseball Bat - Appears in "Sport" stages with arena-like settings. Kyoko's favorite weapon, it has a three-hit combo string that deals 4.2 damage per hit, dealing 12.6 damage off a successful combo string. It can reflect projectiles as well. It takes about 12 successful hits with this bat to break.
  • Fish - Appears in "Toy"-type stages, which are stages that don't fit in any of the above categories. Kyoko can use it to attack opponents for 4.5 damage each slap, and it will bounce opponents back, which against a wall can be rather deadly. Even when thrown for 12.6 damage, it'll flop around and deal 3 damage with each flop. It disappears after 6 seconds.
  • Mach Dragon
    Level 3
    A powered up version of Dragon Feet that Kyoko uses as her level 3 Finisher. She attacks with a flurry of 30 kicks as she goes off on a diatrabe how about how stupid the opponent looks. The attack deals 45 damage and launches the opponent at a high velocity, usually registering as a kill move although she launches lower than Misako's similar move. It has a sight line that triggers before Kyoko performs the move- all opponents that fall into this sightline will become part of the Finisher's animation.

    River City Run
    Kyoko and Misako back into each other as Kyoko summons a bat and the two proceed summon all opponents into a cutscene arena where they proceed to attack them. Kyoko swings with her bat as Misako uses punches and her backpack to deal damage, mimicking the final scene from the intro to River City Girls. The attack deals 45 damage and puts all opponents into Break afterwards.
    Alternate Outfits


    Three Kingdoms


    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Kyoko takes on the appearance of a eggplant with legs, similar to a enemy found in Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi Tachi.
    Heaven Spell
    Kyoko takes on the appearance of the angel form that she exhales when knocked out in River City Girls.
    Midnight Bliss
    Kyoko is in her sauna outfit from River City Girls.
    Incubus Delight
    Kyoko takes on the appearance of Riki with pink hair and a blue coat.
    Kyoko becomes more violent, fueled by bloodlust and her attacks take on a 1.5x multiplier to their damage output while their launching potential is negated. Lasts for six seconds.
    Uniquely to Kyoko and Misako, they have a special downed animation for the Astral effect, where an angel begins to leave their body. If alone, the angel will return to the body like normal, but if with another character in a team, their teammate can kick them repeatedly to wake them back up out of the Astral effect.
    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, my client is fighting for her life out there for love. The crazy things we do for love are what makes us human. If she can be jailed for that, then I argue we should all lose faith in this country. I've lost all faith in this case, throw it out.
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