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King Worm

A life-draining king of Worms, King Worm originally appeared at the end of "Evicted" to zap Finn and Jake, although it wasn't until "King Worm" that he came to be really understood. King Worm puts his victims into a sleep enduced state, which can only be destroyed by "donking up the dream scape" by tapping into your fears. King Worm is a rather slippery opponent that can fake out his victims into thinking he's been defeated too, making him a rather dangerous foe to deal with. Bill Cipher is not a fan of this guy as Bill prefers to use the minds he invades into either dilvulging secrets he can use or as his puppets and is not enthused to see him come through the Collider.

King Worm is a unusual opponent to fight namely due to his moves, which have odd hitboxes or strange effects. He can also slip through any grab, including command grabs with his down special. His Finishers continue this weirdness, having a rather stronger Level 1 Finisher and a fakeout death for his Level 3 that allows him to fully heal and respawn. While a very tricky opponent, he has a weakness to getting hit by the Nightmare effect by his opponents. Additionally, he has a pretty hard time dealing serious damage with his attacks due to how disjointed some of them are, which also don't deal a lot of traditional damage anyway.

Gimmick: Wowowowowow
King Worm is a powerful character that effectively turns the fight into a fight in the mindscape, although his own brand of weirdness is stranger than Bill Cipher's. What King Worm essentially wants to do is drain his opponent of all their life energy, although a opponent in a more fearful or wrathful state of mind will threaten to damage to him. A opponent with the Nightmare effect on them will deal 2x damage to him. The Nightmare effect itself will always be active on King Worm if it's inflicted on him, as he's always considered "Sleeping".

King Worm has one more trick as well- his run creates after images and long as he doesn't halt his momenteum, the after images will repeat attacks, allowing him to create bizarre and fast combos.
Mind Zap
King Worm unleashes laser beams at a downward angle that can inflict the Makai Spell or the Heaven Spell effect onto a opponent, as well as draining 1.3 damage per 10 frames. The opponent can quickly move the control stick to break free of the transformation although this gets harder the more damage they have taken. King Worm heals from this move although it's not too terribly effective due to the angle of the attack which can make it hard to effectively figure out the spacing for and leaves a triangular gap that opponents can attack King Worm in. Pulsing Waves
King Worm sends out pulsating waves that put the opponent into a Sleeping state, although the hitbox is up against his face area, making it more prime for going through a soft platform or to put aerial opponents to sleep. Wiggling the control stick allows some angling of the pulsing waves. Deals 1.5 damage, although if sweetspotted will launch the opponent very high into the air.
Crawl Upwards
King Worm crawls literally up the background or foreground, as if aware of the idea that it's a skybox. The boundary boxes briefly become solid when he's crawling up during the first couple of frames, which can work as a accidental tech. King Worm can crawl up to three times across the fourth wall, before falling into a free fall state. These crawls can be angled into the direction of the control stick, allowing for some vertical or horizontal focused recovery movement. Dream Escape
King Worm can escape from any grab with Dream Escape, even controlled grabs. He'll either manifest into smaller worms or cause some other issue that has the enemy recoil away from him. he does not deal actual damage with this move. If he performs it without being in a grab, he will briefly turn into a bunch of smaller worms that wriggle quickly at 1.7x incrased movement speed for three seconds before reforming back into King Worm.
Dozy Orbit
King Worm's guard is a unique one as it allows him to orbit projectiles around him before throwing them back at their normal damage and at a random angle. Yawn to Point
King Worm's run is a bit unorthodox, as it basically creates a bunch of after images that will repeat moves that King Worm does while holding the momenteum from the run. As soon as King Worm loses momenteum or comes to a stop, the after images halt entirely. The after images deal 0.8x damage of the original move and cannot inflict effects or launch.
Blight Beam
Level 1
King Worm emits out a black beam from his eyes that deal 20 damage and inflicts Nightmare on a opponent, dealing damage when they fall asleep from Pulsing Waves, although King Worm can remove this effect himself from the Makai Spell or Heaven Spell effect he inflicts from Mind Zap. A pretty effective move with a somewhat hefty cost as the opponent will be able to deal doubled damage against King Worm.
Rainy Day Dream
Level 2
King Worm sends out that appears as small versions of a random character on the roster that deals a total of 30 damage before going away. This rain cannot go through soft or hard platofrms so a player could hide from this, although the move does not end until the Finisher has done 30 damage.
Dream Within a Dream
Level 3
King Worm appears to be KO'd and will lose a stock even, but it will allow him to respawn and have a full heal. The missing stock icon will return after a character is grabbed. King Worm can influence where he repawns by using the movement stick to pick a side of the stage to respawn at.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
King Worm turns into a icy cold shell husk of themselves. The husk will break and they will form into small worms that return into King Worm at the end of the Makai Spell's duration.
Heaven Spell
King Worm transforms into the Adventure Time logo's sword, before the sword handle changes into that of a shark.
Midnight Bliss
King Worm transforms into Princess Bubblegum with her crown replaced with the King Worm. Uniquely, if King Worm performs their special moves, they just transform back into their original form.
Incubus Delight
King Worm transforms into Jake the Dog. Like his Midnight Bliss transformation, this one changes back into their original form if they perform special moves.
King Worm laughs and their movement speed becomes increased by 1.2x and their attacks come out slightly quicker as a result as well. This last six seconds.
Power Drain
When King Worm is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the head.
Rogue gains Pulsing Waves as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to put opponents to sleep with a hypnotic hum from her mouth. She also gains a bonus on her life-draining moves, increasing their drain power by 1.3x for six seconds.
King Worm can't fall asleep, although he is always considered in the "Sleep" state and thus Nightmare will always deal damage to him if it's inflicted on him.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just trying to feed. He can't eat anything other than brainwaves and energies of others- it's just nature! You can't fight nature, especially not in a court room, otherwise we have to have a serious talk with Hurricane Katrina. Throw this case out.
Very specific characters have unique interactions that happen with other characters if they are in the same match.

Bill Cipher
King Worm and Bill Cipher have a unique opening against each other where Bill Cipher crosses his arms and scoffs while King Worm talks to him.

Bill Cipher: Aw come on, I was in the mindscape first!

King Worm: Hey guys, we can all share... or fight over it. Either way, I'm consuming all this good life essence.

Bill Cipher: Breaks his cane over his knee.

Bill Cipher: I'm not falling for this ploy again! This mind is mine, worm!

Unlock Method
Fall under the effect of Sleep 40 times.