Attack Cards

Dr. Mario


Dr. Mario series Tomba series Gex series
Attack: Megavitamins Attack: Blackjack Attack: Tongue Whip
Fires off a small pill of red, blue, or yellow color, which deals random water, electric, or fire damage, dealing 3-5 damage. Attacks with a weak flail that flinches opponents and cancels out their attack if played first. Deals 3 damage. Attacks with a long tongue that deals 5-7 damage. Catches projectile attacks and absorbs them for 0.2x health back.

Chocobo Eater

Whispy Wood

Final Fantasy series Kirby series PaRappa the Rapper series
Attack: Fist of Fury Attack: Apple Picking Attack: Um Jammer Lammy
Attack with a powerful slamming fist attack that will miss aerial opponents. Effective at breaking guard cards and deals 14 damage. Sends five apple projectiles that each deal 3 damage to bounce around on the field, hitting aerial and grounded foes alike. Can miss. Jam out with a guitar to deal up to 15 damage if you hit the three button prompts at the right time. Has reflective properties if done successfully.