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Kat is a young woman with a mysterious past who suddenly found herself with the ability to control gravity. She used her new powers to help those in need and fight against the forces of evil, acting as almost a super hero for the town of Hekseville. She is brave, determined, and always ready to face any challenge.

Kat's gravity based gameplay can be a lot to learn, especially because it turns the normal double jump into a free-falling state that drains the same meter as your special moves. Kat is a really aerial focused fighter that can make opponents that specialize in this area particularly often at a loss on how to deal with her. However, her ground game is not particularly good, with only Gravity Slide really performing helpful in that manner. She has good spacing tools, however, although her landing lag is atrocious and her worst aspect, allowing opponents to quickly attack her as soon as she hits the ground.

Gimmick: Gravity Rush

Kat's Gimmick is known as Gravity Rush, which allows her to control gravity through the power of a cat named Dusty and her power as a shifter. When she double jumps she instead begins to fall through the air, appearing to levitate. As she does, she will drain a circular gauge on her hud icon that allows her to last 5 seconds in the air without any special moves in play. When she uses special moves, those drain her Rush meter in bursts. When she is in Rush, projectiles will casually orbit around her and can be released through Stasis Field as attacks.

It's important to keep an eye on the Rush gauge as all of her special moves and her second jump depend on it heavily and all share the pool of energy. If it's completely drained, she will fall and also be under the Shoe-Glue effect until it refills, which takes 6 seconds total.
When Kat activates her second jump, she turns red and begins to fall into a "free fall" state where she is constantly falling in different points of gravity. Tap the movement stick to influence which direction of Gravity she falls in. While in this red state she begins to drain a circular blue meter that if completely emptied out, will drop her in her last orientation of gravity into a free fall state. When she is in this red state, she collects objects and projectiles and has them orbit around her- her special move, Stasis Field, allows her to throw them at an additional pip of her Rush energy. To fall, press the on your control pad to exit out of Rush. Guarding also does this as well.
Stasis Field
Kat creates a stasis field around her that puts projeciles in orbit around her and then releases in the direction she's facing at a high speed, dealing 1.4x more their original damage. The move can be held although it drains the same meter as her gravity powers- if held for too long not only does Kat not have the ability to hold the stasis field but she won't be able to do a lot of her special moves or enter Rush. She can do this in the air while performing Rush. Gravity Kick
Kat performs a kick that drains her Rush meter, continuing to fall into the direction she was falling until the player releases the button or she hits a hard surface. The kick works off momentum, dealing 4 damage at it's shortest distance and up to a whopping 20 damage at full distance (not normally seen in normal play). The kick can be used to quickly close distance between foes and can buffer into a grab.
Kat performs a surge of gravity that eats up a short burst of Rush energy that pushes opponents, projectiles and other objects away from her, as well as inflicting the Shoe-Glue effect on opponents effected. While it deals no actual damage, it can be used to control opponents to get away and hinders them a bit. Gravity Slide
Kat perfoms a slide attack, which can also be done up walls and across ceilings. This quickly allows her to gain distance and when she makes contact with a foe she'll follow up with a powerful kick that deals 7 damage and a hefty bit of knockback. Kat does not get stunned or flinch when performing this move, allowing her to tank some damage by performing this move.
Spiraling Claw
Level 1
Kat performs the Spiraling Claw, a technique that has Kat spin-dive into enemies with shape shifted claws. It homes onto the nearest opponent and deals 15 damage while drilling them into the ground, Burying them.
Micro Black Hole
Level 2
Kat performs the Micro Black Hole technique creating a small black hole around her that deals 30 damage and teleports opponents away to the edges of the stage as Kat briefly is in a free-fall state afterwards. Can be performed in the air or ground, it will magnetize opponents and objects close to her. It can even nudge floating platforms out of place for 10 seconds.
Gravity Panther
Level 3
Kat merges with Dusty to take on a more beast-like look, with claws added to her attacks that have a 4% chance of inflicting Bleed and add additional damage to all of her attacks, usually 1.5x more powerful. She also becomes much faster and her landing lag frames, normally her weak point, are completely removed. This form lasts 7 seconds.
Alternate Outfits


Shifter 2.0





Dark Angel

Yorha 2B
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Kat becomes a giant stuffed bunny.
Heaven Spell
Kat becomes a yellow cat with her gold band markings.
Midnight Bliss
Kat takes on her jazz singer costume from Gravity Rush 2.
Incubus Delight
Kat mostly giggles in place for 3 seconds helplessly under the effects of Jokerification, before just turning herself upside down to get the serum quickly moving out of her system.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a super-hero in training, with no real solid guide. She might mess up here and there, but we have to be forgiving, otherwise the terrorists win. I rest my case, throw this case out of court.
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