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Green Goblin

Green Goblin is the alter ego of Norman Osborne, who is something of a scientist himself. When his super soldier formula project was in danger of being shut down, Norman realized that he couldn't just let 40,000 years of evolution go without tapping into the peak of human potential and insisted on taking his unstable formula himself. This nearly killed him, but gave birth to the deranged Green Goblin born out of his sacrifice. Seeing Spider-Man as his equal, he wants to accomplish greatness with him on the shoulders of the teeming masses- or cause destruction through their battles if he refuses. Green Goblin has aligned with those under a higher power as they offered him friendship without spitting in his face. Are you in, or are you out?

The cunning warrior attacks neither body nor mind. Green Goblin utilizes pumpkin bombs to explode things from a distance, with two modes able to throw off his opponent and how to encounter him. His glider also lets him fly around freely. There no wrong answers with Green Goblin's Goblin Speed, which allows him to close distance with his opponent and knock them from afar while skipping traps other have set up for him. Play smartly or you'll have chosen misery, misery.

Gimmick: Goblin Glider

The Goblin can summon his Goblin Glider with the Call Glider up special. As the glider travels towards him, he will hop on and will have a limited moveset from that point on until he jumps off it with either the guard button or jump button. When he presses the attack button, he will attack with bullets that deal 4 damage and stun opponents that can be used in rapid succession. When he presses the special attack button, he will throw a Pumpkin Bomb that operates similar to how his original Pumpkin Bomb move worked. He can move in all directions by using the control stick, flying around freely. He is weak on the glider and susceptible to air attacks- able to spin out of control through heavy attacks- and opponents can ride on the glider as well by standing on the wings due to the Glider's platform properties.

If Green Goblin hops off the glider, the glider will stay for 2 seconds before vanishing. When the glider is active, Green Goblin cannot activate his Level 3 finisher.

Pumpkin Bomb
Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb that explodes to deal 4-12 damage depending on how close the opponent is before it explodes. Hold the neutral special button to charge it before throwing it for a quick explosion, or tap it to roll it across the ground where it explodes after 2 seconds. Goblin Speed
Green Goblin does a quick super speed charge, burning the ground below him in the process. Opponents get knocked back when Green Goblin hits them in this state, as well as taking 5 damage. The burning after trail can also ignite bombs and activate traps.
Call Glider
Green Goblin calls in his Goblin Glider, putting him into glider mode. Press the special attack button to drop a pumpkin bomb which will roll across the ground, exploding after 2 seconds, or press the attack button to fire out bullets from the front of the glider that deal 4 damage per shot and have very short start up and end lag. The glider can move up and down, but the Green Goblin is weaker on top of it, able to spin out of control from heavy attacks. The glider can also carry up to two other people as it has platform properties. See the gimmick section for more info. Spider-Killer Trident
"We're gonna have a HELL of a time."
Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)

Green Goblin thrusts a spear forward, dealing 12 damage with the tip and 8 damage across the whole spear. The spear tip also has greater knockback power as well. Your opponent can grab the spear though, so watch out as it basically extends Green Goblin's grab box when active.

Razor Bat
Level 1
Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)

Green Goblin sends out razor bats from his glider that deal 15 damage and inflict bleed onto the opponent as they cut through them. They go horizontally for a long distance, disappearing as soon as they hit the edge of the screen.
Skeleton Bomb
Level 2
"OUT, AM I?"
Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)

Green Goblin throws a white pumpkin bomb that blows up 2 seconds later, shocking his opponents for 30 damage in a wider range than normal. Additionally, there is no explosion, instead an electrical field that shows the range of the attack.
Level 3
"Godspeed, Spider-Man."
Green Goblin, Spider-Man (2002)

Green Goblin summons his glider to attack with razor blades, dealing 99 damage to a opponent with a fatal attack, however if the opponent jumps away in time the Green Goblin will take the damage instead. The glider does not stop when it hits someone, either pinning them against the wall or outside the boundary box. Very powerful but also risky if it backfires. Cannot be used if Goblin Glider is already active.
Unlock Method
Enhance your character in some kind of way at least 50 times, either through Jellyfish, Blessings, Liquid Diamond Auras, or Dragonflowers.