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Flect Turn

For the salvation of humanity...

Flect Turn is the leader of Humarise, a cult that seeks out to rid the world of quirks (or otherwise known as powers) in the world of My Hero Academia. Their core philosphy is that as generations pass on quirks, they will become out of control as future generations carry more and more powerful quirks. Flecturn wants to atone for the crime of being born with such a powerful quirk that he is unable to control meaningfully. Some of Humarise's members, however, only joined with the cult to save themselves and their quirks as Flect uses Trigger, a quirk enhancing drug to further his agenda and has engineered bombs that are capable of removing powers from those with quirks.

Flect Turn is probably one of the hardest characters to play due to his gimmick. He is heavily reliant on his opponent tossing as much damage as possible at him and decentivizes them from attacking in many cases such as with physical attacks. However, due to the fact his stamina can be broken with enough power, this can incentivize opponents to throw the most powerful attacks they can at him. If you don't know your opponent very well and how they interact with Flect's gimmick, you can be sidelined by Flect's stamina breaking. His powerless state is very easy to launch and doesn't have much defense, leaving him rather vulernable. Flect can be a character that feels unstoppable at moments and one of the weakest characters at the same time.

Gimmick: Reflect
Flect Turn's gimmick is his quirk, Reflect. Flect Turn will casually reflect attacks on him, although he has a stamina meter on him that will deplete as he takes damage. He counters damage by inflicting the same damage back, no multiplier. Flect Turn can replenish some of the stamina meter back by using his special moves Spinal Refract and Arachne Thrusters.

Flect Turn has very low weight and resistance to attacks otherwise, so breaking through the Reflect stamina will be key to obtaining victory over Flect. Additionally, Flect will always have priority in reflection battles between opponents, usually being declared the winner. Physical attacks break through his stamina the most, while projectile attacks are technically safer but inflict less stamina loss. Flect's stamina gauge takes 10 seconds to full recharge although all his Special Moves are still able to work, although at a more limited capacity.
Arachne Reflect
Flect Turn puts out a mirror from his exoskeleton device, Aranche. This reflects a projectile or physical attack at 1.5x the original damage and preserves Flect Turn's stamina. However, the more he does it the slower the mirror comes out, adding additional start-up lag to the beginning of the move as it gets more stale. A attack of 30 damage or above will break the mirror off the hinge but not deal damage to Flect Turn. Spinal Refract
Flect Turn releases a burst of energy based off what he has previously stored, releasing it all in one big laser beam. The beam deals as much damage as he has stored inside of him through Arachne Store and casually reflecting attacks. This will restore some of his stamina on release. Ironically, if the blast is reflected, it can really drain at Flect's stamina.
Arachne Thrusters
Flect Turn propels himself upwards with stored energy, dealing 3 damage per 30 frames of his stored energy that acts as propulsion. Depending on how much Flect has stored up, it will effect how long the move can last for, although it's always cancellable. Arachne Store
Flect Turn sets his mirrors to store energy instead- he'll be able to hold out this energy storing pose almost indefinitely although he won't deal damage. When he collects damage, it still deals some damage to his stamina meter but won't deal damage to him. Stored damage takes on the elemental and effects it causes when it is expelled through Spinal Refract or Arachne Thrusters. Storing gives him super armor in the first couple of frames which can allow him to live longer when his stamina is depleted.
Level 1
Flect Turn implants a Trigger vial into himself, allowing for a instant full stamina recharge, although he will undergo brief Jokerization. An alternate set up allows Flect to throw the Trigger vial if the player flicks the movement controller on activation, powering the opponent up to deal 1.5x more damage but inflicting Jokerization on them.
Quirk Amplification Device
Level 2
Flect Turn puts the Quick Amplification Device from the first My Hero Academia movie, Two Heroes. While the device is active, Flect will not drain stamina at all and is basically invincible for 15 seconds. Additionally, his casual reflection gimmick allows him to send back damage at a 1.5x buff. When the Finisher is over, he will have a silver of stamina that allows for a potential follow up from opponents, so be wary of it's great power.
Trigger Bomb
Level 3
Flect Turn unleashes a bomb over the stage that releases a green gas, disabling Special Moves for all characters except for himself for 20 seconds. The gas also deals 2 damage each 60 frames, being active for the entire duration of the move.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Flect Turn turns into a giant lightning bug.
Heaven Spell
Flect Turn transforms into a giant Humarise book.
Midnight Bliss
Flect Turn transforms into a woman with the same reflective skin and overcoat.
Incubus Delight
Flect Turn, when under the effects of Jokerization, his body will attempt to fight it and drains his quirk's stamina. If fully drained, he'll laugh manically for six seconds and not be able to move. Otherwise it just drains his quirk's stamina a fair bit.
Power Drain
When Flect Turn is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Zoom as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to target onto foes with her attacks and deal more damage. She also gains super armor on her physical moves for 6 seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is merely a reflection of the world around him. In fact, he wants to unburden himself of this curse. How can you blame him for trying? I don't think you can, and that's why we need to throw this case out of court.
Unlock Method
Reflect a total of 500 attacks combined.