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Dark Lord Hum Gree

A hungry demon king who seems to be insatiable. He knows he used to be more, but is unable to cure himself. He desires food and a cure to this madness inflicted over him, seeking out magic in this strange world he's now found himself in.

Dark Lord Hum Gree is not a particularly fast or movement-focused character, with his heavy weight and slow movement speed, but his projectiles, inhale move, and Petrifying Gaze give him a lot of options at both ranged and close range options. His recovery is pretty bad but does allow for easy flattening of opponents. His Finishers make up for a lot of his shortcomings- allowing him to capture opponents and gives him a decent kill option with Stab in the Dark and Swarm of the Flighties allows for a lot of stage control. Skull Curse is a real double-edge sword- its one of the more powerful Finishers in terms of raw damage output, but it's timelimit and how it requires Hum Gree to connect four attacks within ten seconds, which can be difficult due to his shortcomings, can allow a opponent to get away scot-free.

Dark Lord Hum Gree opens his mouth and inhales in characters, before mushing them down with their mouth and dealing up to 15 damage before spitting them out. Dark Lord Hum Gree has slowed movement when he has someone in his mouth and cancel it early to launch them away. Slide Devil
Dark Lord Hum Gree releases a powerful moon projectile that curves similar to a boomerang that deals 8-11 damage, with a devil flying off as an additional projectile that deals 5 additional damage if it hits someone. Only one of these crescent moon projectiles can be out at a time and will count as two physical projectiles.
Lever Launch
Dark Lord Hum Gree sets down a pulley machine, which launches him into the air by raising and lowering platforms. Press the special attack button to quickly esclate up, let go to let the slack in. Press guard, grab, or taunt to cancel early. The lowering platform can deal crushing damage, from 5-7 damage and Flattening foes. Petrifying Gaze
Dark Lord Hum Gree radiates a black aura around him that will turn foes into stone, while making him drop like a stone, which greatly increases his fall speed. Doesn't deal damage.

Stab in the Dark
Level 1
Dark Lord Hum Gree sets down a silk screen that magnetizes foes towards it. Foes appear behind the silk screen in shadow as a samurai then jumps down and swings a blade, dealing 15 damage to anyone behind the silk screen before they're launched away from the collapsing silk screen.

Swarm of Flighties
Level 2
Dark Lord Hum Gree releases a bunch of bats and one-eyed creatures that swarm over the stage and deal damage to the opponents, dealing a total of 30 damage.

Skull Curse
Level 3
Dark Lord Hum Gree puts out a white projectile that surrounds the victim in four skulls. For ten seconds, these skulls will rotate around the opponent, and when Dark Lord Hum Gree connects an attack, one skull will burst off. When the opponent is hit four times and runs out of skulls, they get inflicted with 65 damage and launched very high. If they manage to outlive 10 seconds, the skulls fly away and the curse is lifted. When the skulls are active, nothing will deal damage.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Dark Lord Hum Gree becomes Gahrumble, from WarioWare Gold.
Heaven Spell
Dark Lord Hum Gree becomes his "nice" self, from the end of Ashley's story in WarioWare Gold.
Midnight Bliss
Dark Lord Hum Gree becomes a blue skinned demon woman with four limbs and a large stretchy mouth, with black hair that drapes over her body.
Incubus Delight
Dark Lord Hum Gree becomes a blue skinned demon man with four limbs and a large stretchy mouth, with black hair that drapes over his body.
Dark Lord Hum Gree becomes immensely hungry, automatically using Feed on opponents nearby without player input for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Dark Lord Hum Gree is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains either Feed as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to inhale opponents in and chew them up before spitting them out. She also gains a defence bonus, boosting her defence by 1.3x for six seconds.
Dark Lord Hum Gree's secret is revealed.

Dark Lord Hum Gree didn't used to be like this- he instead used to be a comfy guy who only wanted a big ol' hug, before being consumed by a hunger curse.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just extremely hungry. It's a curse on him. All he needs is a Snickers bar, maybe a bit of protein and he'll be fine and ready to re-enter society. Throw this case out of court.
Unlock Method
Eat 300 food items.