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"It looks like you're reading a moveset. Would you like help?"

Clippy is a "Office Assistant" created for Microsoft Office 97 in order to help a growing consumer base get to grips on writing documents and searching their computer, acting as a digital assistant. For the more advanced technical crowd though, the digital assistant came off as more of an annoyance than a help and Clippy soon found themselves as the butt of many jokes by Microsoft themselves. Freed from the Collider, Clippy finds some kinship with Neopet v2, working with Olivia Octavius on the more technical parts of the Collider as she attempts to get it back under her control. He's not really a villain, just eager to help.

Clippy's moveset revolves around a piece of Paper that he can ride like a magic carpet that gives him different options for some of his moves and provides him with some interesting movement tech, making him into a slower and tankier fighter in the air but a much faster albeit weaker fighter on the ground. He has two vehicle options and generally strives to get up close to his opponents as he lacks real projectile options. His movement is hard to really do stuff with due to some of the super armor present, and he can heal using one of his down specials.

Gimmick: Paper

Clippy has Paper as his gimmick. Paper is a portable platform that Clippy rides on and allows him to float on it. Clippy's movement speed is slow but he can move anywhere while riding Paper and gains additional power for some of his special moves while on Paper. Paper however can be easily destroyed through attacks, having a meager 15 health and takes doubled damage from fire and water elemental attacks. Clippy's movement and reach is also generally reduced while on Paper, and will want to do a majority of fighting off Paper.

When Paper is destroyed, it takes a total of 10 seconds to respawn- a new piece of paper can be immediately respawned in through Clippy's Level 1 Finisher, however.

Clippy transforms into a bike. The Clippy Bike has super armor on start up frams 1-16, and deals massive knockback when it hits a opponent, dealing 6-7 damage. Clippy won't be able to do any attacks until he cancels the move with guard.

When used on Paper, the Paper provides a ramp that increases Clippy's speed massively and extending the super-armor for 4 more frames.

Clippy folds his paper into a paper airplane and flies forward, able to glide through the air or make a short aerial dash across the ground. Deals 6-7 damage on contact with a foe, stunning them when hit. If Clippy doesn't have paper near him, the move will fail and Clippy will lean towards the camera.

Clippy transforms into a tornado, briefly cancelling all falling momenteum, allowing him to move across the screen while dealing 3-4 wind damage each 6 frames the move is active, knocking foes away. While in this tornado mode, Clippy will reflect projectiles.

When activated on Paper, his hitbox gets larger and can potentially cause Bleed at a 20% chance.

Clippy transforms into a atom, magnetizing opponents and repelling allies away from him. Energy projectiles will heal Clippy while in atom mode. Doesn't deal any real damage, merely a spacing tool. Lasts 87 frames.

When activated on Paper, this allows him to do it while moving through the air.


Clippy transforms into a shovel, slamming down and proceeding to Bury a opponent while dealing 10 damage.

If Clippy hits Paper, it splits around Clippy and provides him with a gust of wind that allows him to glide around while staying active in this state, spiking opponents for 11 damage. Lasts a max of 3 seconds before Clippy reverts to his idle animation on the Paper.

Clippy has a special grab where he forms a box and then proceeds to trap them inside, rattling them for damage. Move the control stick to shake the opponent inside, dealing 2-4 damage per shake. Can be buffered into Empty Trash to launch opponents high into the air.

If near Paper, this will allow Clippy to extend this move's time as he keeps a opponent trapped longer and allow him to buffer into the paper version of Empty Trash.

Level 1
Clippy produces a new Paper that he can place anywhere. He can produce up to three extra pieces of Paper to use. If Clippy rides one piece of Paper to another, he'll clip them together to combine their health totals, allowing for longer longevity to a piece of paper. Stacking also provides a brief boost of 1.5x to Clippy's attacks for six seconds.

Level 2
Clippy turns into a art piece as they fly up to the top of the stage as a overlay of a classic iteration of Microsoft Paint covers all sides of the stage, allowing the player to attack as a cursor, creating red lines with the pencil tool to deal 1.6 damage on contact for 3 seconds, before switching to the spray brush tool that has more reach for three seconds, before finally using the fill bucket tool to deal 15 damage to all characters on screen. Clippy then reverts to normal.

Level 3
Clippy attacks with a flurry of ancient cursors from old Microsoft versions, which stream against the stage and home onto opponents to attack them with 1.5 damage clicks that stun opponents, making it hard to escape from a clicking frenzy. A total of twenty cursors are released and will rapidly seek out targets, disappearing after doing a total of 45 damage to any opponents or disappearing after ten seconds.
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Clippy becomes Coppy, a parody of Clippy created by Tumblr for April Fools 2015.
Heaven Spell
Clippy becomes a mascot costume of Clippy, created for one of Microsoft's conferences for the launch of Windows XP.
Midnight Bliss
Clippy gets lashes and takes on a red and white stripped color.
Incubus Delight
Clippy takes on a golden appearance, shining almost like he's made of chrome.
Clippy halts and just laughs incessantly in a speech bubble, eventually breaking the text field before snapping back to normal. This lasts six seconds.
Power Drain
When Clippy is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the top.
Rogue gains GetTechy as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to pull opponents to her and repel allies, as well as heal from energy projectiles. She also gains a defence bonus, boosting her defence by 1.3x for six seconds.
Clippy's secret is revealed.

Clippy did nothing wrong.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was merely trying to help the good users of Microsoft Office. How could he know that he was accidentally teaching them how to drug traffick? He's a program, take it up with Microsoft Sam or whoever's running that shindig joint! Throw this one out of court, judge.
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