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Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma is the First Order's female military leader, distinguished by her metallic uniform and cape. Her time in the films was short, serving as an obstacle primarily to turncoat stormtooper Finn, but her past has been expounded on in supplementary material, revealing her to be a survivor of a nuclear-ravaged world called Parnassos, which she left in a heartbeat when offered a better life in the First Order. Coming through the Collider, Captain Phasma resumes her activities for the First Order and looks to get materials and supplies for the army in the Black Hole.

Captain Phasma is a classical fighter modeled after both Smash and Street Fighter archetypes with a Star Wars touch, although her Finishers are similar to AUTO, Possessed Zelda, and Dr. Paradigm in that she summons minions to aid her in battle. She also has a passive reflective effect to low energy attacks and a immunity to radioactivity. She is a fairly powerful character- a bit of a heavyweight without the large hitbox they usually have and a bit quicker than a lot of them, and her range and stage control is good. Her recovery is fairly non-existant, although her ground game is very good.

Gimmick: Leader

Captain Phasma is equipped with Chronium armor that reflects low-energy blasts (below 9 damage), although larger energy blasts will pulse through the armor and deal damage. Additionally, the suit is immune to the Radiation effect entirely.
Like some other characters, Captain Phasma doesn't have Finishers but instead can send out minions, which are based off troops in the First Order, to assist her in battle. She gains Command through successful attacks and over time, and can spend them on troops to assist her.
Captain Phasma fires a shot out of her blaster, dealing 8 damage and stunning opponents on impact. Comes out quick and travels relatively far. Easy to reflect- in fact, Phasma's own armor reflects it easily. Can't be aimed- comes out flat horizontally. Quicksilver Baton
Captain Phasma attacks with a long reaching baton attack, which is about four character lengths long, dealing 5-6 damage across the length of the baton but dealing 12 damage if sweetspotted off the end and can pierce through guards if sweetspotted. Has some start up that makes it punishable from behind but it's long hitbox from the front makes approaching for opponents difficult.
Phasmatic Crunch
Captain Phasma grabs a opponent and her gauntlets go off, crushing the opponent's limbs before Captain Phasma throws them, knocking into a Break state. It deals 8 damage and is a command grab. She can click to foes while in the air if they're in radius. Radiation Gernade
Captain Phasma throws a Radiation Gernade, which explodes roughly two seconds after being thrown, dealing 11-14 damage and leaving a cloud of Radiation that will deal damage if a opponent is near or inside it. The cloud lingers for roughly five seconds unless cleared away with water attacks- air attacks will adjust it's posistion.
First Order Troops

Stormtroopers have 30 health and attack with their blaster, which deals 7 damage per shot. Their aimship is pretty shoddy, but in a group they become a lot more dangerous.
10 Command

Snowtroopers have 35 health and are immune to ice attacks. They shoot blaster shots, which deal 8 damage. In snowy conditions, their movement speed doubles.
15 Command

Mountaintroopers have 35 health and are immune to earth elemental attacks. They shoot blaster shots, which deal 8 damage. They can climb and follow Phasma better than any other troop.
15 Command

Flametroopers have 40 health. Flamtroopers break the mold by attacking with flamethrowers, which deal 5 damage per 20 frames and Burn opponents. They can neutralize projectiles with their flames and set flame traps for opponents.
20 Command

Executioners have 50 health. They are highly intelligent fighters who use electrical baton sticks that they can inflict 6 electrical damage with and Shock foes. They can also counter physical attacks but are weak to projectile attacks.
45 Command

Mega Blaster
Mega Blasters have 50 health. They use a gatling gun and act as powerful sentries that can launch bullet attacks at rapid fire, punishing opponents with 15 damage a clip. They are extremely fast and powerful and their shots stun foes. Weak to physical attacks and reflectors.
45 Command
Alternate Outfits

Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Captain Phasma becomes a Tsw'ell, from the Star Wars: Captain Phasma comic.
Heaven Spell
Captain Phasma becomes a hologram, a typical occurance for communication in the Star Wars universe.
Midnight Bliss
Captain Phasma takes on her appearance she had on her home planet of Parnassos.
Incubus Delight
Captain Phasma becomes angrier, ocasionally letting out a crazy laugh as she increases in speed and strength by 1.3x for six seconds.
Power Drain
When Captain Phasma is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the helmet/lips.
Rogue gains F-11D as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do a blaster attack, although she is not immune to it being reflected like Phasma is. She also gains a attack bonus, boosting her attack strength by 1.3x for six seconds.
Captain Phasma's secret is revealed.

General Hux and Captain Phasma worked together to kill Hux's father, who mistreated him since he was a child, which led to a cycle of constantly killing people to keep it a secret.

When a character learns this information, Captain Phasma briefly gains a 1.3x bonus on attack to them specifically for six seconds.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client was just following orders- from the First Order. With a name like that, you can't help but follow along, am I right? Plus, as I understand it, there were a lot of people up front that had very good reasons to be followed, because of mystical space powers... I motion this case to be dismissed, your honor.
Unlock Method
Get poisoned by Radiation 30 times.