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Buzz Lightyear

"To infinity and beyond!"

Buzz Lightyear is more of a concept than any one character at this point- and this Buzz has been able to realize that through the Collider. Able to take abilities and powers from other Buzzes in the multiverse, albeit often needing to "jump" to them through some sort of random maneuver, this Buzz is the full realization of his entire being. Now he must contend with others who have come through the multiverse and find some purpose to it all.

Buzz Lightyear's moveset is a unique one among even characters that have multiple movesets as his need to be unlocked from somewhat random actions. Once unlocked, they are available for the entire rest of the match to switch between. Buzz's toy moveset is based more on recovery and movement, Buzz's Star Command moveset is based around powerful moves making him more akin to a tank, and Buzz's Lightyear moveset is more about effects and strategic attacks and follow ups.

Gimmick: You Are A Toy...?

Buzz Lightyear's gimmick in Blight Bastions is somewhat of a odd one- it is understanding that there are multiple Buzzes across the multiverse and that he has access to their skills and abilities. However, swapping between Buzz Lightyears isn't as simple as other characters with vast transformations- Buzz has to perform certain actions to gain access to the other Buzz movesets. Once he's "unlocked" them, he'll be able to swap between them freely. Each action that each iteration of Buzz needed to perform is explained above their moveset.

Costumes change what Buzz moveset you are currently using at the start of the match, although this means you'll still have to unlock the others during battle.

A secondary gimmick that is only visual is that Buzz's armor glows in the dark, meaning that dark stages and attacks that cut to black will still show where Buzz is through his glowing armor.
Toy Moveset
This moveset must be unlocked through staying airborne for 5 seconds as any other Buzz form.

Arm Laser
Buzz takes aim with a trusty wrist-mounter laser that deals 1.2 damage each 4 frames it's active, although it damage output go down over 2 seconds, all the way to 0.1 damage. First hit causes flinch, but otherwise will have no impact on knockback or movement. Buzz can move the direction of the laser freely using the movement stick.
Winged Flight
Buzz jumps and extends out his arms and wings to do a propulsion based dive forward, dealing 8 damage and some knockback. This can be used to recover as it halves Buzz's falling speed and can move him towards ledges with priority.

Utility Belt
Buzz materializes a blue belt on his waist that he clicks to activate an anti-gravity bubble that he can free float around in, albeit somewhat slowly. It stays active for 2.5 seconds and will fall off Buzz when it is spent. It can absorb projectiles although Buzz cannot do anything with the energy absorbed. It has a cooldown if spent of about 3 seconds- afterwards a Space Ranger symbol will light up on Buzz's hud.
Space Range Flip
Space Range Flip involves Buzz performing a long back flip over the foe, dealing 12 damage and spiking opponents downwards if they get in his path. Space Range Flip can quickly be used to get close or get away from your opponent and also can be used for recovery- albeit probably one of the weakest options for this, although it is meant for more verticality.
Star Command Moveset
This moveset must be unlocked through taunting three times consecutively.

Laser Crossbow
Buzz produces a hand-held laser crossbow that fires off energy shots that deal 5 damage and cause flinching on hit. The blaster has a total of 5 shots before it needs to do a reloading animation. The shots scatter outwards, influneced by the direction that Buzz is heading in.
Buzz gets on a hoverboard, speeding his ground momenteum and allowing him to avoid ground-based traps and deal 4 damage on contact hit as well as some small knockback. The hoverboard is impacted by damage and will explode on Buzz if it takes 30 damage, dealing 10 damage to the space ranger. Cancelling will reset it's health although will put Buzz back into a grounded state.

Crystallic Fusion Jetpack
Buzz uses a powerful jetpack to propel upwards quickly, and the movement stick can be used to influence his direction. Deals 7 damage on contact hit, and the jetpack can keep Buzz in the air for a total of three seconds before it sputters out and lets him down.
Buzz throws some Fireweed to ensnare the nearest thing to it in pink and white vines before glowing red and exploding for 12 damage and causing the Burn effect. Buzz can only throw one Fireweed at a time and it can spread to something else if something else touches it. This includes Buzz himself, so watch out!
Lightyear Moveset
This moveset must be unlocked through inflicting damage onto yourself.

Mounted Laser
Buzz fires off a blue laser from a mounted arm laser on his wrist that deals 1 damage and the Break effect, weakening foes so he can topple them over easier. Although the laser can be pointed similar to Toy Buzz's Arm Laser, it only fires off a single shot at a time.
Laser Knife
Buzz attacks with a laser knife that cuts through projectiles and traps, as well as deal 6 damage. Buzz can hack at people while walking although cannot do so while running.

Crystal Seed
Buzz holds up a canister containing a crystal that if burnt, will produce light speed travel. Buzz holds the canister over his head and can throw it like a vegetable ala Super Mario Bros. 2 and release out a time bubble that increases the speed of projectiles, slows movement of opponents trapped inside, and halt all damage inside the bubble before resuming it all at once when opponents exit the bubble. While in the air, Buzz can Light it aflame to send himself blasting upwards into the air at a hypersonic speed, before falling into a free fall state as a chrono bubble emerges once again with the same effects. Tempus can effect these bubbles if she is in the match as if they were her own.
Buzz holds out a pet box that he releases Sox the cat from. Sox stays close to Buzz and stays active for ten seconds or after taking 50 damage. Sox generally moves on his own and will try to stay close to Buzz. While around Sox, Buzz can use him to deflect attacks by holding him, and can throw him as a projectile to deal 5 damage. If Sox is around opponents, he will unleash a blowtorch that does 1.4 damage per 4 frames and can inflict the Burn effect.
Space Ranger Spin
Level 1
Buzz Lightyear quickly puts up targets onto nearby opponents and stage objects as passing park-goers take aim at the targets, dealing 5 damage per hit. Opponents can have up to four targets on them and will generally not be able to avoid getting hit unless there are foreground objects they can hide behind.
Wrist Communicator
Level 2
Buzz Lightyear can send in a random ally to assist him through the use of his Wrist Communicator:

Little Green Man


Alisha Hawthorne
Little Green Men attack with mystical space magic and disappear after dealing 30 damage with pulsing wave projectiles. They leave oppponents in the Dizzy state. XR summons a flurry of guns and begins blasting indiscriminately, dealing about 30 damage to a opponent before disappearing. He will leave opponents either Burning or Frozen. Alisha uses her laser knife to hunt at foes, disappearing after dealing 30 damage and leaving opponents in the Break state.
To Infinity
Level 3
Buzz Lightyear performs an uppercut before rocketing high into the air and slamming them down onto an alien planet- the planet seen in Toy Story 2's video game intro. The stage is selectable after unlocking Buzz but it's a flat ground stage with two raised ledges on top and a door that opens underneath to a bottomless pit. Performing this move again will return Buzz and his opponents to the original stage. It deals 45 damage and activates as long as one opponent is caught in the cutscene trigger.
Alternate Outfits

Voice: Mike MacRae

Star Command
Voice: Patrick Warburton

Voice: Chris Evans
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Buzz transforms into an inanimate toy laying on the ground.
Heaven Spell
Buzz transforms into a winged planet/rocket, quite literally resembling the Star Command logo.
Midnight Bliss
Buzz takes on the appearance of a female performer from one of the Disneyland Parades.
Incubus Delight
Buzz takes on the appearance of his Mirrorverse counterpart.
Depending on what costume Buzz Lightyear is using, the following can happen:
  • Buzz's default will go into a Spanish langauge mode and his standard attacks come out 1.2x faster and can elude capture moves at a reduced rate. This lasts six seconds.
  • Buzz's Star Command outfit will gain the appearance of Evil Buzz and his standard attacks will come out 1.2x faster. He also can escape from capture moves at a reduced rate. This last six seconds.
  • Buzz's Lightyear outfit will have him laugh like Empreror Zurg.
  • Testimony
    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, my client was not of sound mind- he was under the delusion of being a space ranger. In fact, it's a somewhat frequent occurance for my client- my client has told me stories of being reset to factory conditions and being forced to imprison their friends, and undergoing a spell in which they could only speak Spanish. They cannot be held accountable for their actions under states like these.
    Unlock Method