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An electrical tank, assumed to have a Blitz Engine as its source of power. It is a test piece that was developed for new engine research but the plans were scrapped before full development. It was taken in by Selvaria Bles to be used for her forces inside the Black Hole.

Bliztank is a bizarre fighter, being a tank that has slow movement and basically no vertical movement options. However, they pack some of the most damaging moves and can guard pretty heavily. While not a joke fighter to the extent of Metool or Whispy Woods, Bliztank is definitely a fighter that'll raise a eyebrow or two.

Elektro Auge
Bliztank's skull shoots a purple laser. You can aim it after pressing the original input, able to aim it into the sky or directly down to the ground. It deals 10 damage and interrupts movement, although Bliztank cannot move while it is active. Entladung
Bliztank crouches down and discharges an electrical attack that will put the opponent in a knockdown state for 9 damage. Charge it to deal multiple additional hits and have it go for more distance. Gives Bliztank brief super-armor and can be used as a distancing tool.
Bliztank opens up and shoots a thin horizontal laser beam close to the ground, though it can be used effectively as an anti-air. While it has a high reach, it's hitbox is specific. It deals 11 damage. B-Mine
Bliztank crouches and shoots an electric charge from his back, that explodes while in mid-air. It deals 14 damage and either the opponent eats the hit or blocks against it, which makes it pretty predictable as a move.
EX Elektro Auge
Level 1
Bliztank fires three purple lasers for 15 damage each, allowing him to cover the direct horizontal space in front of him as well some of the ground and air. Very effective as a stage presence move but still restricts Bliztank's movement and is very short in duration.
EX B-Mine
Level 2
Bliztank shoots four electrical discharges from his back which cover a lot of the screen in explosions. It is effective for covering a lot of area but opponents can still block it. It deals about 18 damage per explosion.
EX Entladung
Level 3
More ground-based electrical attack from Bliztank that coats the platform Bliztank is on, dealing 15 electrical damage on contact and knocking foes up in the air. Lasts three whole seconds. Can be either a huge game changer or misused on the wrong platform, so be careful about using it.
Unlock Method
Complete Collider Mode as Riley Miller on Easy.