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Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher is a demon from the mindscape, hailing from a dimension that was originally capable of only percieving two dimensions, seeming to drive him into madness. Bill would destroy his dimension out of the belief he was liberating it, and lived in the Nightmare Realm to further renege chaos through. When he learned that he would merge the Nightmare Realm and the third dimension through prophecy, he began to seek out those who could assist him in this goal. This brought him eventually to Stanford Pines, a genius six-fingered paranormal investigator. Bill was his muse and eventually instructed him to build a portal that could bring him into the third dimension, although after Stanford found out the truth he put a stop to it, although not without going into the portal himself. Now seeking out new hosts to bring about Weirdmageddon, Bill's been making a lot of deals while the rifts between universes become thin due to the effects of the collider.

Bill is a tricky opponent due to how he functions, appearing to be a simply clone character of the character you selected with limitations on their Finisher Moves, but taunting will unleash him and his destructive potential. He has a fair amount of power over the stage with moves like Blue Torch, Pursue, and Stone Head, although his projectile game is quite strong with Blue and Yellow torch and has a pseudo reflector with Stop & Watch. His unique drowsiness effect also allows him to do more damage and his Binding Arms is a somewhat decent vertical grab option. With his host, he also has their moveset to play with, however limiting to them to their own finisher and the back and forth dynamic of having two health bars makes him somewhat tricky to learn and while he can protect his host to a limited degree, it's still an easy way to get a KO if it's attacked enough and Bill does nothing to stop it.

Gimmick: Dealmaker

Bill Cipher is a incredibly unique fighter who doesn't act in a traditional manner. When selecting Bill Cipher, the selection cursor will go black and be surrounded with blue flames. You then select another character to make a deal with Bill Cipher. When entering into the match, Bill will appear as the other character selected, although this character will have unique yellow eyes with black slits. Additionally, they will have a glow around them and Bill will appear in a ghostly form around them. The character will maintain their original moveset for Bill to use, although taunting will unleash Bill Cipher and his moveset while the original character will go into a inactive state. Bill and his host have seperate health totals, although share lives. As such, when Bill is active, it may be beneficial to attack his host body while it's inactive.
Bill can only use Finishers using energy from his host while active- he cannot gain Finisher energy from attacking opponents. Additionally, Bill Cipher being active negates most of the original host's finishers unless he sees some sort of benefit (such as a host being able to transform).
Stop & Watch
Bill stands still and can absorb attacks or opponents and does a 45 frame animation of him checking his stopwatch before releasing the opponent or attack in a reversed direction. The player can move Bill while the stop watch is active and it will lengthen the stopwatch's duration to up to 3 seconds (shorter depending on staleness). This allows him to set up reflected attacks at double of their original power better or to lauch opponents in a more unfortunate position. Blue Torch
Bill tosses out a blue flame attack that circles around in a radial pattern around a singular point before eventually going out. Bill can send three of these at a time and each flame will deal 7% damage and inflict drowsiness, a effect unique to Bill Cipher only that pulls opponents closer into the mindscape, allowing him to do more damage while active.
Binding Arms
Bill sends up a wave of arms of red light to latch onto a nearby opponent, binding them to the ground. The length of the arms can extend up as a pillar that reaches to the stage boundary, and depending on how far the opponent was up, it'll do up to 50 perect additional damage on the first hit. The binding arms deal 6% damage normally and deal 3% additional damage each time the opponent attempts to move. The arms last for 3 seconds before disappearing normally, although if thrashed out of on the lowest percents a character can get out in 45 frames, although this time is increased for each 10% of damage taken. Angry Bill
Bill transforms into Angry Bill, a red colored form that sees a bit of a hitbox increase but also lets him tap into an additional moveset while it's active. This form can only be activated once Bill is over 70% and can be snapped out of with healing or by using Angry Bill's Calm Snap move.

Angry Bill grows bigger and grows additional arms and legs, able to speed around quickly and dealing 7-8% damage on contact, knocking foes away on damage. Multiple hits from pursuing Bill Cipher will inflict the Burn effect. Angry Bill cannot jump in this form and has to return to his normal form to do further follow up attacks. While it acts as good stage control, it does increase the size of his already enlarged hitbox and can drain Finisher energy if active for longer than 5 seconds. Yellow Torch

Angry Bill tosses out a yellow flame attack that homes onto opponents and deals 10% damage, as well as inflicting the Burn effect. It has a exploding effect that deals a fair bit of knockback. It does spin in a circle when active, and can sputter out after 175 frames. Angry Bill can only send out two Yellow Torch attacks at a time.
Stone Head

Angry Bill summons the stone head of Stanley Pine or Stanford Pines and can use it as a platform. The stone head is not too much bigger than Pursuing Angry Bill and can deal 11% damage on start up, but overall acts as a solid platform that cannot be passed under and has ledges on the sides. It can be used to partially deny ledge recovery although has a wide range of purposes, mainly for stage control. Calm Snap

Angry Bill transforms back into base Bill Cipher, restoring him to his previous moveset. Additionally with this snap he is also able to stop projectiles cold, causing them to have gravity they otherwise wouldn't and fall.
Level 1
Bill snaps his fingers to bring everyone into a drowsy state, an effect exclusive to Bill Cipher that inflicts more damage while active. This also protects his host in a bubble for about 10 seconds, which cannot be damaged through physical or ranged attacks. Deals no actual damage, merely makes Bill Cipher more viable when activated.
Bubbles of Pure Madness
Level 2
Bill Cipher sends out a bubble of pure madness that inflicts 30% damage when a opponent passes through it and also inflicts the Makai Spell or Midnight Bliss status effects, causing the opponent to shift into a different gag form for a brief period. The bubble will pass through the stage geometry in a random direction and it is possible to dodge, although is fairly large as an attack.
Cipher Laser
Level 3
Bill Cipher unleashes a huge laser by uncorking his pointer finger, sending a huge blast that does up to 45% damage and puts opponents in the Break state, making them easier to topple and deal additional damage to from follow up attacks. This huge laser functionally can reach across the entire stage and has a large hitbox, although can be dodged through jumping over it or even crouching in certain situtations.
Alternate Outfits



Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Bill turns into a stone totem that is similar to one of the forms Bill takes during his death sequence.
Heaven Spell
Bill turns into the statue Bill turns into at the end of the series- and the focus of the Cipher Hunt ARG.
Midnight Bliss
Bill Cipher transforms into the "canon" human form drawn during a livestream for charity hosted by Alex and Dana, creators of Gravity Falls and the Owl House.
Has zero effect on Bill Cipher.
Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client cannot follow the rules of anything by very nature. He's a two-dimensional demon in a three-dimensional space. Fundamentally it is impossible for him to obey laws at all. I say we throw this one out and get some kids to do some proper sealing magic instead of this chicanery.
Unlock Method
Defeat 180 Nemesis Nightmare fights or play through Gideon's Collider route.