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Emperor Belos

Emperor Belos is the ruler of the Boiling Isles and also the one who set up the Coven system, meant to lock off powers and prevent "wild magic". Cruel, manipulative, and self-serving to a fault, Belos acts as a dark mirror to Luz Noceda and Eda Clawthorne, being a trapped human on the Boiling Isles who is cursed, although his motivations were to always wipe out all witches and return to Earth as a hero. Belos has almost no sympathetic qualities- he killed his brother, he frequently sacrifices others to get what he wants, and all without seemingly a shred of real remorse.

Emperor Belos is a versatile and powerful fighter that uses primarily magic for their special attacks, utilizing moves that allow them to heavily control the field through spacing and edge guarding. Belos also has additional powerful "Torment" moves that can deal a ton of damage, but also inversely damage him and overusing them has some of the heaviest consquences a fighter can have in the game. Belos' Finishers are also fairly self-serving and do not work like traditional finishers- they heal him, prevent him from taking damage, and can lock off half of a opponent's moveset for a stock. Belos has a lot of high reward and high risk scenarios in his moveset and some of his moves have lag that is not great to deal with.

Gimmick: Torment

Emperor Belos has a gimmick unique to his moveset that is known as Torment. Double-tapping any of his moves unleashes a powerful physical attack that also damages him. As he takes more damage, his body will become more and more out of his control, unleashing his full cursed form taken from the souls of Palismen if he hits 200 damage. His Finishers will be locked off if he gets into this state and he will not be able to transform back. He will also be locked to his Tormented moves. However, it is a incredibly powerful form with strong physical attacks.
Bleak Beam
Belos sends out a red charge of magic energy that deals 8-10 damage depending on distance of explosion, although it has a laggy start as it requires 145 frames to charge up and then release. It can be an effective spacing tool in hyperspecific scenarios and will keep it's charge even if cancelled as long as Belos does not use any other special moves. Claw Thorn
Belos created a red, clawed hand that springs forward to nearby enemy targets and latches onto them to deal 0.5 damage each 20 frames. Targets can wiggle out by mashing on the control stick although it is harder to get out the more damage the opponent has taken.
Levitation Snatch
Belos holds out a finger and holds a opponent in a telekinetic grab that can hold them on their last frame. Tilting the movement stick will send the opponent swinging over into that direction and be dealt 3 damage on fall. It's a incredible effective edge guard tool as it comes out quick and will put a opponent in a helpless state if successful, although it has a limited range of about five character lengths away. A brief flash of the radius that Belos can perform this move will show when performing it. Ground Swell
Belos lifts some ground upwards in a jagged set of spikes, dealing 10 damage and sending opponents spiked upwards in the air- can be a very effective kill move although doesn't stay active for too long and primarily works against grounded opponents as its vertical reach is not particularly great. It forms two character lengths away from Belos, so knowing the spacing is crucial for successfully using this move.
Sludge Bile

Belos howls and extends out a blob of green and brown sludge from his back, which has a very upwards path before crashing down and forming into a mass of spikes. This projectile has limited reach but can deal 18 damage while in the air and 11 damage if touched while in spiked form after it's trajectory. It can be used as a edge-guarding tool or a anti-air tool. It deals 8 damage to Belos each time he uses it. Scythebane

Belos extends out his arm with a blade twisted around the end, able to extend it for a long distance before it falls, dealing about 20 damage. It is very fast on start up but has a very laggy recover animation, and deals 5 damage to Belos each time it is used.

Belos shifts his body to avoid an attack and attacks with a direct counter attack that works from any distance, as he will send a ensnaring set of red hands to deal 1.5x damage than the original attack he's countering. However, he will be dealt 0.3x damage of the attack he was originally countering afterwards. Mud Howl

Belos briefly shifts into more of a monster-like form and unleashes a close range dakka attack that deals 3 damage with each additional hit, with a total of 12 total punches possible, dealing 0.3 damage to himself with each hit against himself.
Palisman Restore
Level 1
Belos restores some humanity through the use of a broken open Palisman, restoring about 15 health. If done around 180-199 damage, it restores 30 health instead. It has invicibility frames, although this move will be locked off if Belos goes past 200 damage on a single stock.
Mind Hollow
Level 2
Belos clears his mind using his inner self and cannot take damage at all for about five seconds, and cannot damage himself for ten seconds. His torment moves however do half damage for fifteen seconds for a little bit of a trade-off, but they are safer to use and still deal a lot of damage all things considered.
Sigil Mark
Level 3
Belos locks off a opponent's moves with a coven mark. The coven mark is random and only locks off special moves for that stock. Dying will restore special moves. This attack is also something that can be countered and will instantly put Belos into full Torment, as well as dealing the damage to get him there. As such, it's an insanely risky move but one with a fair bit of reward.
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Belos looks like his diary entires, complete with a 2D, flat look.
Heaven Spell
Belos takes on the appearance of a giant golden stag beetle, based off his mask.
Midnight Bliss
Belos takes on the appearance of Philip Wittebane from Elsewhere and Elsewhen.
Belos takes more 1.4x damage from his Tormented Attacks when Jokerified, hastening his process into getting locked into his Cursed form. This lasts six seconds.
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