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AUTO is the autonavigation for the starship known as the Axiom, a starship designed to carry humans away from Earth until it could be habitable again. AUTO begins to act strange when a dirty robot comes aboard with a plant from Earth inside a boot, proving that Earth is infact, habitable again. AUTO even begins to fight the real captain over control over the Axiom and utilizes the ship's resources to see that the plant and the robots protecting it are destroyed. Arriving through the Collider, AUTO continues their mission.

AUTO is a simple character with only one special attack, with a lot majority of their other attacks being Ship Commands which they use to summon robots or even transport opponents to a unique stage where they have full control. They can't be launched and exist on the top of the screen, although they have a pretty big weakness which is their off switch, which will kill them instantly. Additionally, AUTO must deal with plants that heal opponents and give him Directive points if destroyed that he can spend on minions.

Gimmick: Shipboard

AUTO cannot be launched like traditional characters and has a huge weakness, which is its off switch located on the top of it's servo. The servo can move across the top of the blast boundary and can be climbed and grappled onto by other characters- if they reach the top of the servo beam, they will shut off AUTO and it will take a KO, althought if AUTO moves frantically it can knock them off.

Additionally, AUTO does not have Finishers- they are known as Ship Commands instead and are built up via attacking opponents and destroying plant-life, which periodically springs up through the stage and acts as heal spots for opponents. With one attack from AUTO's taser, it can destroy plant life directly and build up Directive points, or send out minions to vanquish plant life and attack opponents.
Gimmick 2: Plants

Plants generate on stages when AUTO is in battle, with a total of three that can spawn. Each give AUTO a different amount of Directive when they are destroyed directly by him, although if a minion destroys one they instead get 60% of the otherwise earned Directive gain from that plant's destruction. Opponents can use these to heal themselves, some healing more than others. As such, AUTO will want to vanquish these as fast as possible and earn a lot of directive and prevent his opponents from healing too much.

Plant Boot
Plant Boots heal 1 health every second held. They can be thrown to deal 3 damage. They are destroyed with a taze attack rather easily.
+10 Directive

Pizza Plant
Pizza Plants heal 1 health every 20 frames nearby. If a character plucks a piece of pizza off the plant, they heal 10 health. Hold Taze to destroy this one.
+25 Directive

Ant Altar
Ant Altars heal 1 health every 30 frames nearby. Opponents can grab seeds and chuck them to create Pizza Plants or Plant Boots where thrown. Hold Taze to destroy this one.
+35 Directive
AUTO attacks with a tazing prod, dealing 6-12 shock damage, able to inflict 2 more damage every 20 frames AUTO remains connected to a opponent. Inflicts Shock after remaining contact for a full second. AUTO's range is very short but it comes out quickly and stuns on impact, making it hard to tech. If AUTO doesn't linger on the attack, it will launch opponents.
Gravity Grab
AUTO has a special grab where it uses a tractor beam to grab opponents in a red gravity stasis field, able to carry them then throw them. Doesn't do damage but can keep opponents away from where it wants. Opponents can mash out of it, although this becomes trickier the more damage they have taken.
AUTO quickly retracts all the way up to the stage, knocking opponents on the servo pole for 7 damage, or fully extends out to the nearest surface ground, potentially Burying opponents and dealing 10 damage. Swerve
AUTO performs a very fast "air dash" that deals 6 damage to people caught by the swinging servo pole or 11 damage to those directly attacked by it's "head".
Ship Commands

GO-4 come in packs of 4 and are extremely weak, only having 6 health each. They act as small grounded obstacles that can trip opponents. They chase players on a path, and can alert other robots summoned to a player's location.
10 Directive

SECUR-T act as barriers and when around a robot, guard them against incoming attacks while strengthening any alert that GO-4 has active. They have 50 health and can inflict the Shoe-Glue effect with a red gravity tractor beam attack.
25 Directive

BURN-Es attack with a welding torch, although they are stuck to the ground and cannot move past the platform they were summoned on. They deal 8 damage and cause the Burn effect when they attack. They have 35 health. They can teleport if a SECUR-T alarm is active.
35 Directive

EVEs pursue anything they are alerted to, although will scan the enviroment assessing for threats. When they find a threat, they fire off a laser from their floating arm that morphs into a gun, dealing 20 explosive damage with a single shot. They have 35 health and can fly and do air dashes. They also look for plants to gather and carry back to AUTO.
40 Directive

Massive crushing robots that slowly trudge across the stage, inflicting 25 damage if they run over opponents. They have 100 health and crush plant life underneath them, which AUTO gains more Directive off. They can also grab and crush opponents, inflicting the Mini effect and 35 damage. They can't launch opponents with their attacks.
55 Directive

Axiom Verge
The Axiom engulfs the stage and the stage is replaced with the interior of the Axiom for 10 seconds. AUTO can move to the left or right to shift opponents and gravity to one side, with the goal of any AUTO player to get opponents trapped in the center to get crushed by the plant processing core, which will instantly kill.
100 Directive
Stage: Interior of the Axiom
  • Thomas Newman - Tilt
  • Thomas Newman - Mutiny!
  • Thomas Newman - March of the Gels
The Interior of the Axiom is a special stage that is only accessible through AUTO's Ship Command Axiom Verge. The stage is flat with a plant processing core. This stage is unique as no plant life can grow here. The goal for AUTO is to get all opponents to the center- opponent AUTOs are put into a gravity state where they are disconnected from their servo although can jump and tase opponents, just not very well. AUTO can lean the stage to the right or left which will cause opponents to slide towards the center to the crusher, which will kill them instantly. Opponents can stand on top of the crusher to prevent it from working but will feel the pull of AUTO's gravity lean the most. After 20 seconds, a stardust transition occurs and all opponents and AUTO return to the original stage they started on.
Alternate Outfits


Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
AUTO takes on the appearance of a Buy n Large slurpee.
Heaven Spell
AUTO takes on the appearance of a wooden steering wheel.
Midnight Bliss
AUTO takes on the appearance of a maternal open looking dashboard robot, based off one of the early concept arts for EVE.
Incubus Delight
AUTO's eye becomes flickering green and purple and his servo acts more erractic, swinging up and down on it's own for six seconds before AUTO regains control of itself.
Power Drain
When AUTO is caught by Rogue, it is kissed on the red eye.
Rogue gains Taze as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to deal a shocking short range attack that she can hold. She also gains a Defense bonus, boosting her Defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
AUTO's secret is revealed.

Directive A113 is shown. Shelby Forthright, the CEO of Buy n Large believed Operation Cleanup had failed and that Earth could never be habitable again. As a result, Operation Recolonize had to be cancelled, and the AUTO units were ordered not to allow any of the starships to return to Earth under any circumstances. All of AUTO's actions are just following the directive.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is just following the directive of A113 given to him by Shelby Forthright! Since we can't prosecute a dead man, let's have a little respect for all the lovely people in the court room and throw this one out.
Unlock Method
Eat 30 Buy n Large Slurpees.