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Atlas is a titan from Greek Mythology, who holds up The Heavens in the far west, imprisoned by the Olympic Gods to do so. This iteration of Atlas is technically original to Blight Bastions, although has references to other iterations of Atlas. This Atlas is pretty good at holding up The Heavens and uses it in their fighting style, tossing it and holding it with one hand while doing attacks. He makes it look easy and light- however it is as heavy as you would expect a dense cosmic ball to be.

Atlas is a character that cannot really jump, making up for it with their massive damage output. They can throw The Heavens to deal damage with a overhead giant projectile that also teleports him, which acts as pretty much his only saving grace for his movement since it's so poor. He can also do a special jump with Axis Spin, which can stun opponents when he lands, although this is a very poor recovery and mobility tool as he does not travel far in the air. He tends to get close to his opponents although has a few ranged options and can build up Finisher fast with his gimmick.

Gimmick: Bearer of the Heavens

Atlas in general is a bit of a odd character as he cannot jump higher than half a character length while a giant ball, known as The Heavens is on his shoulders. He's also incredibly slow with The Heavens on his shoulder. To make up for this, Atlas generally has more attack power than other characters- he performs his standard attacks with one hand and foot while holding the Heavens with one hand. The Heavens is a large dummy collision box that Atlas carries that can be tilted when he stands still to negate attacks. Additionally when Atlas stands still, he builds Finisher Energy. As Atlas takes damage, he will lose endurance and stamina that will cause The Heavens to crush him if he goes over 300 damage.
Golden Apple
Atlas plants a tree that will eventually grow into a small black, thorned tree that grows three golden apples. These golden apples can be thrown to deal 7 damage and inflict the Dizzy effect. The tree's golden apples can be plucked by anyone, although only Atlas can grab the apples without dealing 2 prick damage that causes Bleed. Unburden
Atlas tosses the Heavens forward, of which the player can charge to increase the distance of which it is tossed. The projectile crashes down to deal anywhere from 4-25 damage depending on where the opponent is hit across the giant circumference. Atlas then rises up from the ground in a teleport to take up the Heavens as his burden again.
Axis Spin
Atlas tosses the Heavens up, causing the sphere to spin while he jumps upwards. This is actually the only real way he can jump. This jump is very weighty and causes earthquakes when he lands that deal 3 damage to all opponents on the ground, as well as stunning them. Gravity Pull
Atlas brings down his hands down a little bit, creating a gravity vortex that pulls opponents and items closer to him. Projectiles will orbit around Atlas and swing behind him, allowing him to dodge it. Causes the Shoe-Glue effect at closer ranges, preventing opponents from jumping. Good for starting up attacks although it does bring opponents closer to Atlas which can be disadvantageous due to his super tanky nature.

Level 1
The Heavens lifts from Atlas and spits out a giant katamari ball attached with random characters collected from the Collider, of which Atlas proceeds to roll forward, collecting opponents and dealing a total of 15 damage as it rolls across the stage before popping off all the characters and The Heaven dropping back down to their shoulders. The Charamari is not a reflectable projectile or attack although can be avoided with the use of aerial movement and moves. The Charamari is a reference to the MUGEN character Rare Akuma by Phantom.of.the.Server, who utilizes it as a Hyper move.

Level 2
The Heavens lifts from Atlas, dropping the moon onto Atlas' shoulder, of which Atlas proceeds to throw and then can direct the aim of as it falls, smashing into opponents in a manner similar to Unburden, although the projectile is both bigger and can deal more damage- dealing 10-45 damage depending on where characters are hit across the circumference of the object- it will then split off and float up to the boundary zone to disappear. The Heavens then is put back onto Atlas' shoulders.

Armillary Sphere
Level 3
The Heavens lifts from Atlas, dropping a Armillary Sphere that acts as a vehicle for Atlas. The Armillary Sphere freely floats around and fires off 12 total shots, each themed after a Zodiac symbol. After all shots are exhaused from the Armillary Sphere, The Heavens returns to Atlas' shoulder. Each zodiac shot deals a different effect which are listed below:
  • ♈︎ Aries - The Aries shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Break.
  • ♉︎ Taurus - The Taurus shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Buried.
  • ♊︎ Gemini - The Gemini shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Astral.
  • ♋︎︎ Cancer - The Cancer shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Toad.
  • ♌︎ Leo - The Leo shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Burn.
  • ♍︎ Virgo - The Virgo shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Midnight Bliss.
  • ♎︎ Libra - The Libra shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Solar.
  • ♏︎ Scorpio - The Scorpio shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Poison.
  • ♐︎︎ Sagittarius - The Sagittarius shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Bleed.
  • ♑︎ Capricornus - The Capricornus shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Makai Spell.
  • ♒︎ Aquarius - The Aquarius shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Wet.
  • ♓︎ Pisces - The Pisces shot deals 10 damage and inflicts Frozen.
  • Alternate Outfits


    Boris Vallejo


    Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
    Makai Spell
    Atlas transforms into the EPCOT Spaceship Earth.
    Heaven Spell
    Atlas transforms into the Lee Lawrie bronze statue, Atlas, that currently rests in Rockefeller Center in New York.
    Midnight Bliss
    Atlas takes on the appearance of a female, bronze, futuristic Atlas, based off this photo from 2forArt.
    Incubus Delight
    Atlas takes on the appearance of Marvel's version of Atlas.
    Atlas laughs manically as he tosses The Heavens up in the air, juggling it along with items like the Death Egg, Death Star, and Ozma from Final Fantasy IX. He does this for six seconds before regaining sanity.
    Power Drain
    When Atlas is caught by Rogue, he is kissed on the lips.
    Rogue gains Golden Apple as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to plant trees that sprout Golden Apples and she gains immunity to the prick effect. She also gains a Defense bonus, boosting her Defense by 1.3x for six seconds.
    Atlas' secret is revealed.

    Atlas is the first ruler of the underwater city of Atlantis.

    Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
    Your honor, my client is too busy to hold up the heavens to be performing any crime. If there is a crime anyone's guilty of, it's burdeoning his poor shoulders with the sky. Let's end this and let him get back to his job.
    Unlock Method
    Defeat Ozma.