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"Don't read too much into things. She doesn't hate anyone, but naturally, she doesn't like anyone either."

Asbestos is a rude and unswarthy Savran explorer from the region of Rim Billiton. Contracting the disease known as Oripathy during one of her travels, she headed to Rhodes Island for treatment under the advice of Magallan, her friend and fellow explorer. She half-assedly has been serving her time there while Rhode Island works to cure Oripathy, utilizing a odd shield to protect her allies.

Asbestos is a tank-type character with heavy defense tactics, of which she uses for powerful attacks from her shield. Due to her unique Moist Skin mechanic, she can charge off special damage and elemental damage done to her and due to her tank-like nature, she can shrug off a lot of that damage. She can be very powerful when fully charged, although players looking to learn her should be wary her shield can backfire if overloaded. Her recovery isn't super fantastic either, having the two standard jumps and a limited recovery. Still, in the right hands, Asbestos can prove to be a rather unique defensive fighter than can dish more than what she takes.

Gimmick: Moist Skin

"The more dangerous it is, the more I wanna go. The crazier it is, the more I wanna cut loose. Otherwise, life has no meaning."

Asbesto's Moist Skin allows her to thrive off special damage from special attacks/Finishers and elemental damage. When hit by a special attack, Finisher, or elemental damage she merely resists it and gains both additional Finisher energy but also heat for her shield to spew out.

However, if too much energy is stored up in her shield, it can backfire and deal damage to her as well as leave an area of Radiation that will inflict the status on anyone that passes through it.

A heat gauge is put next to her portrait to show how much damage she has absorbed into energy for the shield, and the shield itself will glow orange when it can be used.
Resilient Mode
Asbestos puts up her multifunctional shield up and absorbs projectile and special attack damage, able to hold up to 50 damage in the shield before it backfires. Backfiring will deal Absestos all the damage stored up in the shield at a halved rate- 25 damage at minimum- and leave a Radioactive area that lingers around for five seconds or immediately dispersed with a water attack. Asbestos can only hold out the shield for a maximum of two seconds and each time she holds it up, the amount of time she holds it will get diminshed until the move is considered fresh again. Salamander Flame
"This ol' door I have here? Can't you tell? I made it myself, it's multifunctional. I'd advise you not to touch it, or you might get yourself killed."
Asbestos releases all heat stored in the shield into a flame attack that is reflective of the damage stored into it, putting out a fairly damaging attack that caps out to 50 damage. The attack deals the Burn effect and has a wide hitbox depending on how it is released.
Hazard Risk
Asbestos uses her tail to bounce upwards and then slam down with her shield to deal 13 damage and bury opponents. This attack can work as a recovery move of sorts, although if used in the air it will use Asbestos' lantern to create an explosion that deals 8 damage and 4 damage to Asbestos herself. The move cannot be used again in the air until the lantern regenerates, which is 3 seconds. Doorway
"Here's a door for you."
Asbestos swings the shield as if it was a door, relflecting projectiles with it to deal 1.2x their original damage as well as being capable as a physical attack that deals 7 damage and stuns. This will not add heat to the shield but can be used effectively to hold a charge until later.
Level 1
Asbestos performs a blue flame attack with her shield that does not use any of the heat stored up in her shield to deal 15 damage. This attack does not inflict burn or any other status effect, it is simply a free release of FInisher Energy that can be used with other attacks to do combos with.
Thermal Power Mode
Level 2
Asbestos enters Thermal Power Mode, which allows her to gradually heat up her shield over time, with it maxing out at 7 seconds. She can charge up faster and her knockback is reduced while in Thermal Power Mode. Thermal Power mode lasts for a total of 15 seconds.
Level 3
Asbestos sends out three Drones which collect materials from the stage to bulk up her shield, making it resemble her Elite 2 version. The shield will have a permanent Thermal Power Mode effect attached to it until Asbestos loses a stock. If the move is performed after Asbestos has upgraded, the drones instead attack opponents for 6 damage with their wings, attempting to launch them upwards, lasting for about 7 seconds before flying off.
Alternate Outfits


Glee Sonata
Characters can undergo transformations when special effects are placed under them.
Makai Spell
Asbestos becomes a pure crystal of Originium, a reflection of her Oripathy disease.
Heaven Spell
Asbestos becomes a giant fire salmander.
Midnight Bliss
Asbestos, under the effect of Midnight Bliss, takes a "unzipped look" similar to this fan art by JasonKim.
Incubus Delight
Asbestos takes on a masculine appearance similar to Ethan from Arknights, although the Incubus Delight form keeps Asbesto's general facial features instead.
Asbestos laughs hysterically while under the effects of Jokerification, although Asbestos can keep their shield out for longer. If their shield backfires while Jokerified, the radioactive field that would normally appear is replaced with Joker toxin.
Power Drain
When Asbestos is caught by Rogue, she is kissed on the lips.
Rogue gains Hazard Risk as a replacement for her neutral special Photon Blast, allowing her to do the tail bounce attack with a energy tail, althought it does damage herself. She also gains a defence bonus, boosting her defence by 1.3x for six seconds. She also is hit with the Poison effect for a short bit.
Asbestos' secret is revealed.

As a amateur explorer, Asbestos would have required some sort of finicial backing to her journeys. She puts up a independent front because she comes from a rich family with intergenerational wealth and is reluctant to share such info since she hates her parents and the life she led previously.

Saul Goodman gives a testimony for his client.
Your honor, my client is a incredibly toxic woman, quite literally. I would think prison would be more of a punishment for other criminals if she were to be tossed in there- besides, my client's fingertips were not at the scene of the crime. Let's get this case over with and throw it out.
Unlock Method
Get Burned 150 times.