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Princess Amalia

Amalia is the princess of the Sadida Kingdom, but isn't terribly fond of her royal duties and would much rather go out adventuring, often dragging a bemused Evangelyne in tow. While on an adventure, Amalia and Evangelyne were transported by Galeem's light beams to Miles' new dimension. Looking for both Evangelyne and a way back home, Amalia finds her powers somewhat stifled in such a urban environment.

Amalia's playstyle revolves around planting dolls and utilizing vine attacks. Her Bramble move has multiple purposes, including creating a defense out of planted dolls and acting as a weak short range attack, as well as being able to help out teammates. Amalia can use the doll to create a healing tree that also does major damage if landed right, as well as being able to use it as a projectile. Her Finishers also utilize the doll and she has a lot of healing moves. She lacks a recovery and her overall damage is rather weak. She is quick on her feet though and has a good command grab move with a lot of options.

Amalia summons a single, thorny vine forward for a jab that deals 4 damage and knocks down opponents on contact. On contact with a Sadida Doll, they become a giant slab that Amalia can crouch behind to guard safely against attacks until it breaks from sustaining up to 35 damage. She can also use it on team members to wrap them in armor that gives them 0.3x resistance to melee attacks for 7 seconds or if they sustain up to 45 damage. On teammates, this has a cool down of 5 seconds. Creeping Vine
Amalia summons a long reaching vine that acts as a command grab. She cannot move until the animation completes. Once successfully grabbed, Amaila can tap the button to hang them upside down and attack or hold it to have more vines pull on the limbs of a opponent, dealing 10 damage before putting them down in a knocked down state. Amalia can also just utilize it as a whip by tapping the attack button before it grabs a opponent, which will slap the opponent for 6 damage. This is safer as Amalia will be able to exit out of it quicker. Amalia can also utilize it against dolls, throwing them as a projectile for 6.5 damage.
Amalia transforms the doll into a tree, which deals 17 damage to opponents nearby and launches them into the air. It then has a healing aura that works for Amalia only, healing her by 3 damage for every second she remains by the tree. If she attacks, the healing halts. The tree only stays active for up to 7 seconds before wilting away. Sadida Doll
Amalia plants a seed on the ground that sprouts up and becomes a doll. This is vital to her moveset and she can only plant one at a time. This allows her to transform the doll into various things such as a shield or a powerful uppercutting tree. She can also utilize it as a projectile.
Dolly Sacrifice
Level 1
Amalia sacrifices the Sadida Doll out on the field to heal back 15 health. If there is no doll out on the field, it won't trigger. Deals no damage of any kind.
Dolly Link
Level 2
Amalia creates a link with the Sadida Doll that redirects all damage done to her back to the doll, up to 30 damage. This will explode the doll if Amalia takes over 30 damage, which will have no damaging effect.
Plant Rage
Level 3
Amalia sends out a ton of vines to ensnare foes and tightens her grip around them to deal up to 50 crushing damage to each foe she ensnares. The player needs to mash on the attack buttons in order to inflict as much damage as possible. At the end of the animation, Amalia faints and falls into a extended Out of Body state which allows for a lot of punishment to be dealt to her.
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Unlock Method
Complete Collider Mode a total of 7 times.