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Snowtrooper Battle Pack 75320

Let young fans build their own army and recreate Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back action with the Snowtrooper Battle Pack (75320). It features 4 LEGO® minifigures with assorted blaster weapons, a buildable Imperial Hoth speeder bike, stud-shooting E-Web heavy repeating blaster and snow trench with extra ammunition. This building toy makes an awesome little gift or reward for creative kids aged 6 and up, to boost their collection of Snowtroopers and add new play possibilities to their other LEGO Star Wars™ sets.

  • Launch and Exit - January 1st 2022 - TBA
  • Original Price - 17.99 POUND / 19.99 USD / 19.99 EURO
  • Piece Count - 105 pieces
  • Minifigures - 4
  • Rating

    Notes: For a 20 dollar set I kind of expect a little more for some reason. Like I feel like for something called a battle pack the price doesn't really feel like the value that these typical "army-building" sets necessitate. If the minifigures were more unique maybe this would feel more justifable but aside from the heads three are the same. The extra stuff is actually pretty interesting- a snow speeder, a snow wall and turret all feels really good stuff you'd probably want in bulk, but for 20 dollars I just expect more and the set itself is not good enough to justify chasing it post-retirement.