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Punk Pirate Ship 43114

Open up the world of music video making for kids as they direct, produce and star in their own punk rock concert music videos with the LEGO® VIDIYO™ Punk Pirate Ship (43114). Download the free app to scan the 3 minifigures and reveal their cool stage personas. Then use the app to scan the model and see the ship become the stage as your child produces their own music videos, to share with others in the kid-safe social feed.

  • Launch and Exit - 01 Jun 2021 - 31 Dec 2021
  • Original Price - 59.99 POUND / 59.99 USD / 69.99 EURO
  • Piece Count - 615 pieces
  • Minifigures - 3
  • Rating

    Notes: The LEGO Vidiyo sets were honestly the best part of the theme and it's sad to see that they didn't really get the respect they deserved. As with all Vidiyo sets you got a great amount of verstality for the set designs- theyre done really well with rotatable elements and they include some really fun original character designs and prints. I think this really stood up well completely disassociated from the app but unfortunately this huge sunk cost killed a really fun line and I think this is the epitome of that. I don't think this is the best Vidiyo had to offer, necessarily, but it fits well with the whole extreme pop aesthetic they were going for.