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The Bone Demon 80028

Youngsters can build the story of thrice defeating the Bone Demon with this LEGO Monkie Kid toy (80028). First they build 2 Bone Spiders, then the White Bone Demon's crypt where Monkie Kid and Mei take on the Bone Spirits and a Bone Scuttler, then a Bone Scorpion. Finally, all builds are combined to create the Bone Demon model. This playset includes the most glow-in-the-dark elements of any LEGO set to date and 5 minifigures. Monkie Kid has a battle mech and Cloud Board, Mei has a winged jetpack, and each has buildable toy weapons that can be upgraded as their challenges get tougher.

  • Launch and Exit - July 1st 2021 - TBA
  • Original Price - 89.99 POUND/ 119.99 US/ 99.99 EURO
  • Piece Count - 1375 pieces
  • Minifigures - 5
  • Rating

    Notes: Legitmately one of the best sets I've ever put together- it incorporates a bit of story-telling in the bag process that really makes putting this thing together feel rewarding and the combiner tech is pretty simple but helps adds to the value of it. In a era where LEGO has given up on officially giving out alternate builds, seeing that incorporated to a small extent in this set is still really cool. It helps that it's utterly menancing put together- every time I turn off the lights, it glows and becomes the centerpiece of the LEGO collection I have in my room. While the high price could scare people off, it's reasonably priced according to the price per piece ratio and has a lot to offer for what it is.