Amphibia is such a show with very high highs and very low lows. No episode of the series is... outright bad or without merit, but it certainally takes a while to get going!

Mother of Olms was a big let down. Pretty much the only new lore we got is that it's possible for Anne to reactivate the Calamity energy in Sasha and Marcy, which after this episode, better be a promise.

I don't even know where to start with the actual content of the episode. It's just gross out humor, the episode, and is so bare in it's construction. They repeat Hop Pop having leg issues like three times alone in the opening just so you really get it, only for it to not be a issue in the climax. There was some good interaction with him and Mother Olm but I feel like given the episode is so utterly engrossed in making this unwatchable it kind of feels elevated for pretty basic things. They're both OLD. That's their characters.

There is so little to talk about with the rest of the episode. It's a mostly pointless adventure with non-stop grossout humor and one you could probably skip if it wasn't for a teeny tiny morsel of lore. We already knew about the prophecy from season 2, and I don't mind characters getting to learn this info and reacting from it, but it's barely a minute in a really overstretched episode.

I don't even think Amphibia has done this much grossout humor before. The only thing that comes to mind is Breakout Star but even then it's nowhere as bad as this.
04-14-2022: beginning the section